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I must confess, as most who know me can attest, I am no liberal. By far, I am completely the opposite. I am as conservative as anyone that I know. I am a literal Bible believing conservative Christian, patriotic (combat) veteran, pro-gun, anti-abortion, pro-small government, pro-(true) free market, pro-home school you get the point. My views have not changed. These major talk show hosts that are fair and balanced and conservative blindly defend the most non-conservative, "conservative" administration that I have ever seen. What has happened?

Alright, I was listening to the Rush show on the way to lunch as I sometimes do and a guest host was at the microphone named Mark Belling. Part of his opening segment was a rant about Kevin Barrett, the UW-Madison professor (or lecturer) that has stated he believes the US government, or at least some within it, carried out the 9/11 attacks that brought down the Twin Towers

Mr. Belling took the unyielding position throughout his dialogue that not only is Mr. Barrett a left-wing nut case, but anyone that questions the official story of 9/11 must be a left-wing crackpot. This seems to be the way that conservative thought is being controlled.

This is the typical handling of the 9/11 issue by most big conservative talk show hosts lately. Shawn Hannity will usually immediately spew loud, repetitive statements about how we can not speak of 9/11 facts out of concern for the victim families. He usually does that while talking over someone making a point or stating a fact for discussion. He doesnt want listeners or watchers to hear the person. What are these people afraid of?

All those who question the official theory do not believe the same thing either. There are so many problems with the official story that it is hard for anyone to truly have a grasp on what really took place, let alone what to believe about it. Talk shows generally deal in tiny sound bites in case you havent noticed, and 9/11 is a behemoth of an issue comprising of cumbersome amounts of public data that has gone almost entirely unreported in television and radio talk.

Even a cursory, yet honest look at the events before, during and after September 11, 2001 by anyone, regardless of political persuasion, causes one to question what we have been told and led to believe about the most pivotal event of our lifetimes (just try it, you wont self-destruct or instantly change party affiliation.) Most conservatives, like everyone, have been slow to realize that things, hundreds or even thousands of bits of information, do not add up.

Now that the "shock and awe" of 9/11 has worn off and many conservatives (true conservatives) are beginning to think about what they are learning, the tactic of associating questions about 9/11 with extreme liberalism has become standard practice. No true conservative wants to be called a liberal so this is a very effective technique of control. I think some would even insist that the sky is green if they were told its liberal to think its blue. This polarization of thought has controlled the masses for ages. The two-party system itself is designed as a control mechanism. This is why you think you must vote for the lesser of two evils come election time, and then you feel good about it and feel like you had some control over the outcome, whether the candidate really represents your views or not.

Once one looks at the facts about what happened on 9/11, they are forced to look closer or consciously retreat into willful denial. I challenge you who consider yourself to be patriotic Americans to look at it seriously, if you have any concern about where our country is going at all. I can promise you if you still think that America was just asleep or that those 19 hijackers really planned and prepared enough to pull it off, you have not looked at the facts, facts that are widely available on the internet from mainstream sources. It will not make you more liberal or conservative but it will change the way you think.

Conservative big wheels can continue to put their followers heads in the sand about 9/11 through associative implication, but the masses are waking up by not listening and it only serves to drive informed conservative audiences away. Become a thinking conservative, ditto-ism isnt as cool as it once was. American patriotism is.

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on this.

It is a myth that 911 truthers are all liberal nuts. I don't have any statistics to back it up (don't know if such figures exists, even), but the anecdotal evidence is quite to the contrary. There are many Republicans and conservatives, libertarians, etc. who are part of this movement.

The one fact the MSM does NOT want to get out: that the 911 truth movement is a NON-partisan movement.

As for progressive media outlets, most are desperately trying to shut us up. Honestly, I would expect it from a Hannity or Rush, but I've certainly been surprised by the spinelessness of the liberal media on this issue since I became a part of all this. And of course, I ask myself, "Why is that? Hmmmmm"

It's been very enlightening for me (I personally consider me-self a sort of "populist" Democrat).

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this! Your post shows just how non-partisan the 911 truth movement is and that, in itself, needs to be part of our "message."

You are probably already familiar with this site, but I am attaching it anyway, just in case you have not seen it and because your are true "patriot":


I agree mostly that it's a

I agree mostly that it's a non partisan movement but there are a lot of folks still hung up on Rep vs. Dem, Cons vs. Lib when the truth is there is little difference in the two parties today (although they talk the way they must to sustain the illusion.)

Yes the patriotsquestion911.com site was linked on my site a few weeks back when I became aware of them. Very good site.

'The very idea of freedom presupposes some objective moral law which overarches rulers and ruled alike...Unless we return to the crude and nursery-like belief in objective values, we perish.' - C.S. Lewis

true conservatives and true liberals

agree on a whole lot. the disagreements though are blown out of proportion in order to minimize potential compromise that hurts the fundraising that is enabled by vigorous feelings of distrust. um, divide and conquer? yup.


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