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Im not sure if this will be well recieved but i am a huge alex jones fan but i find myself periodically cracking up at his little fake soutern accent imitations and colorful insults. Very good comedy all under the shadow of depressing times. but here check out some good quotes from him today

"and youve got a bunch of zombies who think they're conservative and they're listening to you, and im just sad for you, you took so much oxycontin one of the symptoms is... that it ate the nerve endings in your ears, so you got big ole wires sticking out of your head like a robot... DARTH VADAR!" (in reference to limbaugh)

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"oh no that aint it, its the jew, the devil spirit of the jew flys with bat wings into the chinaman to make him do it"

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if people like this i will try to post a few good/funny quotes every day, ocassionally i will post good hearted well spoken freedom rants by aj as well.

LOL, Iove Alex Jones but he

LOL, Iove Alex Jones but he does crack me up, check out the way he says "TRUE" starting at 50 mins 35 seconds here;


haha, great clip. sometimes i wish i could hang out with alex jones have a few beers and just have him crack me up with his extreme oakie voice.

i think i might make like a 5 minute audio collage of all his funniest lines. He says so much good shit in one show i could probably just grab it from that.

but just in case alex (or steve or paul) is reading right now. please dont take this the wrong way. You are a funny guy! undeniable, and no i don't laugh at tyranny ;-) but in general sometimes you do improv some great stuff in the ranks of Colbert's or john stewart's best.

If you want some funny AJ

"The Governments Goooood"