Whoa! Check this guy out

This guy is running for congress....Go to www.thetruth247.com ,and watch his video ad.

Did he just say "Criminal

Did he just say "Criminal Zionist Jewey syndicate"? Yikes.

It's all so obvious now it's been full explained ...

Yep, I think he did ... stunning scholarly analysis, marvels of investigative research and detailed fact checking ... are conspicuous by absence ... but wait ... I think this guy is part of the whole Criminal Zionist Jewey syndicate ... cleverly inserting this dupe into a political arena with his half-baked string of meanderings means no one will take their crimes, including 9/11, seriously ... the Holocaust denial bit was dead give away, yes, only the Criminal Zionist Jewey syndicate would stoop so low, obviously.

Funny, I missed the bit about the Criminal Zionist Jewey syndicate bit in 9/11 Mysteries.

Bring on the next clown.

ya gotta admit...

he's got chutzpah!

SLOW DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This guy is going way to far on the shock factor...... I don't know what you guys think, but my first impression of this video is WHOAAA this will scare the hell out of anybody that has not done any research. I have a problem always referreing to "Jews". Maybe I am not fully educated on the facts about Jewish people, but the ads come off as racist.

He has some balls, but a little more "Tactical" presentation may be in order??