"Official" 9/11 story On Life support; The Truth is Taking Over

"Official" 9/11 story On Life support; The Truth is Taking Over

October 16, 2006

by John Perry, http://www.opednews.com

The gutless purveyors of fraud trying to shout down the 9/11 Truth movement are not going to like this news. The "official" story is on life support, and the prognosis is not good.

A new New York Times/CBS poll reveals that only 16 percent of Americans think they're being told the whole truth about 9/11, down from 21 percent in May of 2002. Over this same period, the number who believe the administration is "hiding something" has actually decreased from 65 to 53 percent, which might seem odd, but only until you take into account that the ranks of those who think the Bush crime family is "mostly lying" has skyrocketed from 8 to 28 percent. Feelings are getting stronger. Skepticism is giving way to certainty. The 9/11 Truth Movement is growing exponentially.

This growth appears to be striking nerves in the "debunker" community. They're no longer just laughing feebly and attempting to toss us into the imaginary dustbin of negative connotations with labels like "conspiracy theorists", "paranoid liberals" and "clown shoe conspiradroids" (which I'm sure somebody spent hours coming up with and thinks is really clever).

It now seems that we are beginning to move from stage one of nineteenth century philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer's three stages of truth, which is ridicule, to stage two, which is violent opposition (stage three is acceptance of the truth as being self-evident). This is apparent in the fact that many in the "debunking" crowd have now taken to equating us with people who deny the Holocaust. That's right folks, we're "9/11 deniers"...


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An editing suggestion to the author

Imagine your article exactly as is, but with the first paragraph excised. What has it gained? What has it lost?

Perfect counter-attack

The first paragraph is one of the best I have ever read. It caused me to read the story, and it has legs!

Which brings me straight to my point. We're loosing ground if we don't use every trick in the book to keep this discussion front and center.

Not that this works in all situations, but I've taken to augmenting the local political canidate's signs to reflect this trend. I'm targeting the richest, most Repugnant canidates, by adding "9-11 TRUTH!" to their signs. It looks quite nice, and actually works in real-time.

What are they to do about it? Replace the sign and deny any association with the 'truth' -platform?

Holocaust deniers vs Holocaust supporters

If people who equate 9-11 truth activists with Holocaust deniers can make that assertion with a straight face, then anyone should also be able to make the assertion that someone who supports the official 9-11 story would also have supported Hitler and the murder of several million Jews. They both use the same baseless and factless logic.

Don't ever let them sidebar and takeover the debate with ridiculous and spurious assertions!

Hey, this is a very

Hey, this is a very important thought. We need to put a specific post out for this to brainstorm. They seem to be moving in two directions that I can see. They're going to make a great effort to associate this patriotic movement with islamic extremism and antisemitism. We need to come up with some good refutations for this, even though it is absurd. I posted some stuff about how I thought fox was trying to use kevin barrett to try to make it look like 911 truth is a concept coming from american islam, while they try to make barrett look like some kind of extremist. I know that's not true, so don't hassle me, I just know that's the propaganda direction they're trying to go with him. I know kevin's a good guy who happens to be a muslim, I'm just trying to think a few steps in advance of what they're going to do so we can be prepared to counter it.

The future is today

I'm already seeing signs of what you mean. Trolls bait truthers as holocaust deniers. But someting occured to me while I was sparing over the Holocaust at a previous post: could this reasonable person who argues against the "Hoaxacaust" as he says, be trying to get me(or others) to conceed to his/her less outragous points so that a casual reader thinks we're into Holocaust denial?

Also, I was impresssed with his civility and documentation. Then I noticed his posts were taking up alot of space, making it look like that's all 911 Blogger is about. Another possible goal?

As tempting as it is to debate the obvious(he/she still hasn't explained the survivor's tattoos), it might be time to pull the plug on Holocaust/ Nazi discussions that aren't directly relevant to the thread. Let's confront quickly, be brief, then move on.

Excellent points.

If nothing else, it is just a question of memetic hygiene.

Denial is denial is denial

It's interesting that you don't yet understand that Holocaust Denial and 9/11 Denial contain one common element: denial. "Denial" is a pathological sickness, a blind devotion to a "cause" without regard to evidence, facts, or truth.

Holocaust Deniers deny the overhwhelming factual congruence of evidence from thousands of different sources that demonstrates an intentional program by Hitler to exterminate Jews. Period. And Holocaust Denial is about achieving a political end.

9/11 Deniers deny the overhwhelming factual congruence of scientific, forensic, and eyewitness evidence from thousands of different sources that demonstrates conclusively that Arab hijackers under the direction of bin Laden were the root causes of the destruction on 9/11. And, just as with Holocaust Deniers, 9/11 Deniers cannot provide any factual evidence - forensic evidence supporting the existence, planting, and use of explosives. Your 9/11 denial, like Holocaust Denial, is about achieving a political goal, that which you will deny till the end of time, but that which is obvious to all. Denial is denial is denial no matter what the object of denial is.

The history and psychology of the so-called "9/11 Truth Movement" will one day be taught in university history, sociology, and psychology side by side with Holocaust Denial. You will go down in history as nothing better than your brethern Holocaust deniers.

Holocaust Deniers are frauds. 9/11 Deniers are frauds. Just look at people like James Fetzer, Steven Jones, and David Ray Griffin. ALL of them KNOW they are lying about 9/11.

The choice is yours to continue to be part of the most immoral and fraudulent "movement" since the Holocaust Denial movement. Don't continue to try to delude yourselves that you are anything but willing members of The 9/11 Denial Movement.


I was directly involved in the 'planting of these explosives,' so I must take a very serious offense to your little NSA treastise here! -Screw you, liar!

If this was an outside attack, why does the entire set of records for the buildings not come to the surface now? Because these were destroyed, shipped elsewhere, and "locked-down, for the building owner's security," as I was told by people claiming to be the FBI. Moussad? -Maybe. 'Jewish', to be sure, but that's not the point. They were instructed to do this job. I've named names, and not one person has come forward to debate my claims!

"Go ahead and Kill me," I said to the FBI after I sent this to them and called them to see if it had been received. They can't do that, or it would substantiate my claim.

...So, let's not blame Bush, let's blame Hitler's handlers, OK?


"And, just as with Holocaust Deniers, 9/11 Deniers cannot provide any factual evidence - forensic evidence supporting the existence, planting, and use of explosives."


comic relief.

Alex Jones - The George Bush Call?

YouTube | October 16 2006

This is a audio recording of the Alex Jones show.
Recorded 10-13-06.

Someone who claimed to be & sounds an awful lot like George W. Bush called Alex Jones at his home on a unlisted number and left a message on his answering machine.


alex jones idiocy has gone

alex jones idiocy has gone to a new level. How can he actually be serious in the fact that he believes there is a possibility that Bush called him? Has he lost his mind? Stuff like this really makes me wonder how gullable he really is or makes me wonder whether he is a tool.......

alex jones is slipping

hey dumbass, if you would

hey dumbass, if you would listen to the clip before spouting off, you would see that Alex CLEARLY says he thinks that absolutely ISNT George W. Bush. im sorry dz, but the "dumbass" jab was so called for in this case.


Yeah he said he didn't think it was him, but it really is an excellent fake. Hah, imagine if it really was him, the tape makes him sound drunk. George Bush wants to negotiate with Alex Jones! lol. That's probably what whomever made the call wanted, for AJ to make a big deal out of it and say that Bush surrendered heh.

I'd say 99.9% it's not GB, but man if it is hehe.

now whos really the tool?

now whos really the tool? the guy who attacks Alex Jones for something he didnt say(based on only a headline)? or Alex Jones?

This reminds me of the guy

This reminds me of the guy who does The Onion's fake weekly radio address. It's a well done impression of Bush in timing, inflection, vocabulary and content but it's immediately apparent that the voice is not his (and not just because it's a known parody).

exponential growth

See, the 9/11 Truth population started small and grew slowly.  Now we've hit that critical point at which the growth begins to steepen suddenly before shooting through the roof.  On the graph below I would say we are roughly at the "e" in the word "Time" on the x-axis.  That may well be a conservative estimate, too.  The point is that there is very little the perps can do at this point to prevent mass awareness and outrage over their fraud.  It's a beautiful day for America, let the healing cleansing light of the sun shine down into every corner of this ailing, once great nation.  You do not mess with a free people.  Period.

what expoonential growth looks like


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero

WTCdemolition.com - Harvard Task Force

Is this out there for digg?

Is this out there for digg? How do you submit something like this? Can you? I want this to be on there.

The bottom line...

If our country still operated by the rule of Law:

1.) Silverstein must forfeit his 'SEARS Tower' to the public domain, for conspiracy with known Terrorists...

2.) Guiliani, Bush, Cheney, (PNAC) must surrender all property and assets as well, and subsequently be put to death for Acts of Treason.

3.) The Electorial College must be replaced with 'direct-rule.' All 'incumbants' must surrender their posts to new canidates, and they should be forced into Public-service for the roles they have served as accomplices.

4.) Media owners should forfeit 1/2 of their ownership in all Media assets.

5.) All public officials remotely connected to the ruse must submit to "Brain-scans" to discern of their foreknowledge, and/or knowledge of actual participants by name.

...Can you say "Paper ballots"?

I think there are many steps

I think there are many steps that need be taken for a total governmental structure modification.... I have many theories that may be brought to the table.

One thing that could be done at this moment would be to have every person in office have a government BLOG. Where people can be kept abreast of current and upcoming legislation.

Where people can come and carry on pertinent conversations with their representatives and have their replies there for multiple people to read and reply. Have the Representatives be held accountable for their actions. Bring these issues to everyone who has issues.

This could get out of hand but it could be used in a valuable manner. Instead of everyone asking the same questions... we could ask a question and then get an answer that we can all respond.... if anything we would all be able to see what others in our districts and states are saying....

we'd just have a much better communication link to the people in power and have a better avenue to keep them honest.

This technology could be used for all to benefit.

would this be difficult to maintain? no

would this be expensive?... whatever it costs would be well worth it.

We need to have more power... more oversight....

These people need to answer to us and know we are watching....

If we need to sign in with an issued ID.... so be it

this would give us a better avenue of communication and our politicians would be on the record with their responses.

they would be accountable if they did not vote the way they were supposed to and the people would know it.... and they'd have to explain themselves.

Read it and


Have seen subject examined simularly elsewhere, but, sorry to say, the "unknown publisher" aspect will turn people off.

Can you get a better reference?

Have seen subject examined

Have seen subject examined simularly elsewhere, but, sorry to say, the "unknown publisher" aspect will turn people off.

Can you get a better reference?

Sure. Here you go.

A collection of links:

A specific story about the 'dancing Israelis':

Some useful background: