Why is Mark Roberts jealous of successful radio host Alex Jones

I have read Mark Roberts recent paper on the collapse of building 7, read it here:


Now for a paper about the collapse of a building it does a very good impression of a personal attack on people Mark doesnt like or, in the case of Alex Jones, is jealous of. Its subtle at times but uses lies misrepresentations and omissions to slur these people.

Why would Mark be jealous of Alex? Well, as Mark says himself in the paper, he is just a tour guide, not a lawyer or indeed a radio broadcaster (hes clearly a frustrated one.)

The paper starts with the line "For the past few months ive been going to the world trader centre site on saturdays with some friends." What an exciting life this man must lead. His idea of fun is to go to the site of a mass murder every saturday with his "friends". I put friends in qoutes because they may well be imaginary. Anyway, very odd behaviour and typical of trolls like this guy. He doesnt believe in a conspiracy so his appearance there is at best provocatory or at worst fetishistic.

Next up he treats us to the subtle but mandatory implication that 911 truth is anti-semitic, he claims truthers are shouting "murderer outside the business of a Jewish conspirator. The fact that he is jewish has no relevance Mr Roberts.

Now he starts his aussault on one of the truly great Americans, Alex Jones. He immediately tars jones with "Jones...claims...that members of the US political and economicelite practise satanic occult rituals."

What he fails to mention is that the brave Alex Jones was the only man to infiltrate Bohemian Grove and obtain video footage of these rituals taking place. They are indeed occult and satanic. Watch it for yourself here:


Next we have his assertion that "Jones...claims to have been investigating 911 since 2001". Again he fails to mention that Alex Jones PREDICTED 911 on 25th July 2001, 6 weeks before the attacks. Watch his prediction here:


Mark seems to claim that the 911 truth "leaders" such as Jones are using impressionable people to further their political ends. Could you give me a motive fore this Mr Roberts. What exactly is in this for Jones? He couldnt be a passionate man fighting for citizens rights could he? No in your world hes part of a conspiracy to corrupt the minds of youth.

Now the final nail in the coffin wasnt against Jones, it was against Prof Steven Jones. Mark refers to him as "scientist and mormon", as if the latter is relevant. Disgraceful.

In a paper on building collapse he manages to insert a slur on a religion and allegation of anti-semitism, both unfounded. Well done.

This strategy is typical of so called debunkers.

When I had an exchange with them ,as I mentioned in an earlier post, they referred to Jim Fetzer as a "Fat Fuck", they inferred that a large portion of people who have the temerity to question the official 911 story have schizotypal or borderline personality disorders. They constantly say that we are young, foolish and cant possibly have a high academic standard of scientific education. My degree was dismissed as lies and I was accused of believing every word of a very shoddy video aka Loose Change.

These are the strangest people I have encountered on the web. What is their motive? Is it jealousy? Is it they who have the personality disorder? I will let you decide.

One thing is for sure; if i had to associate with one or the other I would rather a man who believes aliens brought down the towers than a man who goes there every saturday just to bait the people his crowd call fat fucks.

Think about it.

Roberts at Ground Zero

Roberts at Ground Zero debating the Loose Change guys and Alex Jones:
(appears at 26:40)

So how do we explain the

So how do we explain the firefighters quotes on building 7? This is something that cannot be ignored.

re: how do we explain the firefighters quotes

Which quotes? The ones about damage to the center of 7's South Face? If so, I've read some compelling arguments made explaining that those firefighters may have been confused and were actually talking about the SW corner, which we know did have severe damage from falling debris.

However, it really doesn't matter if the south facade was damaged to the extent that NIST says it was, because the laws of physics prove that the building would have tipped over long before it ever fell straight down at freefall speeds. We also have structural engineers and demolition experts who've gone on public record to say that even if Building 7 suffered the amount of damage that NIST claims, it was not enough to cause it to fall the way it did, and instead believe that the only way it could have fallen was by controlled demolition.

Quotes about every single

Quotes about every single floor being on fire and structural failure.