New 9/11 Sites and Updates has updated their site with a brand new facelift. The new site has a much cleaner look and focuses on recent news, upcoming events, and ongoing projects. has recently launched. This new site features individual user blogs, forums, a groups section for organizing local networks, and an events section as well. This new site is headed by Jack Blood, the host of Deadline Live.

I hope you will all take some time to check out both of these new sites, and make use of the features which are now becoming available with these latest sites. If you have other sites that are relatively new that you find to be useful feel free to link to them in the comments!

new movies

i've added a bunch of new movies to my list that are all free off google video. just go to or the direct link to the movie section:

new movies include: improbable collapse, who killed the electric car, iraq for sale, steal this movie, and many others... if you havn't seen all the movies on this list, i'd suggest you watch them all is great

I've been checking out lots of clips posted in the video forum. It's a great resource. I thought I'd share this one from the Montana Senate debate:

"Sure glad you got such a rosy outlook on our future for our kids"

Charles Goyette and Davin Coburn

Nothing original here but I created a presentation that demonstrates that popular mechanics lies in a compact presentation. Still working on it. Davin laughs nervously as Charles says "check mate"