7 Days in September

7 Days in September. For some reason I haven't seen this documentary before. Now it's available on Google Video:

Timeline: 9:40 - the police says to the people in the street: "employees of the federal resererve: go back to the building"
I wonder how many returned and died because of that sick order.

I also added the documentary to my 9/11 Documentaries & Videos site, which is getting bigger by the day. It has now over 40 full lenth documentaries for instant viewing (streaming) + other videos & audio:


No way to edit?

Is there no way to edit an existing blog entry?

Well, here's the link as a link:

Joining Forces

Hi Jon,

You've got a real knack for webpage design. I'm very impressed with what you've got going on at http://www.jonhs.net/911

Thanks for your efforts

If you get a chance, it might be good to introduce yourself to the team at 911DVDproject.com

Best, Ray

great site

Hi JonH!

your site is great.
For the last 2 weeks I've been all over Google Video trying to get people to your site with this question:

DO YOU BELIEVE THE U.S. GOVERNMENT WAS SOMEHOW INVOLVED IN 9/11?Take the poll at this great free movies site;www.jonhs.net/911/

I think it works..counted about 50 new respondants per day when I asked that question.Cannot say it was all because of me,but it looked that way.

Spend my time on while listening to the Alex Jones Show

Anyway, great site!

Anyone notice the 11 year

Anyone notice the 11 year old kid at 1hr20m45s refering to BinLaden getting
nuclear assistance from Saddam?
On Sunday the 16th? Does this not seem odd to anyone else?