ho hum

While we are busy thinking about our little problems... the Iraq massacre continues.

I am CERTAIN the US and UK are helping the violence ACTIVELY by planting false-flag bombs.

Strong political cartoons!

We need more art like this!

Strong Political Cartoons!

We need more art like this!

Not enough about similarities to Salvador Option...

I rarely see anyone discuss the chance that the numerous bodies that show up around Iraq echo the Death Squad Democracy efforts of the US in El Salvador in the '80s. Negroponte headed that...and lo and behold...he's back!!?

Gotta run to do my morning protest!!


Spred them,

Spred them, then...

right-click on the picture, COPY LINK (shortcut)

and email it to your friends!!

Because, there is more war coming...

The perps will make it look


but its not.