Recent aircraft crash in NYC

Some may be tempted to compare the recent crash of a light plane into an apartment highrise with the crashes
of 9/11. They simply do not compare at all

Depending on the model that small plane was capable of going 150-180 MPH, weighed about 3000 pounds max
and carried 300 pounds of fuel max.

So it was capable of 40%(being conservative) the speed of a 767, weighed approx 0.7% as much and carried
approx 1% as much fuel.

So, its momentum would be 0.4 X 0.007 = 0.0028 or 0.28% that of a 767.
It's kinetic energy would be (0.4^2) X 0.007 = 0.00112 or 0.01% of a 767

anyone see Killtown's blog

anyone see Killtown's blog here on this topic??


also my forum post here 

Are you people insane?

So does the administration or the "Illuminati" now want a war on baseball?

Ease up on the "insane" remarks please.

If you have a problem with someone's opinion, try to explain why without using ad hominem attacks. Thanks.


And try to make it clear who

And try to make it clear who it is you have a disagreement with, rather than just saying "you people." Those are the words of trolls.

weird, but the first (of

weird, but the first (of only two times) the Red Sox won the World Series was 9/11

Ok then, IMHO, numerology

Ok then, IMHO, numerology cannot predict anything, that the number associated with anything is only significant as a human interrpretation of quantity (such as the number of people in a room)or distance from an arbitrary origin (such as a date). Numbers contain no magic or mystical power.

The attacks of 9/11 have been characterized as being caused to occur in order to get the USA into a position in which they would have free reign to attack countries in the middle east. This was because the hijackers were Arabs and the organization which sent them was fundementalist Islamic in nature and based in the middle east.

Now a smallplane accidentally crashes into an apartment in NYC and it is claimed that it is all part of the same plot. So I ask again then, was this caused to occur because TPTB want a war with baseball? It is of course a sarcastic question. It is designed to make you think about the reasoning behind attributing this accident to a dark conspiracy. I know(hope) that no one believes that anyone is out to crush baseball, but what possible reason would there be for the Illuminati/Zionist/neo-cons/NWO have for causing this crash?

someone please post a picture of the plane debris...


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My original post on this

My original post on this thread was designed to show that the actualy physical crashes do not compare at all. I have seen elsewhere, that some claim that since the damage to the apartment building was slight and caused no significant structural damage that it bolsters the idea that the twin towers should have been able to withstand the impact of the Boeings.

It is like comparing the impact of a 1 pound bird flying at 20 MPH to a 500 pound lion travelling at 50 MPH.

It is like comparing the fire one gets with one ounce of gasoline to that of over a gallon of gasoline.


Compiling a list of events that occured on dates with 7, 9 or 11 in them is useless in determining anything without comparing it to another date which should bear no numerological significance, say with the numbers 4, 8 and 10.

Listing the aircrashes on 9/11 dates is particularily insignificant unless it can be shown to have a statistically greater number of them than any other date.

Since there are 365 dates on the calender there is a 1 in 365 chance that any randomly selected type of event (that is not seasonal in nature) will occur on any given date.