911 Truth and the Left: Barrie Zwicker and Radical Pragmatist Attend a Book Release party for Amy Goodman 9/11/06

This all started when I found out that Amy Goodman was having a book release party in NY City at Cooper Hall on 9/11. This was the same Cooper Hall that was hosting the 911 Truth Break Out on 9/10! This was also the same Amy Goodman of Democracy Now who had blatantly ignored 911 Truth for over five years, except for one interview with David Ray Griffin in 2003. An interview in which her suprise guest Chip Bartlet, openly attacked Dr. Griffin's personal credibility while avoiding the deeper questions about 911 that Dr. Griffin eloquently and clearly presented. In addition, Amy's co-host, Juan Gonzales had been one of the first and most out spoken reporters to investigate the horrible health effects and lies about the toxic dust from ground zero, yet he too had remained silent on the larger facts and questions presented by the 911 Truth movement.

These were the classic left gate keepers that Barrie Zwicker writes about in his new book "Towers of Deception". I wanted to know why they avoided 911 Truth and what the other 'progressive' volunteers and attendants at the event thought about 911 Truth and Democracy Now's handling or non-handling of the subject. I was determined to go and ask these questions.

So I bought a $100 ticket and gave it to Barrie Zwicker so he could confront them. Then, just before the event started, I collected another $70 from the generous kindness of 911 activists gathered at St. Mark's Church to send me along with Barrie as a camera man. To our pleasant suprise,the morning of 911, Democracy Now aired a debate between Dylan Avery and Jason Berman of Loosechange and the publishers of Popular Mechanics.Although neither I nor Barrie had heard it, I was told by Jason and Dylan that afternoon at ground zero, that the interview had gone very well. So Barrie and I decided we should probably be less confrontational than we planned and use that mornings debate as our launching point to ask pointed questions but to also acknowledge their coverage that morning and to further get them to commit continue covering 911 Truth on a regular basis. Well........Here it Is. Thank You to all those that contributed to sending me along with Barrie....I hope I did you proud for I had never done anything like this before. I also hope you find all of the interviews as interesting and revealing as Barrie and I did. I'll leave it at that.

(I've placed the clips in the order they were recorded as sort of a video journal...unfortunately the audio of Barrie Zwicker's conversation with Amy Goodman did not come out due to background noise. These other interviews were conducted by me)








Barrie Zwicker's Response

Great Job RP! And it seems a

Great Job RP!

And it seems a month has gone by and no 9/11 on DemocracyNOW! 


There should be a campaign to have either Paul Thompson, Nafeez Ahmed, or the Jersey Girls to come on DN! and talk about all the evidence and unanswered questions brought up by the 9/11 truth movement.

There is no excuse not to have Paul Thompson on! Why did they choose the Loose Change guys? Obviously it was because they wanted young, hot-headed kids, not someone calm, older, and well-spoken, and harder to dismiss.

Amy has been on WBAI doing fund drives recently. I was thinking of offering a large pledge ($1000 or so) on the condition that she have Paul Thompson on her show. I can't really afford it, but it would still be worth it! Maybe we could chip in to get up a large chunk of money. And it's not like we're bribing her to have some fringe guy on--Paul Thompson's book is published by HarperCollins and he's been interviewed on network TV.

International Truth Movement

If I'm not mistaken, I believe I saw Nafeez Ahmed on Goodman's..

show about 1.5 years ago, but there was no discussion of 9/11 whatsoever.

Get used to it. Just read

Get used to it. Just read Amy's body language, facial expressions, and verbal responses. She was quite uncomfortable while she was being interviewed and did not want to make any comments on it. I found it to be pretty weak just like the arguements from the one guy in the earlier video who claimed that there weren't any reliable sources on the matter. He shouldn't have commented at all since he wasn't familiar with people in the 9/11 movement as he later stated. He was responding to the question based off of emotion. This is what we're up against people. Emotions vs. logic. Same crap that was rampant during the Dark Ages.

"... In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual." (Galileo Galilei, 1564 - 1642)

Good stuff, RP.

Thanks for posting.

Audio engineers may be able to filter out + fix background noise

"unfortunately the audio of Barrie Zwicker's conversation with Amy Goodman did not come out due to background noise."

Sometimes audio engineers are able to do wonders in filtering out background noise and bring forward the real meat of a tape....

Is anyone with some such expertise here reading this?

the problem here is that the

the problem here is that the background noise is people talking , too, so it inhabits about the same frequency spectrum as the 'wanted meat'... is therefore not exactly easy to filter out.

It seems to me that it

It seems to me that it should be possible. I don't know if software is designed to do it yet, I would fully expect there to be. Humans can pick out specific conversations with others going on around them. It's called the cocktail party effect. If our brains can do it then so can computers. Just apply an ICA analysis to it.

"... In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual." (Galileo Galilei, 1564 - 1642)

"if our brains can do it

"if our brains can do it then so can computers"

uuuh, where did you get this idea from?

but anyway, it is partly possible, you are right. there are more sophisticated methods than 'simple' filtering. That statement is very wrong tho, i have to insist on that:)
Im a programmer, btw.

Barrie will have a copy of

Barrie will have a copy of all of my video (over an hour) from that night. I'm sure he can use his connections in the Biz, to fix the sound if its possible. Radical Pragmatist

Great job man!

Great job man!

cutting the gatekeepers some slack--or NOT

We shouldn't have to cajole these people into doing the right thing. A ton of so-called progressives seem to be echoing almost verbatime the Chomsky line of "this is a distraction let's focus on other issues and MOVE ON, etc." Move on. I cringe whenever I hear those words now. Sorry, but there would seem to be a concerted effort on the part of establishment leftoid opinion makers to squelch our movement. No need to pay any mind to these so-called leaders--what numbers do they really influence? This is an opportunity to make them irrelevant and have them replaced with real progressive voices. My two cents, thanks RP for doing this!


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero

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I've never seen such interviewees so embarassed and uncomfortable. Obviously they just don't want to know.

The reason why? See chart below


Exactly! Goodman looked like she just saw a ghost or something!

Maybe it was the ghosts of 3,000 innocent people who were murdered on 9/11!!!

There is something very, very wrong going on with this Goodman woman & her outrageous gatekeeping of 9/11 truth!!!

Should we focus on getting rid of Bush or on 9/11 truth???

I couldn't believe all these learned lefties saying that we should focus on getting rid of Bush. Revealing that the Bush regime committed mass murder & high treason on 9/11 would certainly lead to Bush's demise & many other needed changes in the world!


Your're right, 9/11 truth can bring down the regime. But I wouldn't really call Amy and Dem now "left" at all. They cater to the prejudices of the liberal wing of the Democratic party, and 9/11 truth would be deeply disturbing to this loyal, Bush-hating/Dem voting people.
What's left? How about the World Socialist Web site, wsws.org, where they smelled something rotten about 9/11 very early on. Their analyses are always very powerful an on-target.

they(WSWS) did great work on

they(WSWS) did great work on the Wellstone assassination. they were one of the few, even alternative outlets to go near that one.

Amen!! Preach it! Out with

Amen!! Preach it! Out with the old in with the new! We need integrity in our institutions!

"... In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual." (Galileo Galilei, 1564 - 1642)

True Guerrilla Shizzle

Good stuff.

Buy a "directional" mike...

That you can plug into your cam. This may cut down external noise from the omnidirectional built-in.

Great Job!!!

Wow! Want an opportunity taken! Barrie always stays on his toes, and who better to confront Amy than a respected journalist. You put her on the spot and on the record. Now what?

She needs to have Barrie on about his book. Something she might actually do. He is one of our best representatives, having a solid reputation, comprehensive understanding, and ability to speak publically about all our primary concerns. I'm sure he would be willing to debate anyone they chose.

Anyone else want to see Barrie Zwicker on Democracy Now!?

International Truth Movement

"Anyone else want to see

"Anyone else want to see Barrie Zwicker on Democracy Now!?"

My hand is up as high as possible!

Anyone with an IQ above 80 who merely watches the free DVD...

that comes with Zwicker's book should realize the 9/11 is a giant smoking gun!!! I can't believe how these bookish liberals are blatantly avoiding 9/11 truth!

If they truly acknowledge

If they truly acknowledge 9/11, their entire existence become obsolete.  For the left is just part of the smoke and mirrors show.

There is a wonderful illustration of this in the first interview with one of the grunts handing out literature.  She follows the conversation and states the important thing is regime change. With Regime change the pony show continues, and their little part of the stage continues to exist.

9/11 Truth destroys all of it, it takes us as a society into a place that it has never been.  It shatters all of the mirrors, it blows away all of the smoke.  The powerful become powerless, and this why they avoid 9/11 Truth. 

Excellent work, RP

Frankly you did BETTER than Dylan and Jason--though it was funny when one of them called a PM flack a liar.

Those lads need to not let themselves get wound up. All PM had to do was smirk down their noses, say something half-assed and provoking, and they were off. Watch and learn; there we go but for the grace of God, and all that.

Now, kiddies, let's look at the time line Uncle Barrie's given us: This was on 9/11 this year, he says give it two weeks to a month for a follow-up. If not , we know they're sacrificing sacred ratings for a new idol.

Anyone heard a follow up?

Thanks , glad you all liked it!

I have two more interviews from that night that I'll be posting later. These two are more like debates, because they were both with 'full time' progressives at the vendors tables and openly hostile to 911 Truth,( ala Chomsky, almost word for word)

No,... Democracy Now has not done any more coverage, and I'm hoping Barrie will be joining this comment section sometime today, We would like to really put pressure on them, right now. That night Barrie extended his wish to appear on the show, debate anyone and talk about his book.

Got to get back to my real job, but I'll be posting alot of other video from 9/11 events in NY through out the week. Not all of them are worthy of being posted but their still interesting....so keep checking my Blog for more.

Radical Pragmatist

Your demeanor was superb.

Your demeanor was superb. I don't know how you remained so calm given the blatant avoidance tactics and that "ooooohhh..." so condescending inflection of intellectual indifference that I heard from some of the interviewees. I would have would have exploded given what you had to endure.

Especially liked the first interview. You had that woman cornered and all she could mutter was, "... we need to direct our energy in the right places [ie. not 911 truth]" . ?!!?! This woman must have a sunburn on her behind, cos' her head is firmly stuck in the ground. The whole bloody corporate scam behind the puppet Bush administration would fall like a deck of cards just by nailing them for CD'ing WTC1,2+7.

One of the problems for Left

One of the problems for Left Gatekeepers who may want to look at 9/11 Truth but are afraid is that the movement remains undifferentiated. No-Planer lunatics are lumped in with those who have questions about the war games exercises. So, when someone says, "Do you believe in 9/11 Truth?" it's like asking if that person believes in every ridiculous idea ever associated with 9/11.

Perhaps it is time to name factions of 9/11 Truth, instead of using one label for everyone? I know people such as Nicholas Levi have done an excellent job sorting out the various positions on 9/11, but maybe the various beliefs need some sort of party affiliations? Something that distinguishes the good 9/11 Truth from the bad.

Well, the money/inteligence

Well, the money/inteligence are certainly there. In any case, I am persuaded by the Ruppert argument that physical evidence is not where it's at ( I certainly do agree that the towers were brought down by CD).
Why? Because it's not enough to prove an inside job in some general way - which is what controlled demolitiion and other physical evidence does - but to follow the trail of evidence to the PERPETRATORS, people with last names. The polls show that a large section of the American people already think that there's something fishy with 9/11, so to hammer away at the inside job angle is necessary, but not enough. The Mineta testimony - all by itself, with no help from CD, money trails, live hijackers, WTC 7 or anything - should be enough to hurl someone into the fires of hell.

For example, in your Juan Gonzales interview,

he seems open to looking at the issue, but probably needs a thread with which to unravel it. It seems to me like many people such as Mr. Gonzales would look at the problem, but they won't do it with physical evidence in a showdown of "experts" (re: controlled demolition).

They need a paper trail, a money trail; but the really big smoking guns, like Gen. Ahmed's alleged authorization of the wire transfer to Atta, appear too dangerous to touch. Witness Daniel Pearl.

I do believe all of this will unravel in time, much like electronic vote fraud is doing now. The problem is, how much time will it take, and how much time do we have?

Juan Gonzales was the worst

Yeah, WTF - Gonzales is talking about studying the problem for 30 or 40 years before coming to a conclusion. That's pathetic. What good does it do us now that Juan has finally decided that the assassination of MLK was a conspiracy? That's pathetic.

Great set of interviews. Overall, I'm actually pleasantly surprized that everyone didn't just laugh and tell you to go blow.

I look forward...

To seeing these... I guess considering what you've posted, it's acceptable that you haven't posted mine yet. :)

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."


Here's what I picked up from watching the videos.

People including left gatekeepers don't want to be unplugged from the power grid and flushed into the sewer system.

Enter new fear: People with video camera's that I am supposedly aligned with and whose activity and methodologies I've supported may post this interview on Youtube. These new media folks can now broadcast to the world and are garnering attention.

Barry Swicker made the simple irrefutable argument based on the rules of the machine's free market system that if 9/11 truth news garners high viewership and then you stop doing it, then there is a motivation beyond capturing "earballs".

I saw fear, but it was in the eyes of Goodman & her minions...

in those excellent interviews that RP did! IMO, Goodman knows it was an inside job and for some reason she just refuses to go there!

P.S. There was no need for Goodman to put the Loose Change guys on with those professional disinfo artists from Popular Mechanics. All of Goodman's other guests aren't heckled by CIA agents as they try to make their presentations! (Goodman had the same set-up against David Ray Griffin when he was on her show.)

GREAT point. i didnt even

GREAT point. i didnt even think of that, but that really is a great point about having Griffin and the Loose Change crew on along with hostile guests. if Amy Goodman was serious about 9/11 truth, she would have them on WITHOUT making them debate. she would allow Griffin,Fetzer, Barrett or whoever plead their case as to why they think its an inside job without having to shout down opposition. but nope, she makes them go toe to toe with scumbags. its funny, because her show typically isnt a debate style show(for the most part), but when it comes to 9/11 truth, it always is. funny how that works out. unless and until she allows a 9/11 activist/researcher on without forcing them to debate, and actually gives them time to delve into it, i will look at her the same way. the empress still has no clothes.

she is complicit

no doubtaboutit


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero

WTCdemolition.com - Harvard Task Force


You're right, given that

You're right, given that truthers never get to calmly lay out even 1% of the evidence for an inside job on the mainstream media, she should allow us to precisely that. I mean, people are barraged by the official story everywhere they go, so Dem Now doesn't need to replicate that. But I actually though the show itself was pretty bad, and it was boring. Amy started with flight 93, for christ's sake! And think: just at the moment when the Jersey Girls and Paul Thompson had come out with "Press for Truth," which is awesome, taking an irrefutable, documented, best evidence approach, featuring people with huge moral authority, the sort of thing that would reach a lot of people, she decides to bring on - sorry guys - clever college students who made a documentary that's really a collection of clips about anomalies, not evidence that leads to perpetrators with names and possible mug shots.
5 years on, what the movement needs is not "looseness" but rather a tight, laser like focus on the issues that can nail this down. Or there's no hope.

Well Said!

I agree whole heartily with your analysis and thats why we need to do more of this. We need to utilize all of the tools at our disposal.

What turns the mainstream left off...

The fact is that these people know that the thrust of the 9/11 truth movement is that we believe (I would say we know) that 9/11 was an inside job, in some form or another. This sounds obvious, but you have to consider that the reason they aren't open to our evidence and our questions is because they think our conclusions are beyond the pale, insane, paranoid, etc.

If you keep this in mind, you can recognize that LIHOP arguments or a more tempered approach may be the best way to start opening these people's minds. Paul Thompson, who never speculates, but instead only offers congregated/organized facts and evidence, is an ideal example.

We are not going to be able to "win" this battle on our own. True success will mean eventually spreading the truth to EVERYONE. It will be extremely critical for Truthers and others to start seeing their position, and themselves reflected/represented in the media. It is sad to say, but in today's media reality, this will make us feel and appear "more real." It will bring countless numbers of Truthers out of the closet and give them the confidence to start speaking out and taking risks.

As recent polls attest, our movement really isn't as fringe as the media is making us out to be. We need to change this on two fronts--1. strategically creeping into mainstream media and 2. taking over new and existing forms of media for ourselves.

International Truth Movement


If Amy Goodman prefers LIHOP she can go LIHOP herself silly. LIHOP is beyond a joke. Ii is a cop out and a travesty and an insult to the victims.

If mainstream and gatekeeping shills want to push LIHOP while MIHOP takes the country by storm, who loses? The truth? No, they lose all credibility and their audience forever.

Now look here Amy Goodman--we know you know. We know you're not "skeptical" or in "denial". You are deceiving by ommission in order to protect murderers. You and Chomsky and a number of others may have fooled most of the people most of the time but this is it. You can't keep hiding behind feigned ignorance or falsely perceived cowardice.

We KNOW you know. You are NOT as smart or as clever or as good or as honest or as concerned as you would like everyone to believe. You are a shill for the nastiest of the nasty.

People, why waste time on this dried up old bat? Go directly to her AUDIENCE, who is out there with you in THE STREET, and give them 911 reasons to never ever listen to a word this fraud spews again.

Sorry for the invective but this charade has gone on far too long for people like Goodman to continue to get off lightly.

IMPEACH the left gatekeepers! Or better yet, IGNORE THEM.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero

WTCdemolition.com - Harvard Task Force


I have to agree with "real

I have to agree with "real truther". 5 years of censorship (or near-censorship) is far too long. As the old saying goes, either shape up or ship out. Amy Goodman, and other groups like Infoshop.org have gone unaccountable for too long. Infoshop.org will in fact INSULT those who question the official conspiracy theory of 9/11. They are biting, sarcastic, and need to be exposed for what they are: shills in disguise. And if it is simple denial or some other such innocent cowardice or whatever, 5 years is too long for it. Enough.
The left gatekeepers are our MAIN, yes...MAIN obstacle to reaching Critical Mass.

Enough with the censorship. The corporate media does enough of that on its own. Now I'm getting pissed. 9/11 was an inside job. I've known it since day 1...it's OBVIOUS that it was an inside job, and 5 years is too long to still be ignoring it. Enough.

F**K The Bozos!

F**K The Bozos! --

Preach it. I think you need

Preach it. I think you need to add one more thing in there

3) Hold accountable all those who have been involved in the military psyops against the country via Mass Media. This goes for Cable, Satellite, TV, Radio, etc. Everyone here agrees that the media has been complicit with this regime. They helped lie us into 2 wars and are working us toward one with Iran. Iran hasn't even broken any laws yet!! That nut John Bolton just BS's and screws with them. This is the prelude to war people. The average person does not get into fights with others and kill. Politicians have a history of doing(ahem that is sending other people to die for them) so dating back millenia. They have used our own media to brainwash us and subject us to propaganda. The media just like the politicians need to be held accountable.

I am one who detests killing. But we have ruling us now a plutocracy which does not mind killing some of us if it will scare the rest of us into submission. This is down right evil. All those involved need to be brought to justice. Justice would be traitors swinging in the wind, at the end of a noose, attached to the gallows located at Ground Zero!

"... In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual." (Galileo Galilei, 1564 - 1642)

just several small

just several small comments.
0. The first interviewee said something about helping John Conyers in congress. I am all for that but her goal seemed very small. I don't think people have thought about how much bang they are going to get for their effort.
1. Just what does it take to move people to believe something. The one fellow who believed in a MLK conspiracy but was on the fence with a JFK conspiracy. I myself cannot believe that people cannot see the govts hand in the assasination of JFK. Its full of smoking guns.
2. THe guy said it was especially important for the younger generation. Thats a ridiculous statemernt. THe second half of the truth is its important for the older generation too.
3. That one guy said that the Loose change crew were too reactionary. That is insane. Its about truth not about reactions. If someone is turned off because of reactions then this to me is a child not a grownup. What did the guy expect a bunch of soft talking unemotional people. Hey, there is plenty to get emotional about.
4. Then several of them say they are following Amy Goodman. This to me is the sheeple we have been talking about. Why do people give themselves over to other's opinion. I am not a truther because of Alex jones. I am truther because its the truth. Alex Jones is only important to me as long as he speaks the truth. Unbelievable the spell people have on other people and how much people don't trust their own opinions.
5. And what Barry said at the last is important. Will see what Amy Goodman thinks in reality by how many more 911 truth shows she has. She better have a lot in the next couple of months. Otherwise there is some kind of strings from the Oligarchy being pulled here. Is Amy a puppett ? and many of the Amy followers, Puppets of the Puppet.
6. And of course great interviews. Its good to see what people are thinking.

I agree with you all the way

I agree with you all the way here. Dem Now gets Ford Foundation dough, which is like being on the CIA payroll. Ah, one thing: reactionary does not really have to do with reactions, it's a synonym for being on the right, or being a fascist. I'm not saying that's the case with the LC guys, just defining the word.

Excellent work RP...

I just finished watching all of the segments. First, I think the girl on the right was cute in the third segment. Just wanted to get that out of the way...

The phrase, "healthy, skeptical approach" stood out to me. Does a "healthy, skeptical approach" mean completely ignoring a topic?

Barrie is always great to see. Excellent work with your questioning.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

Ahhh, there is bliss in

Ahhh, there is bliss in ignorance my friend. It's much more appealing to stay asleep than it is to wake up to a nightmare. Cognitive dissonance in action. Look it up and learn how the human brain behaves in these situations.


"... In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual." (Galileo Galilei, 1564 - 1642)

Cognitive Dissonance

Or check out the Cognitive Dissonance page at TruthMove.org


International Truth Movement

Just Posted Two More Interviews On My Blog

Check them out.Radical Pragmatist