Debunkers in action

I have been having some debates with the clowns at I posted a classic one
earlier. During this I was urged to go to the JREF forums at so
we could debate further. I smelled a rat and lo and behold when I got there it was full of huge rotting rat

Its just full of faceless trolls pretending to be structural engineers ganging up on one truther and calling them a thick kid with no qualifications.

Its amazing how many structural engineers live on the internet these days. I urge you all to go on to their site and pretend to be a Structural Engineer and call them thick. In fact please do it on all their sites. It is the only tactic they use so lets try it.

They asked me to go there, says it all really. I made them look like muppets.

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I understand

how strong the urge can be to debate the clownheads. Please consider that very likely, their mission is to get you to waste your time and energy arguing with them so you are less likely to be spreading truth to others.

i take ur point

but there comes a time when we gotta fight back against these idiots