Lets Get TerrorStorm Rank #1 On Google..I need your Help

Vote on Terrorstorm in Netscape at:


If we get enough votes this will go in the front page and 10000 clicks will take terrorstorm to google's Number 1 spot overnight.

See this one made the front page and got 9000 visits:


Look at the views, where it linked to:


So after you vote on that one, (Terrorstorm) Vote on these:



Keep Voting, If Terrorstorm Hits Number 1 on google and it will if this thing makes the first page, This thing will explode..

I know Google MAY Pull it from google, But it will stay have a couple days before its pulled and if 200k people view it, and they will tell there freinds, and etc..


Sign up on the right Hand Side

Sign up on the right Hand Side

This sounds great in theory

but I do not wish to become a victim of SPAM for AOL which is what will likely happen after signing up for Netscape. Either that or other offers for crap I don't want or need.

Good luck anyway.

Keep Voting

Just Added This one:


Keep Voting Guys!! Sign up on the right hand side and ..No votes=no visits

Votes=Front Page=10,000 Visits



Goto http://www.netscape.com FRONT PAGE!!

Now lets see how long it lasts!