911 And The Left: Two More Interviews From The Democracy Now Fundraiser :9/11/06 New York City

These last two interviews are with a young man and woman that were working at the vending tables stationed outside the auditorium
Both of them made their living working for the "progressive" media, so our discussions were much longer and little more heated.
I'm sure we've all have had similar conversations within our own local antiwar/antiglobalization/activist communities.(Thanks, Chomsky!!!!!!)
In these interviews I continued to stay away from a debate on the evidence and stick with the general theme of Left Media and The role of 911 Truth.
First Interview Part !

First Interview Part 2

Second Interview
(unfortunately, this second interview got cut short because I ran out of film, but our conversation did continue for some time..We started debating so loud that security came and asked us to stop immediately or take it outside.)

!st interview was great,

!st interview was great, more insights into how effective leftgatekeepers have on the smaller independent media.

Its a shame that they are too afraid to go into it and rationalize their lack of coverage with deluding their move against globalization, etc...

The thing she can't see from her current mindset is that through exposing 9/11 Truth, it turns the tables completely around.  The power in the government  and corporations is striped away and the rules can be re-written.  The amount of time that these institutions have consolidated power goes back generations, back to the era of the creation of the FED, and granting corporations legal protections equal to "persons" from the 13th amendment.

At least that is how I see it 6 months after waking up to the reality that is the U.S.

The second guy...  what a joke... 

Great job man, that girl was

Great job man, that girl was a classic case and the dude just didn’t have a clue. Chomsky and the other left gatekeepers are such brainwashing assholes.

"even if it was a conspiracy

"even if it was a conspiracy there is no point repeating it over and over again"

amazing statement, from a 'progressive anti-war' guy.

ripped straight outta the

ripped straight outta the Chomsky playbook. word for word almost. poor naive girl. shes kinda cute though, i would love to sit her down and talk some sense into her.

Your absolutely right Chris.

Your absolutely right Chris. It was pure almost non thinking regurgitation of chomsky. She was an extremely intelligent and kind woman. I talked about many other things with her off camera, but when it came to 911 it was like an implanted chomsky chip was activated. What I also found interesting is that she says she is only vaguely familiar with the actual evidence and questions behind 911 Truth, but she was extremely familiar (and well read) about all of the reasons she should not look even into this evidence. Stange don't you think?Radical PragmatistRadical Pragmatist

"but she was extremely

"but she was extremely familiar (and well read) about all of the reasons she should not look even into this evidence."

^ Great point there RP!

the second guy was almost

the second guy was almost enough to make me puke. such a disrespectful little bobbleheaded nerd. he SO thinks hes smarter than you Rad Prag. he so thinks hes smarter than everyone really.

Yea, this guy first tried to

Yea, this guy first tried to pull the superior knowlege angle. Then when Ihe realized I could debate the finer points of progressive politics and current geopolitics, he went for moral superiority or more accurately direct attacks on my moral integrity and progressive credentials.......In this order:
1. I am a racist for saying muslims or third world brown people aren't capable of executing 911 on their own. ( This one always pisses me off, so I was ready with a rebutal)

2. I was selfish in focusing on the theories and not really helping others as I should. " Your intelligent and motivated but you are wasting it on 911"(It was the distraction defense but aimed directly at my moral integrity) (I wonder how many college activists hear this today?)

3. And finally, ' You must want to destroy all of the gains of the progressive movement by linking them with 911 theories.' To that I responded that that sounds pretty paranoid, almost conspirital of him

These are all classic defences to not even considering the evidence behind 911 truth.

I'm good at keeping even a heated conversation on 911 friendly (so they don't just back out and close their minds) but we did get loud and thats why security told us to take it outside.

.'them to Radical Pragmatist

i gotta give you major

i gotta give you major credit for putting up with his attitude. the guy clearly rolled his eyes as soon as 9/11 was brought up,. you could tell hes heard from people like you before and he shut down as soon as you said "9/11 truth". personally, i would have had a hard time being as respectful as you were. he had the Chomsky-esque talking points/excuses down even better than the girl did. so did you guys take it outside and get loud? haha,i would love to see that. anyway, great work on these, i love seeing peoples reactions, especially people that think they know so much more than us.