9/11 Stereotyping is making me sick! Get the facts.

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Fox News, I used to love it, like most conservatives. Its fair and balanced. Of course now, apparently I don't qualify as a "conservative" because I question Bush and 9/11, even though I am for smaller government, against abortion, Im pro gun, pro marriage between a man and a woman, etc.

Anyway, now Fox News' John Gibson says that I "don't believe the 9/11 story" because I "hate Bush". So let me get this straight

Don't believe 9/11 = Hate Bush

Hmmm, that's funny. It makes a lot of since that I would vote for someone twice because I hate them.

And last night Bill OReilly smugly jumped in with his wisdom on the 9/11 nutty theories. He and James Meigs of Popular Mechanics attempted to make it sound like a few nutty professors and some foreign internet sources started all of the questioning of the official 9/11 story years ago, and the American people are so ignorant that a good portion are believing them. This is completely false. By the way, OReilly acts surprised that a new poll shows that 36% of the population question the government version of 9/11 I guess he has not seen the 8/30/04 Zogby poll of 66% of New Yorkers, or the 11/10/04 CNN poll of 89%, or 03/23/06 CNN poll of 83%, or the current AOL poll of 51%, or the current CNN poll of 73%. (Results were as of this writing.)

The fact is many Americans began questioning what happened on the day of the attacks. I was much slower than that, not questioning what happened until about a year ago. At least one person, Alex Jones on his local access cable TV show, was calling for Americans to call the White House and Congress on July 25th of 2001 thats right before the attacks, and tell them not to pull this to use Bin Laden to attack America, to prevent an attack. Dont believe it?... Watch it here. I guess you could say he started it.

Why is Fox News and other mainstream press all over the 9/11 truth movement all of the sudden and why are they all associating the fact that many Americans dont believe the official story with hatred or nutty professors theories? Maybe its the same reason Two major motion pictures and a graphic novel based on the official story are releasing the same year as the fifth anniversary. Because people wont forget and time allows for consideration of where we have come from and where we are headed.

Think about it, several cable television documentaries, a television version and theatrical version of flight 93 (United 93) have already come and gone this year, Oliver Stones World Trade Center comes out this month as does the 9/11 Graphic Novel based on the 9/11 Commission Report. Why is the fifth anniversary so magical? Remember, we went to war because of 9/11, or was it WMDs? No thats right, its to spread democracy, I forgot.

The truth is that I don't believe the "9/11 story" because after about a year of seriously educating myself on public information (and I'm not talking about sitting in front of the television and staring at Fox, CNN, MSNBC or watching a movie about United 93 based on the commission report to know what happened. Remember we remain on an Elevated Alert in America. Its scrolling 24/7/365 across the bottom of Fox.) I no longer believe the official story of 9/11 because I cannot reconcile the information with the official story. I challenge anyone to prove it to themselves or me with facts. Just a sample:

  • I have watched videos of WTC building 7 (about a block away from the towers) collapse in less than 7 seconds straight down into it's footprint late that day; A 47 story steel building that had localized fires and was not struck by a plane. This is a building the news does not talk about. It looked exactly like a Las Vegas style demolition complete with smoke squibs and penthouse crimp. Buildings closer to the towers still stand today. (Side tip look into the tenants of that building.)
  • I have read many emergency worker's statements transcripts (hundreds were reluctantly made public, although highly censored with black marker), many of which mention multiple explosions within the towers before and during the collapses.
  • I have listened to WTC maintenance man William Rodriguez tell his story of massive explosions within the building (North Tower) sub-basement just before (yes before) the first (yes first) plane struck and how his (closed door) 9/11 commission testimony was completely left out of the public record (as were many, many others).
  • I have considered the impossibility that the worlds premier and multi trillion dollar air defenses of the United States could be forced to stand-down for almost 2 hours while four hijacked planes had their way with 75% of their targets. Maybe it was the multitude of drills that were admitted to have been going on with the military, NORAD, NEADS and the FAA (as well as FEMA and others) on that morning. What a coincidence.
  • I have considered the fact (yes fact) that a debris field of 8 miles (the reports are out there, just not talked about) is impossible if a plane dives into the ground without being shot down, as weve been told by the commission (and the movie).
  • I have heard eye witness Samuel Danner talk decisively about what he described as a global hawk UAV strike the pentagon, and I cant disprove him with the released pentagon video official proof (Ive yet to find the 757 in the video or stills, can someone please help me with this?) This makes the resistance to release the thousands of other videos and pictures (including publicly admitted confiscated tapes from the Citgo across the street and the Sheraton National Hotel much more compelling.)
  • I have observed that anytime someone asks the government for the release of information (literally thousands of videos, pictures, whistleblower testimony, logs, etc.) it is denied in the name of national security. Did not 9/11 already happen? What is being secured by not providing known information of the attacks to the public? Someones rear-end? Some information has been released to the public after courts forced the issue. So let me get this straight, we should understand the government locking down, not sharing any information about 9/11 and protecting itself, giving itself the freedom to do what it must to protect itself all while we give up liberties to be safe. I remember the wash that national security is everyday that goes by that the borders are open. If the war on terror was real, the borders would have been closed immediately on 9/11/01.
  • I have used common sense after watching the multitude of publicly available videos of the tower collapses. 110 floors, 1300 feet of steel and concrete building could not have collapsed in 10 seconds (times 2 that day). Sorry it is just not possible. A ball dropped from the same roof would have reached the ground at about the same time. It's physics 101. 110 floors did not fall through a vacuum, they fell (actually disintegrated) around 47 massive core columns, some bigger around than soda machines at their bases, through concrete slabs, office equipment (non of which was found intact in the rubble, just micro dust), steel joists etc (in each tower). The point is that 10 seconds is barely enough time for one object without resistance to fall through the air yet two entire modern towers dissolved at near freefall speed. If you want a million dollars you can have it if you can prove that the towers collapsed WITHOUT the help of explosives. Businessman Jimmy Walter has made that public offer to anyone who can prove it. As far as I know, no one has even attempted it.
  • The list goes on; I am just now getting a fraction of the legitimate problems up on my website www.patriotbeliever.com. There are literally so many problems and unanswered questions its difficult to catalogue. And thats not story enough for the evening news?

Now, If my unbelief in the 9/11 story was based in hatred for Bush, as John Gibson says, all of the questions I have would only provide more excuses to hate him. But, on the contrary;

  • I am very concerned about a President who the Secret Service would allow to remain in a publicly planned location (Booker Elementary School, Sarasota) for at least 30 minutes after a known national attack had begun, endangering not only the President (undoubtedly a potential target himself) but also a school full of children, faculty and media. Does this sound like standard Secret Service operating procedure? Did they not consider he could be a target as well?
  • I am concerned about a President (his mental state at least) who has publicly and firmly stated (twice) that he watched the first plane hit LIVE, something no one else in the world can claim as no live broadcast aired the first strike, live. (My source? The White House website.) He obviously is delusional. Remember, officially these planes into buildings attacks were a complete surprise to the government, yet our president witnessed the first plane live? But this discrepancy in the public record is not newsworthy so most of you have never heard it.
  • This list goes on and on as well

No, I dont hate Bush. I hate what he has proven himself to be (see my website for more on this).

Now we are seeing these stories about the theories about 9/11 because the news agencies are realizing that the people are not buying the simple shut-up and trust us method of reporting. The pentagon is now under fire for lying to the 9/11 commission. I think this is to place some blame after five years and no government individuals being held accountable for the failures on 9/11 precisely because so many Americans are beginning to question the official story. We are now to believe the Pentagon and NORAD were just really confused.

So once again, hatred has nothing to do with questioning the 9/11 story, for me anyway. The shock and awe is wearing off and people are beginning to think.

It is impossible to prove a lie (give it a try, I dare you.)


im just checking, but you

im just checking, but you wrote, "its fair and balanced" without an LOL or anything after it. are you saying that tounge in cheek? i love how your willing to admit you voted for Bush twice though. thats big of you. no sarcasm there, im serious.

i firmaly believe voting for Kerry would have been worse!


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HA! i could never vote for a

HA! i could never vote for a Dem or Repub for president. if in some highly unlikely instance that Feingold got the nomination, maybe, but i fully realize even that would be futile.

i just noticed Feingold is

i just noticed Feingold is the only politician so far to point out the obvious(in a statement today) that the "terror" legislation that Bush signed today makes it possible to seize american citizens on U.S. soil as enemy combatants.

it's unconstitutional, period.


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kind of depressing that only 1, literally only 1 politician was willing to state that. figures it was the same guy that voted against the Patriot Act the first time around. im under no illusions, i know hes still a politician, but Feingold is kind of the man, im sorry.

I don't

I had to hold my nose and clutch a barf bag whilst casting my vote for him. But I can't imagine anybody being any worse than Bush in my wildest nightmares.


Yes it war very tongue and cheek my friend.

I am re-posting this

here (from my comment to your other "mirror" blog post) since this seems to be where all the action is.

Thank you for your comments on this.

It is a myth that 911 truthers are all liberal nuts. I don't have any statistics to back it up (don't know if such figures exists, even), but the anecdotal evidence is quite to the contrary. There are many Republicans and conservatives, libertarians, etc. who are part of this movement.

The one fact the MSM does NOT want to get out: that the 911 truth movement is a NON-partisan movement.

As for progressive media outlets, most are desperately trying to shut us up. Honestly, I would expect it from a Hannity or Rush, but I've certainly been surprised by the spinelessness of the liberal media on this issue since I became a part of all this. And of course, I ask myself, "Why is that? Hmmmmm"

It's been very enlightening for me (I personally consider me-self a sort of "populist" Democrat).

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this! Your post shows just how non-partisan the 911 truth movement is and that, in itself, needs to be part of our "message."

You are probably already familiar with this site, but I am attaching it anyway, just in case you have not seen it and because your are true "patriot":



And yes I had the patriotsquestion911.com linked to my website for a few weeks.

Let's keep it up.

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ya' got Ron Paul on yer MySpace!

Has your opinion changed?

About the Fox's "fair and balanced" approach to broadcasting.

This month I am discontinuing my cable service. All those I used to enjoy has turned to dribble. Jon Stewart, Steven Colbert, Bill Mahr - cowards. There at shit on it anymore. Even C-Span with all its republician foundations and talking heads have taken over. Brian Lamb has sold out.

It drives me crazy with all the "official story" logic. Egg heads
who want to be famous.

“it is possible to fool all the people all the time—when government and press cooperate.” George Seldes - "legendary investigative reporter"