The 9/11 Attacks Were Predicted in a 1990s Card Game (For Real)

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Here are two cards from the Steve Jackson Games
1995 card game...

"Illuminati: New World Order"
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This seems to support...

the theory that someone all the way back around the time of the oK City bombing already was trying to pin some future "terror strike" on the NWO and Illuminati (linked by many to the Catholic church.)

In other words, just as a Koran and flight manual at the airport and a passport in the street clearly indicate that Mohammed Atta had no major role in orchestrating 9/11, I think the production of these cards lets NWO and Illuminati off the hook.

SO, we are looking for a deceitful enemy with a dislike for both Muslims and the Catholic church.


One Abrahamic faith... TWO Abrahamic faiths... ??......


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