Hibokcrisy at Harvard


Bok said that a president’s moral authority is an invaluable asset.

“If a president comes out and tells something that’s exposed as a clear lie, or engages in some other obviously indefensible behavior, the moral authority just disappears, and the president isn’t effective,” he said. “And when something like that happens, they always resign.”


Dear Mr. Espada:

Thank you for your email regarding Professor Ernest May’s involvement with The 9/11 Commission Report. I hope that you will understand that the University cannot possibly review and comment on all the reports and documents with which our professors are associated.

I appreciate your taking the time to share your concerns with me.

Best regards,
Derek Bok

Apparently, though, it is OK to dodge difficult questions that pertain directly to one's moral accountability. Does Derek Bok really think I wanted him to review every document associated with every faculty member? Or is he disingenuously feigning ignorance, or honestly cultivating it with regard to the events of 9/11? Does the erudite and accomplished president of Harvard really believe buildings can collapse the way three did on 9/11 without the use of explosives? Is he honestly satisfied with the official account despite its many obvious flaws? I am comfortable to let history decide, but I rather wish people would practice what they preach, especially those in as prominent a position as the president of Harvard.

Based on personal experience

my expectations of faculty and administrative people at elite private colleges is very, very low. Just as politicians don't want to lose voters, they don't want to lose donors.

perhaps, but part of this is finding out

Just how low any given person/institution will go for money. These are critical and dangerous times. People and places like Harvard cannot be allowed the luxury of remaining silent--they have to take a stand one way or another and bear the consequences of their decisions as we all should.


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They will go all the way to the bottom.

But I agree, they cannot be permitted to do so silently and/or invisibly.