Deception Dollar #9- Seeks to Unmask State Sponsored Terrorism: 9/11

Deception Dollar #9- Seeks to Unmask State Sponsored Terrorism: 9/11

by Carol Brouillett
Sunday Oct 15th, 2006

Unmask War

The story of Guy Fawkes is well known in England, but until the film V for Vendetta came out the false flag operation set up to rouse public support for a war with Spain 401 years ago was an obscure historical anecdote. Last year, John Leonard proposed declaring
“World Peace Week” ( “From Saturday, Nov. 5th, 2005: the 400th anniversary of Guy Fawkes Day, the holiday that celebrates the grand-daddy of all fake war provocations - through Friday, Nov. 11th, Veterans Day: It commemorates the end of WWI on 11/11/1917, and the veterans and victims of this and all the other wars started by false pretexts.

To end these wars, we have to awaken people to both the knowledge of how the war party incites war, and to sympathy for the fallen. These dates in November are a perfect time to remember both culprits and victims.

I thought it was a brilliant idea, but we didn’t have much time to spread the word about it. Barrie Zwicker, organizer of the Toronto International Inquiry into 9-11 and author of Towers of Deception:The Media Cover-up of 9/11, also wrote an article for the Canadian “Globe and Mail,” casting new light on the story behind the myth of the Guy Fawkes incident (

This year with a war and an election looming on the horizon, the urgency to expose the modus operandi of “false flag operations” is greater than ever.

Almost four years ago, I worked with fellow 9-11 truth activist, Blaine Machan, to create a flyer to pass out at anti-war rallies. We hoped to raise awareness about the “false flag fingerprints of 9-11,” to prevent an impending war upon Iraq, and stop a regime which seemed to be plagiarizing the Nazi’s modus operandi, mirroring the “Reichstag and the Enabling Act” with “9-11 and the PATRIOT Act” on a far greater scale. Blaine designed the Deception Dollar, and I arranged the printing and distribution of them.


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Well said.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

#9 is the best one yet

This site is featured prominently.

Good infro. Nothing else to

Good infro. Nothing else to add.


why no link to Michael C. Ruppert's site "Fromthewilderness" on the new deception dollar. He is one of the core pioneer 9/11 researchers, now he gets omitted from the new dollar?

Hear, hear

Didn't notice that at first. Maybe on the back?

This man had to literally flee the States recently. His search for the truth drove him to drink. (He's in recovery now.) Anyone of us should be so lucky to do a tenth of what he's done for the Truth Movement. And it destroyed his personal life. 'Course it didn't help he was engaged to a CIA operative at one time...

Read "Crossing the Rubicon", if you haven't already. It's going to get worse before it gets better.