New Video: Toxic Lies - The Betrayal of Heroes

This is a short video about the environmental catastrophe created by the aftermath of the collapse of the Twin Towers and Building 7. And about those who are now suffering tremendously as a result of Toxic Lies told to them about the air quality at Ground Zero.

This is only a quick

This is only a quick compilation really, but I felt this subject needed covering and a bit more attention.

Thanks, DBLS. Very nice!

By the way, have you seen this interview with former nyc police officer and 9/11 rescue worker Craig Bartmer:

The Louder Than Words crew shot it on 9/9/6. His interview starts at 45:40.

Forward to 55:00 and 1:03:33. Bartmer was standing right next to Building 7 when it went down. He pretty much destroys the government's story about the damage to Building 7's South facade. He also says he heard explosions while it was falling down.

DBLS, if you have time could you edit together something for this interview and post it up on Google and/or YouTube? Maybe shots of some of the things Bartmer is talking about during the interview like footage of the dust clouds, ground zero, Building 7 falling down, damage to Building 7, rubble pile, etc..

I'm asking you to do it, because I don't have the video editing skills that you have.

Anyway, if you have time to do this I would greatly appreciate it. I can help out by directing you to news articles, photos, video etc., to cover some of Bartmer's interview if you need them. It's over thirty minutes long, but could be chopped way down to 5-10 minutes or whatever length you feel is appropriate.

OT: Video Editing Question

If anyone knows the answer to this...

how do you "download" a video from Google or YouTube in a form that can then be edited on software such as Final Cut Pro?

I've been dabbling in "the arts" lately.

many thanks!

Download it for IPOD

It'll save as an MP4 file, which is goof for Final Cut

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Pardon my ignorance

how do you download it for an ipod?

"Toxic Lies" -- Digg This Video, Please!

Someone I know took the liberty to create a Digg entry for this video. Please use it. Digg it!

Just being curious how it goes...

Just being curious how it goes (and if YouTube starts "fixing" the download figures and ratings as well), right now this video:

has the following statistics:

Views: 278
Ratings: 3

How does it fare?

Views: 1,690
Ratings: 10
Honors: 4

How does it fare?

Views: 2,967
Ratings: 11
Honors: none any more

What have you done so far

What have you done so far dude? Have you used or something and then got the flash flv file? Cus if you've got the flv then basically you just need to get that converted into a mpeg, avi, mov etc;

I use this program called "Super" for the flv's off google youtube etc;

^Scroll down that page until you see the download links.

Hope that helps!

Trust me dude anyone can do

Trust me dude anyone can do this, everything I know is self-taught from like over the last year or so, Sbg actually asked me something similar because he had a cool idea for a video as well. I’ll totally have a go though because you're right this guy’s testimony is stunning and it needs spreading a bit, give me like a few days and I’ll see what I can sort out. Check out Windows Movie Maker 2 though dude, that’s pretty much all I use along with Photoshop and a few converting programs, it’s really great for beginners;


If you extract the Bartmer interview segments and post it as a blog, we'll probably front-page it.

Great man! It'll take me a

Great man! It'll take me a few days, but I'll see what I can come up with.


Then we can email it off to the lying traitors at Popular Mechanics.

Nice work.

It seemed like the audio levels were off between clips, though.

Also, do you have video of the woman speaking during the title? I assume that's Christine Todd Whitman telling everyone it's okay. Would love to see her lying face utter those words.

great work DBLS! thanks for

great work DBLS! thanks for this.

Did you do this DBLS?

Thank you man. Thank you.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

This scandal alone

This scandal alone is enough to have the US government removed from their offices and charged with high crimes against the people and the environment. That it was in deed a controlled demolition performed by USG/Mossad operatives is all the more reason to be outraged.

I agree with your first statement, but....

you have no proof it was CD performed by USG and Mossad. Why add your theory to this factual issue? Aren't the facts of the issue enough of an outrage?

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i totally agree. remove that

i totally agree. remove that mossad theory and the statement will prove more powerful.

Stand your ground concrete man!

OBVIOUSLY controlled demolition. Simply no two ways about that.

And people in USG and Mossad have a lot of splainin' to do.

To censor ourselves from demanding accountability from these people is absurd. No one who looks honestly at the evidence will think it unreasonable. Sure some people hang around here trying to tell us this or that is a bad idea, but that's how you know it's a GOOD idea. The perps are fighting on every front--or do we believe that these lists are not targetted by them? Once you establish that, it's a simple matter to parse the disinfo from the truth.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


in fact, it helps to use the search function

look up each poster, how long they've been on, and what all their posts are about. If they have a narrow focus, and it tends toward discouraging people, that's a sign of ulterior motives, IMHO. We at LEAST have to make them realize that if tehy're going to pretend to be truthers, they're going to have to do a good job of it, and waste time they don't have, given how fast our movement is growing.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


Yea dude, I was actually

Yea dude, I was actually going to pm you on ybbs to get some feedback on it, but I figured it was cool enough just to put out.


Environmental Impact Of 9/11

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

People need to see this for what it is...

This is PROOF POSITIVE that our Government IS willing to kill 2973+.

Money is MORE IMPORTANT than people in the eyes of our "elected officials."

The argument that our Government "would never" dies with this issue.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

So now that that's out of the way...

Let's have a REAL investigation into the attacks of 9/11, and include ALL suspects, INCLUDING this Administration, and ANYONE who helped to cover up their crime.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

It's also proof they'll do

It's also proof they'll do anything to keep their story straight.

See, they HAD to avoid discussing micro particles. Because then they'd have to explain how the micro particles were created, something neither "pancaking" nor "collapse by fire" does.

String them up, string them all up.

damn good point!

that is a damn good point!!! this could be the way to introduce facts about CD ---after,of course,the people that care about this (environmental health disaster the gov. is covering up) suddenly have to figure how there were such fine particles...hmmm....good point indeed!

This is reeeally good.

Once again, DBLS, you rock. I think this is a very effective length, too -- long enough for some substantial clips, but an efficient and moving overview.

Thanks casseia!

Thanks casseia!

Today, the Energy Bulletin Treats 9/11

Energy Depletion & the US Descent into Fascism
Dale Allen Pfeiffer, Mountain Sentinel
In October of 2001, a little over a month after 9/11, I wrote an article titled The Background is Oil. The hypothesis laid out in this article was that the 2000 US presidential election resulted in a coup of neocons and oil interests who had taken control of the US in order to prepare for the coming peak and decline of world oil production. Furthermore, this coup engineered the 9/11 terrorist attacks to further their own interests.

Before 9/11, the coup was hampered by lack of support from both the public and Congress. The tragedies of September 11th washed all resistance away in a flood of rabid patriotism. As a result, the coup was able to hijack the US political process. Over the coming years, starting with the patriot act, the coup has been able to strip us of our constitutional rights, in preparation for the civil unrest which will come from the peak and decline of oil production and the resulting economic collapse.
(16 Oct 2006)
Article includes a call to a general strike. Dale Allen Pfeiffer has written some groundbreaking articles on peak oil and food, the relevance of the experiences of Cuba and North Korea, and the North American natural gas crisis. The Mountain Sentinal is Dale's new personal publishing vehicle. -AF

In tying together so many issues, Dale Allen Pfeiffer may be ahead of his time. At the moment, his viewpoint seems rather isolated. His admiration for the IWW (International Workers of the World or "Wobblies" - Wikipedia entry - homepage) puts him in the anarcho-syndicalist camp which had its heydey in the early 20th century but is currently miniscule. On the other hand, if energy issues bring about economic turmoil, we will probably see a rise in labor activism and Pfeiffer will have been a prophet. -BA

great job yet again DBLS. on

great job yet again DBLS. on a related note(sort of?), does anyone remember this video?

love the video, the song aint half bad either. for mainstream rock/pop.

That’s a wicked song dude,

That’s a wicked song dude, it’s f*cked how most of the worlds problems link back to that affect that the British Empire has had, from Northern Ireland, to Palestine to Iraq lol.

which leads you to the Bank of England

Insatiable greedy mofos. And nowadays, it's the Fed and the American empire...

Seperate the two issues

I think the issue of the toxic dust and the EPA lies, needs to be seperated from any mention of MIHOP or LIHOP in these videos, so that people unwilling to consider "inside job" theories wont dismiss the EPA dust controversy.

This EPA issue is less controversial, will be easier to be accepted by the mainstream media/public, and can be used as a "trojan horse" perse, to open "pandoras box" and expose the full extent of government corruption....

agreed on the separation calls...

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Professor Jim Fetzer: 9-11 Taboo Subjects

An awesome soul...

Inspiring uplifting speech at the end by Fetzer.

That man has an awesome soul!

"Toxic Lies" -- Digg This Video, Please!

Someone I know took the liberty to create a Digg entry for this video. Please use it. Digg it!

fixed your links (in the

fixed your links (in the thread above too) to link to the digg page, not the youtube page.

thanks for the hookup!


Too late over here for staying fully concentrated....


whoever can watch this without being touched and outraged has no heart.

Some Kids Left Behind!

Thanks so much for keep raising this serious topic! The interveiws of Craig and David in the LTW's video touches the heart. Please read this articles below, it talks about the kids that returned to their classes in lower Manhattan shortly after the EPA stated the "AIR WAS SAFE!"
Those lies will eventually lead to thousands of kids having respiratory and other deathly illnesses, no one knows how many children may die from the EPA's lied, but many will over time. No one wants to talk about the schools they reopened after 9/11 and what tens of thousands of kids were subjected to! Well read the articles, this is the tip of the iceberg! The White House and EPA's lies is terrilbe enough that thousands of first reponders and construction workers will die, but these lying bastards have sentenced how many of Our children to illness and even death over time! Soemthing HAS to finally Shock the Conscience of this Nation, isn't it time we wake up!

Some Kids Left Behind
Stuyvesant alums finally join the fight for 9-11 health benefits
by Kristen Lombardi
September 10th, 2006 7:31 PM

Selected readings from 9-11 coverage
Lila Nordstrom's 9-11 awakening came late�five years late, to be exact. Last fall, as she entered her final year at Vassar College, she finally began noticing all the headlines about the fallout from the World Trade Center disaster�stories about people getting sick from the toxic dust, for example. In January, she read about the premature death of a first responder who had worked on the pile, four blocks from Stuyvesant High, where Nordstrom had started her senior year, and where she and her classmates would spend the next several months breathing air of much the same quality.
In February, she read about residents and office workers who've gotten ill and are now suing the Environmental Protection Agency for telling the public the air in lower Manhattan was fit to breathe (see "Truth Out," February 28). And then, in March, she went to a career forum, where academic advisers warned that entry-level positions offer low salaries and scant benefits these days. Nordstrom, just shy of graduation, had an epiphany of sorts. "I thought, �What if I develop some kind of illness because of 9-11?'" says Nordstrom, now 22 and living in Chelsea, working and without a health plan. "And what if I don't have insurance? I'd be screwed."
At home, she composed an open letter to her elected officials. She laid out the EPA's false assurances, as well as the city's promise that Stuyvesant had been wiped entirely free of WTC-related pollution�a promise that turned out to be untrue. Noting that 3,000 or so alumni went to the Chambers Street high school during the 2001-2002 academic year, she wrote:
"As victims of 9/11, and, especially, victims of the misinformation campaign, we served as �draftees' in the media campaign to reassure the American people. At the least, in recognition of the risks we undertook simply by attending school, we should be guaranteed health insurance for the rest of our lives."
She urged city and federal lawmakers to back a bill that would give Stuyvesant students the same coverage some first responders already receive: medical monitoring and, for those who develop pollution-related diseases, treatment. Nordstorm e-mailed the letter to friends, who passed it along to their friends. She later sent a mass mailing to all 500 students in the Stuyvesant Class of 2002, asking them to sign and spread the word. Students wrote to fellow alums on Facebook, the networking website. Nordstrom posted the letter on a blog, and the alumni magazine ran a blurb about it.
The students are an obvious constituency. "There's a fair amount of enthusiasm for this idea," says Anna Cummings, of the Class of 2003, an active organizer. To date, the letter has drawn 170 signatures and counting.
Some would say they're late to the movement. For years, frustrated activists, aided by a handful of local lawmakers, have tried to call attention to the health effects of 9-11. First responders, residents, office workers�all have asked for health coverage for people exposed to Trade Center dust. Activists have included "school children" on their list of neglected victims; six schools, with a total of more than 23,000 students, sit within blocks of ground zero. But Stuyvesant kids have stayed out of the fight, not testifying at hearings, not lobbying on Capitol Hill.
"This is the first I'm hearing about the Stuyvesant kids," reports Congressman Vito Fossella, a Staten Island Republican leading the push to address unmet health needs for what he calls the "innocent people who had to live in the aftermath of 9-11." He thinks their newfound activism comes at the right time. Five years after September 11, he says, the public can no longer ignore the growing health crisis. Indeed, last week's findings from the Mount Sinai 9-11 study showing that seven out of 10 ground zero workers have developed new respiratory illnesses pretty much confirms the crisis.
"Anyone who has been affected should state your case now," Fossella advises. "Or else."
Nordstrom and friends may be late, it seems, but they're not yet forgotten.
To hear the students tell it, anxiety about the fallout from 9-11 has always been at least in the backs of their minds. Stuyvesant students evacuated their building as the 110-story twin towers came crashing down. They ran north, engulfed by clouds of dust and smoke.
Within one month, on October 9, they were ordered back to Stuyvesant High, with official word that the building had been properly cleaned. Education officials assured their parents that the city had spent $1 million on a full asbestos abatement. Four months later, families would discover the vents hadn't been wiped at all.
Even with the government assurances, students couldn't ignore the danger signs. There were police checkpoints along Chambers Street, manned by cops wearing gas masks. Inside the school, signs were posted warning them not to drink from water fountains or open windows. Then came the engineers dressed in orange suits. They visited classrooms almost daily, setting up equipment, taking air samples.
"They'd say to us, �Everything is great,'" recalls Danny Newman, of the Class of 2002, who works at a Manhattan financial firm today. "It was surreal."
It didn't help that the students could look out their classroom windows and see the gaping hole at ground zero. They could watch the first responders working on the pile, hauling rubble to the Hudson River pier next to their building. Every day, for 24 hours straight, trucks would thunder past the classrooms and unload debris onto a nearby barge, bound for Staten Island.
"Contaminants would rise up in the air and end up in the school," says Brian Edwards, a 14-year-old sophomore at the time. All that year, he wore a mask to and from Stuyvesant. "It was scary because you didn't know how bad the air really was."
That winter parents hired an engineer, who found high levels of asbestos and lead in the building. Education officials stonewalled, until Senator Hillary Clinton forced them to admit the truth about the vents at a hearing in February 2002. When parents filed a lawsuit, the school department agreed to clean the ventilation system�in the summer of 2002.
By then, students and teachers were already getting sick. Of the 224 Stuyvesant employees who responded to a federal survey, half had suffered ailments related to 9-11, including bloody noses, itchy throats, and persistent coughs. Parents heard their kids complain about similar problems, and conducted their own survey of students. Of the 430 responses, two-thirds reported yet more symptoms, from rashes to respiratory infections.
Some kids, like Nordstrom, noticed childhood asthma worsening. Almost from the moment she returned to school, she began experiencing symptoms she hadn't had in years. Her chest tightened. Her attacks increased. She still suffers bouts of what she calls "a mysterious, deep cough." Is it coincidence? Or something more?
"It makes me wonder what the connection to 9-11 is," she says.
Stuyvesant students say they did their best to block out worries at the time. But over the years, they've come to grips with their experiences, realizing that they were forced to go back to school months before other students were, that they were duped into returning to a building full of toxins.
Today, their sense of injustice is profound. "We deserve something. They lied like crazy to us, you know what I mean?" says Newman. Since his present job has a health plan, he adds, "I'm motivated by the justice of the cause."
So are tens of thousands of other 9-11 victims, of course. All those first responders, residents, and office workers were misled by the EPA about the air quality in lower Manhattan, just like the Stuyvesant alum. And plenty of them don't have adequate health insurance to cover their mounting medical costs�remember those day laborers who cleaned up the downtown skyscrapers?
Stuyvesant students may have an edge in the sympathy department over their older counterparts, as Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer suggests. He responded to their open letter after Nordstrom cornered him at an anti-war demonstration in May. "She made a very compelling argument," he tells the Voice. Unlike other 9-11 victims, she reminded the politician, Stuyvesant students were minors and thus unable to make their own decisions about whether to return downtown. "All you have to do is look at what has happened to ground zero workers and you say, �Hey, wait a minute. There has to be a way to help these kids,'" explains Stringer, whose office is seeking public and private funds to include the students in a tiny 9-11 screening program for uninsured people in Chinatown and other nearby neighborhoods, at Bellevue Hospital. That's on top of the $16 million that Mayor Michael Bloomberg has said the city will allocate to expand the program over the next five years.
On Capitol Hill, though, the students' argument might not hold much weight. After all, the vast majority of 9-11 victims have gotten little help for their health needs so far. No federal tracking programs exist for residents, office workers, and school children, let alone treatment. Only ground zero workers, whose numbers of respiratory diseases are escalating, have received any funding for medical monitoring�about $102 million at last count. Last week, the administration finally agreed to free up $75 million that's sitting in the country's treasury for treatment as well.
"Here it is, five years after 9-11, and the Bush administration has spent not one federal dollar on treatment for ground zero workers," declares Representative Carolyn Maloney, a Manhattan Democrat who has long pushed for a federal response to the health crisis. Back in 2004, she filed a bill that would give health benefits to a wide array of victims, including Stuyvesant students. Today, however, it's stuck in committee, with little hope of passage.
"This is a long, protracted battle," says Amy Rutkin, chief of staff for Congressman Jerrold Nadler, who represents lower Manhattan. She sees some progress: The Bush administration has appointed a 9-11 health czar to coordinate a federal response; an initial report on health problems could come as early as this month. And Rutkin's boss has filed his own bill to provide health coverage to those who were exposed to the toxic dust and who have gotten sick. Its language includes anyone who "attended school" in a building full of toxins from the World Trade Center disaster.
Still, Rutkin adds, "No one will wave a magic wand and give these students their health insurance tomorrow."
Nordstrom figured that out in March, after she had sent her first letters to politicians. She was met with silence from Senator Clinton, who's sponsoring a companion bill to Nadler's in the Senate, as well as from Senator Chuck Schumer, whose daughter, Jessica, attended Stuyvesant, in the Class of 2002.
Yet Nordstrom is giving Nadler's latest bill the thumbs up. "It's just what we wanted," she says, at a press event for it last week. Standing alongside firefighters, residents, and office workers, she looks ready for the fight ahead. She sounds ready, too. "We're not asking for anything outrageous," she observes. "My feeling is that the government was negligent in our case. Frankly, our situation down there was ridiculous."

This is fantastic DBL!

If you do make another one , you might want to include his comments about the 911 truth movement being the real patriots and friends of the first responders: and also his comment that the media is avoiding the toxic dust because this would lead to the obviouse question about why there is micrp-particacles of concrete dust in their lungs that could never have been caused by a gravitational collapsing of the building. With that question, the controlled demolition of the towers is exposed and the truth of 911 will be unavoidable. (or something like that, I going from my memory of the event) Radical Pragmatist


"we have been killed on 9/11...avenge us!"


I was the first one to post on this yesterday and put down a very positive, thoughtful comment and now it's gone. Taken off the board. Maybe I didn't use the word "dude" enough.

: )