Who Would Benefit from Another Terrorist Attack?

If there is another terrorist attack between now and November 7th, who stands to benefit?

Saddam? He's in jail, and it wouldn't do him a lick of good.

Iran? No way. Given that Cheney has already instructed the Pentagon to draw up plans to nuke Iran if there is another attack on the U.S., carrying out such an attack would be suicidal.

Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda? Why would they wait 5 years after 9/11 to attack right before the U.S. elections (especially since this is the first election since 9/11 that the Republicans are in real danger of losing)?

Everyone knows that fear is good for those currently in power. Does Al-Qaeda want the Republicans to keep the House and Senate? That makes no sense.

And given that another large attack against the United States - if planned by Bin Laden - would likely cause the U.S. to stop tiptoeing around Pakistan and instead cause us to send in massive numbers of troops to track him down, wouldn't this be suicidal for him as well?

Or does it make more sense that the Republicans in power themselves would benefit the most from such an attack. Because, if there was another attack on the U.S. right before elections, it would scare the voting public into rallying around those in power.

How convenient.

My intent in writing this is to help wake people up to the fact that any attack between now and election day benefits - and is thus likely to be carried out by - those in power within the United States. If we take away the likely success of such an attack in manipulating people, it is less likely they will be tempted to carry it out.

Of course, Democrats are probably just as bad as the Republicans. See this chart showing false flag attacks and fake intelligence under both Democratic and Republican administrations. The Dems and GOP as they currently exist are just two heads of the same pro-war party.

Finally, as a side note, Bin Laden might be dead, and Al-Qaeda is largely a boogeyman of the Bush Administration. So talking about Al Qaeda as separate from Pakistan's ISI or the CIA may not be entirely accurate. However, for the sake of simplicity, I have assumed that Bin Laden is still alive and that Al Qaeda is not connected with any Western government.

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Well said!

Although the spineless Democrates are almost as corrupt,at least there would be a little checks ,and balance.
The elite have bought out both parties since JFK was killed.The Federal Reserve is rapeing to death the working men ,and women of this country.
Hopefully the truth will clean out the entire system.

Here Comes the Draft and an Attack, or, Vice-Versa

Look for it. It should follow the next false flag attack on the nation. Miltary Commissions Act signed today means everything is cleared away for a major move. These creeps are going to need a lot of soldiers and the only way to get the nation to enlist is to scare the begeezus out of all of us. Homeland Terror campaign starts today. Vegas has been taking bets on the next Homeland Terror Attack and the odds dropped to even money today after Bush signed the Military Commissions Act.

A question...

I used to ask people is... "Would you allow a draft after another Terrorist Attack?"

You'd be surprised at how many people said yes.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."


speaking of which:

OPLAN 5027 - Is It Our Ticket to the Draft?
Yesterday morning FOX & Friends host Brian Kilmeade asked retired Lt. Gen. Mike "Rifle" DeLong, author of Inside CENTCOM, whether or not there is a plan to handle North Korea. "There's a plan in place to handle that area of the world, specifically the Koreas," responded DeLong. Intrigued, I looked it up and, sure enough, it exists. It's called OPLAN 5027 and, although it's been updated many times during various administrations, both Democratic and Republic, the gist of it remains the same. In addition to massive amounts of military ordnance, America guarantees to send 400,000 to 690,000 soldiers to South Korea to stave off a North Korean onslaught. With our military stretched to the breaking point in Afghanistan and Iraq, a war with North Korea could only be fought one way - by reinstituting compulsory selective service.

That is what the "No Child

That is what the "No Child Left Behind Act" was for, it puts in place a system where the military has direct access to your childrens information. You have to opt-out of this by signing a form each year giving the school the authority NOT to hand over your childs information to the military. These people have a play book, and they are plowing straight to Global War so they can redraw the lines on the Globe.

Coming war with Iran?

I hope all of this hand wringing and speculation will calm down after Nov.7th. The following article is sobering:


Well, aren't you a ray of sunshine

Scarily Hirsch's analysis at the link you give rings true on too many levels.

The new generation of hydrgen bombs produce very little radiation that's mostly gone after a week. They just might use the bastards and play dumb when they're caught.

Two points about Hirsch's analysis make me pause though. One, while no one might militarily stop the US from a nuke attack, there would be consequences. Basically every other western power block would drop their disputes and unite for protection. Two, China. We all like to blither on about how the US is the only superpower, but it's up to debt to its eyeballs with the Chinese and God knows who else. Manufacturing in the States has been decimated. All the creditors have to do is call their debts in an the AMerican economy collapses. Bush can't bomb everyone.

Still, sobering food for thought.

Cui Bono

(Who benefits)

It's interesting that Bush and Rove are so unflappingly confident given that it's a virtual certainty that they will lose at least one house of Congress, if not both.

I will be shocked if we do notsee a major terrorist incident sometime before the election. Just stealing the election won't work this time...too many people have woken up, and won't let another major discrepancy between exit polls and election results slip by.

No, the neocons will need another terrorist threat to put us back in fear-mode before fixing the 2006 election, so any voices of reason are again lost in the din.

Expect something BIG before November.

I don't understand why they

I don't understand why they need to create another terrorist attack. The Diebold machines are already in place. They will fix the elections, then attack Iran after them.

They need public support,

They need public support, you see, to keep up the appearance of a real democracy. If they win now, after all the miscontent lately, even Kos might start to smell something funny.

I'm inclined

to agree with this comment. Folks are showing far too much "hope" about the elections. Rove's surprise may simply be a November surprise instead. Either that, or attacks on Iran will go ahead immediately, kind of like a cabal-suicide-mission, nothing to lose.

We'll see....

I reluctantly agree with everything you said.

Creating another attack upon our own citizens will enable the Bush regime to enter phase 2 of their take-over of our government. In that scenario, they'd not only influence the upcoming elections, but possibly postpone them or, at worst, enact martial law.

Sadly true

It's terrible to think but I'm doubting there will be elections as well. How, as you note, would they express confidence in losing? They would never do that, without the intent to not let it take place.

The new moon on 10/21 (when bombing is best), or around there, is the arrival date for the Eisenhower in Iran, and I'm quite sure there will be a sinking of either that or the Enterprise. Or someone correct me if I'm being insane, or if I'm mixing up the names.

Would a new "war" be enough to stop elections though? I guess only on the basis that there's some national s.o.e. issued and ensuing martial law.

Latest Iran analysis

I always go to globalresearch.ca for this material -- the latest there is by Jonathan Cook, 10/16.

I'm thinking the next false flag attack

might be internet-based.



or shutting it down the

or shutting it down the internet for "security concerns" after some hyped terrorist "plot" that is discovered. They really could do a gigantic harm to free information by doing that. Just imagine having to rely on cable news and other MSM for information. No more uncensored feedback, blogs etc. In good old dictatorship-style they will promise to "return to normal" as soon as the threat is gone, but just like with the War On Terror, it will not end in our lifetime.

And Bushco couldn't care less about the economic impact: the only thing they want to keep running is oil business and the armament industry, not IT.

Shutting down the Net

I've worried about that too. But I think keeping it up as a way to track dissidents is too valuable to them right now.

This election doesn't matter

The fact is the 2006 election is irrelevant in the big picture. The Dems are in no position to wage a war against Bush's grab for executive power - even if they win the House and the Senate. They will not have a 2/3 majority and they are unlikely to have the political will - or the legal basis. The fact is that much of what the president is doing can't be directly challenged without a court case that specifically affects a given individual and this is unlikely to occur before it is way too late.

The real danger is the 2008 election - or the one that may not happen because of a large scale attack. The fact is that in 2004 "they" actually worked on plans to postpone the election IF a major attack happened just prior to the elections.
What is different between 2008 and 2004. Well in 2004 Bush stole the election (again) and Kerry let it happen by not fighting the Ohio vote fraud. (Gee not surprising that that two skull and bones members were on the tickets). Kerry was the ONLY party that really could fight this - and he didn't.

Now 2008 is different because Bush/Cheney and the rest of the Cabal will be "out of power", unless the election DOES NOT HAPPEN. I believe there is at least a 50/50 chance that a major attack will happend around the 2008 election. I believe that this attack could involve mini-nukes/dirty-bombs (this explains why the Jafar the Pilot is still on the loose). A major attack (or even a failed one) in one or more cities will allow Bush to declare Martial Law with the full support of the American People and Congress - and create a formal North American "security" alliance with Mexico and Canada. The FEMA detention camps will be full of Muslims and any one else that dares talk about government involvement (being labeled Enemy Combatants under the law just signed today).

But one must keep in mind that the Bush Cabal, Neo-Cons, CFR and the Trilateral Commission long term goals in mind. This perhaps 50 year goal is to a) destroy the middle class (i.e., the only group that can or wants to keep the America as a nation), and create a Pax-Americana to compete with the EU / Asia (i.e., the need more people in the system to combat the productivity ability of EU / Asia in the long run - the driving reason why Bush doesn't want to build a fence between the US/Mexico). Therefore, any major attack can't be severe enough to destroy the US economy - just like after 9/11 we were told to go about our shopping business.

Well, enough said...

Jesus, did you see those

Jesus, did you see those harwkish individuals surrounding Bush as he signed the military commissions act? grins like cheshire cats, almost frothing around there mouths, Rumsfeld looked like he was about to break out in fellatio right there on the floor.

I don't get it, considering we (US AND UK) are told ad nauseum that the terrorist attacked our freedom, yet the govenments are activly crushing our freedoms thereselvesghir t in front of our faces on TV, and have there propaganda machines like fox spinning it to make it sound as if it's no big deal.

Hawkish is a term we can all

Hawkish is a term we can all relate to. There have always been "hawks," these are not hawks. These people don't fit into any paradigm we've known in the history of this country. The events we witness are unprecedented. We need to realize this. This is not happening because this is a new kind of war. It's happening because this is a new kind of government the likes of which we have not seen. We need to keep this in mind.

So true...

This is not a Republican administration, nor is it an administration that recognizes the teachings of Christ. I am not a religious person but I do believe we have before us the epitomy of the antichrist. They are ruthless and evil. What the hell happened????????????


What the hell happened????????????

Think Caligula. The banality of evil and all that.

I'm not being completely facetious(and I can't spell). Julius consolidated Rome into the greatest power the Mediteranian world had known at that time. Augustus used this good start well and Caligula...well I don't have to say much but "Caligula" to make that point.

They all worship the same god: POWER. Absolute power, absolutly free of accountablility. That's why we think they're evil and they think--well God knows what sociapaths think, but thats what they are. Sociapaths with lots of unchecked POWER.

Sorry to ruin you day, chum.

"Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda? Why

"Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda? Why would they wait 5 years after 9/11 to attack right before the U.S. elections?"

Does that mean that if there is an attack after the elections that it would be BinLaden's organization?

A terror attack would

A terror attack would benefit the Bush Amin whenever it came, be it before the elections or after it, it would be highly suspicious if one happened before the mid terms, but even if it happenes after they can still say "look we told you so" and it would strengthen support for the war and possibly other wars depending on th size of the attack.

I personally think they may announce that they've killed Bin Laden before the mid terms, infact Saddams trial verdict is due before the mid terms , a guilty verdict of saddam and the capture and killing of Bin Laden would probably just about push the republicans over the finish line?.

Saddam verdict delayed

Saddam verdict delayed

BAGHDAD, Oct 29 (Reuters) - A court trying Saddam Hussein for crimes against humanity could delay its verdict by a few days, the chief prosecutor said on Sunday, in a move that would shift the announcement until after U.S. midterm elections.

Hey, if they're delaying it until after the election, maybe they're going to find him not guilty?


OBL and A-Q were encouraged to attack the US, the US did nothing to stop their "part" in the attack, and have been elevated to Russia/Germany status by Bush - thus encouraging the growth of islamic nuts around the globe. They will attack again because Bush and company will let them. OBL and A-Q will pick their attack date, but it will likely be facilitated by the policies of GWB. A-Q knows that to destroy the US they can't rely on small attacks in malls or other soft targets. They DO want to destroy us and spread Islam - there is no doubt about it. That is why they will not attack the US again until they can make a death blow. This may be the logic behind the Jafar the Pilot nuke plot. Look at other middle eastern countries - they don't need or want america the way it is, but an america that is living back in the dark ages (just like Afganistan).

The trick is for Bush and company to utilize A-Q to further their goals, without letting them "win". They want to limit their successes, but allow them to have successes in order to keep the current status-quo - ever lasting war.

I don't know which is worse...


Listen, and try to understand: Osama had nothing to do with 9/11. Al Qaeda is a CIA managed fiction. There were no hijackers. The "passengers" faked their deaths. The towers were demolished with explosives, and so was building 7. The Pentagon was hit by a small unmanned plane and or missile.

Stop trying to muddle the truth with purposely disingenuous "theories" and/or explanations that are OBVIOUSLY designed to preserve the "Muslim Peril" in the public consciousness. You get more obvious and ridiculous peddling this nonsense as time goes by. It doesn't help that you remain anonymous. Thankfully, we're beyond the point where reasonably intelligent people think what you say makes sense.

What part of "the jig is up" do you not understand? Why can't you have some honor and graciously accept that you have failed?


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero

WTCdemolition.com - Harvard Task Force


One more bit

There is no "WAR ON TERROR". It's a ruse, it's bullshit.

You sound like you're

You sound like you're smoking some goooooood stuff! Pass the pipe! Look if you had any sense of the issues in the middle east you would realize that #1, the natives DON'T want us there, period. We are treading on holy ground with our troops. Put yourself in their shoes or reverse the scenario. Would you like foreign troops all over America? Maybe if you keep smoking what you're smoking. The rest of us would want their asses out of here.

Wake up. The war on terrorism is modelled after the 30 year failed war on drugs. Does it matter that the war on drugs has failed in it's goals? No. Why? Because the arguement that has been made for it is an emotional one. It does not look at the fact that this "war" can never be won let alone the fact that drugs are readily available and cheaper than ever before(how's that for a failed policy??). What matters is, the American public keeps buying the BS story. Our policy makers figure if we'll buy the drug war rhetoric then why not up the ante and use terrorism. It has already been shown that the CIA is massively complicit in drug running. Look up "mena airport", "Nicaruguan contras", "gary webb"(covered in detailed analysis the complicity with the contras.

Our government leaders have no integrity and need to be booted to the curb. Stop blaming outsiders for our own god damn problems. It's exactly what the politicians want. They get people to stoop to primitive psychological functioning which involves discriminating against those who are blatantly different from us at first glance.

"... In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual." (Galileo Galilei, 1564 - 1642)

So riddle me this: how does

So riddle me this: how does a bunch of people in caves, "living in the dark ages", have the means and opportunity to pull off 911? Trans-atlantic catapults?

Face it, even if they could attack the US mainland,religous fanatics living in caves would go after symbols of "western decadence", like Hollywood, or directly attack our head of state--in the imperial palace, I mean, White House. The only target that makes sense according to the approved conspiracy theory is the Pentagon.

Sorry, go to the back of the class and put your thinking cap on.


Its seems obvious to me but maybe not to other people. I do not think there will be an attack for the simple fact that they seem to be giving the election to the dems. Why you ask? Because the democrats are owned by them too. We will all shut if dems gain control. I think of it along the lines as the soft landing theory.

So to sum it up. I believe they are intentionally letting the houses go to the dems so when another attack comes it will be easier to convince the public that it really was those damn terrosists.

remember to vote democrat for a gentler imperialism.

you're dead on, B!

that's exactly right. the plan has always been for the repubs to hand off to the dems and then for everyone to say--WOW, if the dems agree, it MUST be right. False paradigm, etc.

Except that they make the mistake of thinking 9/11 truth is going to go anywhere, or be susceptible to partisan manipulation. Nope. People are just as fed up with Dems as Repubs, as they have both proven themselves spineless and/or criminally negligent and/or complicit in the crimes of 9/11 and beyond.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero

WTCdemolition.com - Harvard Task Force



I've been saying that the Powers will give it to the Democrats so they can achieve the other part of their agenda. Things that would seem way too strange if a Republican did it. Like the right to bear arms. If a Dem took that right away (or limited it severely), it'd be "in character" and not as absurd as if a Republican did it.

Clinton will get in and we'll all rejoice that the evil Republicans are gone, and nothing will change....only get worse.

OK City all over again

Truthers will be painted as right wing militia types. In fact gun control did increase because of OK City, under Clinton.

In fraud we trust!


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero

WTCdemolition.com - Harvard Task Force


There is an enemy out there

There is an enemy out there who wants to hurt us, but there is no WAY in hell they could've pulled of 9/11 without help from within, 9/11 was an ISI/CIA/Mi6 black op, the ISI definatley funded the attacks to some extent, bin Laden has had links with the ISI for years now and is more than likly inside Pakistan as we speak.

The war games being carried out on the day of the attacks were to deliberatly confuse air traffic controllers etc with fake bips, Cheney was almost definatly in the loop.

I also think Rumsfeld had to be in on it and probably a few other key figures, PNAC members like Wolfowitz probably knew something was happening but they didn't need to know the details, the less people know the less they can give away when questined, the only people in the loop needed to know the full details.

Most modern day terrorism is being aided by our own inteligent services, the recent 'liquid bomb' plot was complete and utter rubbish, one of the accused has recently halted giving evidence on the grounds that the ISI have contacted his family and threatened them if he talks about them and there operations.

Is it possible...

that even Bush didn't know? Is this humanly possible? I often think that maybe Bush would look at the television on that morning, comment on the lousy pilot, and then busily read a children's book while we were being attacked. And then when Andy Card told him about the second attack, he didn't do anything because he didn't know he was supposed to do something! He is so used to being told what to do, well if Andy didn't say anything, what could he have possibly done? Oh, write a speech? Okay, lets write a speech! Yay!

Ahhh, except

There WAS no film of the WTC 1 attack until the next day when it became available. Doesn't that make it INCREDIBLY revealing Bush would say this?? Though I don't think it was a dumb/accidental comment, just a revealing one - OF COURSE there was inside filming!

Inside filming

Good point ! But it was a dumb comment, or rather, premature. He/ they wanted to sound like they were on top of it. I think this was one of their mistakes: not waiting for confirmation from other parts of the op before making a public statement.

ive always said the same

ive always said the same thing, you get fascism with the republicans and fascism-lite with the democrats. there are certain things the dems can do that the repubs cant and the number one on that list is gun control. im a proud gun toting liberal/libertarian type. i love the second amendment and cringe when any dems try and use that issue.

I agree Chris. One thing I

I agree Chris. One thing I would like to add is that the right to bear arms also has already been under assault for some time. Individuals who engage in the casual consumption of illicit(read: substances not sold by Big Pharma) substances that get busted with a gun automatically have their sentences doubled. This does not take into account if the person is a big drug dealer or just the average Joe Bob that like to smoke a little pot but also wants to be able to protect himself and/or his loved ones. It also does not take into account if the individual actually attempted to use the gun to resist arrest. They could surrender peacefully and they will still be treated as if they were using the gun in a crime. I personally am no fan of guns but when I think about the way things are going I think it might be wise to get one just for protection. Unfortunately we don't live in a nice blissful Utopia where guns could just be forgotten....=(.

"... In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual." (Galileo Galilei, 1564 - 1642)

good point, and for me,

good point, and for me, thats terrifying seeing as i am indeed an average joe who smokes a little pot and likes to protect himself. if pot was legal like it should be i wouldnt have to worry about carrying a weapon when buying illegal drugs. i probably shouldnt have said that online, but oh well.

Nevada to Vote on Legalizing Marijuana
If it passes Nov. 7, Nevada will be the first state to allow adults to possess up to an ounce of pot that they could buy at government-regulated marijuana shops.

Marijuana Consumption Drops in U.K. Despite Liberalized Laws (go figure)

Join Together | October 17 2006

Use of marijuana in England and Wales has fallen in the three years since penalties on the drug were eased, the Independent reported Oct. 14. The trend defied predictions(not my prediction) that use of the drug would rise as a result of the change.


Realistic view of 911

I have research 911 since it happened. I don't need to remain anonymous. I have posted several views here that have been treated with very positive responses. A-Q DID have a part to play in 911. I am not suggesting that they were not created by the CIA, in fact I believe that this is the case. However, as with many CIA creations they tend to grow up and mature beyond their control - whether it be the Contra's or Saddam. To believe that Islamic nuts are not out there with the will and intent to kill us is just ridiculous. The fact is that all evidence points to Bush and company manipulating A-Q for their own purposes. Truther's like you can't have it both ways - you can't point to the Pakistani ISI funding Atta and then say Atta didn't exist. You can't point to Bush covering up the warnings and then say the warnings were fake. This makes on sense and is simply not realistic. There are other possibilities for various "elements" of 911. In such an event as 911 there are LIKELY multiple facets to the puzzle, some of which are not directly connected. I have not published my overall views on 911 in this fashion because I believe it is important to address the low hanging fruit (i.e., WTC 7) to get a new, independent investigation going. Only then will we ever have a chance to determine what hit the pentagon, what brought down the towers, who benefited from the put options, etc., etc., etc.

I'll just give you 0examples of what I mean. Let's take Flight 93 and Flight 77. The evidence points to the official story being inaccurate. But does that mean that Flight 93 / 77 didn't exist? No. It means that one needs to look deeper. I believe that the problems with Flight 93 and 77 can be linked exclusively to the Military covering up their own mistakes as follows: Flight 93 - was shot down BEFORE the President authorized this action. Big mistake needs to be covered up by saying we couldn't have shot it down. Flight 77 - penetrated the building because the military tried to shoot it down (again before the President authorized this action), but the missile hit the building allowing Flight 77 to penetrate the building causing massive damage. Again, big mistake. Both of these "mistakes" might not have been mistakes, but on the order's of Cheney alone and not the President. So there are reasons why a cover-up can be occurring with regards to these flights that don't necessarily have to do with CD of the WTC.

Another example is the Put options. I'm convinced through a personal experience that there were LOTs of people that new the attack was coming. I started working for a company in 2001 which did business with the Egpytian military. A son of an Egyptian General was given a job at the company. He was there for many months, but on Sept 10th left the country with no notice. We know that the Egyptian Gov warned the Bush admin about an impending attack. So I believe it was widely known that the attacks were going to happen. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that people in the know would try to benefit from this knowledge. One way to do this was using the Put options. These people might have had little, if anything, to do with carrying out 911.

It is also possible that people in the know heard about the plot and decided if it did happen that it would be a good idea to pre-wire WTC 1, 2 and 7 so that they could be taken down. It is possible that again these people had nothing per-say to do with 911, but simply were taking advantage of the situation. Given the possible foreknowledge of the attacks by Mossad, it is not unreasonable to assume that people with possible links to this organization might not have been told about it. Without naming names I think you can figure out who I mean.

This mixture of interests is much more likely to be closer to the truth then Bush and Company pulling ALL the strings. HOWEVER, we will never know the real truth until a new investigation allows us to subpoena the people and the evidence that have the answers. You may be right. I may be right. We both may be wrong. In any event, Truthers might do well to get beyond emotional outbursts and use rational, realistic analysis to develop a more mature vision of what happened on 911 based on what available evidence really supports and doesn’t support.

the president did not need to authorize shoot downs

in fact Rummy himself was given the power by none other than Cheney a few months before 9/11. In fact Rummy HAD to approve, unlike in the past when any general could do it.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero

WTCdemolition.com - Harvard Task Force


Destruction of Airborne Objects

You are incorrect. In fact the document often talked about with regards to these changes, CJCSI 3610.01A, has nothing to do with shooting down civilian aircraft. This document details the procedures for the "destruction of derelict objects (e.g. unmanned ballons, kites, unmanned non-nuclear rockets or missles, UAV, or ROV". And yes there were changes to this document in June 1, 2001. But these changes did not authorize the SofD to shoot down civilian aircraft.

How do you feel about Vice

How do you feel about Vice President Dick Cheney?
Can't stand him 68%
Love him 24%
Neutral 7%
Total Votes: 15,763
Note on Poll Results

He's a cold hearted snake

and, I believe, he is one of the masterminds of the 9/11 attacks.

There are people who "love"

There are people who "love" Tricky Dick II? Where? On what planet? And could we send Dick there?

I just added this postscript

"Of course, Democrats are probably just as bad as the Republicans. See this chart showing false flag attacks and fake intelligence under both Democratic and Republican administrations. The Dems and GOP as they currently exist are just two heads of the same pro-war party."


RedlineAV: "CODE RED"

We have no choice but to move against them,now. Freeway blogs are the cheapest way to show 5, to 10,000 people per hour, that we mean business!

The 9/11 Lie must Die.

Maybe you have issues of your own. It matters little what your sign says, because the 'enemy,' if you will, is the sold-out Media, and the bottom line, come 'selection time' is where we stand in the polls. -All of us!

Today, 83% Know 'something' about the Gov. is fishy. Two Wars, threats from all directions, it makes no sense at all. They want your house. They want control of all the world's physical resources.

Off Topic- Mike Malloy Update

I just spotted this on the Mike Malloy web site.........


Now that we have your attention . . . we are thrilled to be able to tell you that Mike will return to the airwaves Monday October 30th at 9PM ET, thanks to the new Nova M Radio Network! We are very excited about this new opportunity to get behind a mic before the November elections. We are confident that many of our former stations will soon pick up the program and that satellite and Internet radio listeners will also be able to hear the Malloy show from coast to coast and around the world! We do not at this time have exact information about podcasting or Internet archives, but will certainly keep you updated on those technical issues as they develop. If you want to hear the Malloy show in your city, by all means contact your local station and ask for it. Or send an email to malloyproducer@aol.com and we'll forward the request to Nova M's affiliate relations department.

We cannot express how overwhelemd we have been with your kind, supportive email, letters, petitions, original artwork, poetry and ballads (!) and other efforts on our behalf. We appreciate each and every one of you more than you'll ever know.

Before the offical retrun of the Mike Malloy Show, you can get a preview of sorts this week . . . .

Malloy on Jerry Springer
Listen to Mike Malloy as he substitutes for Jerry Springer Thursday and Friday October 19 & 20! Check your local Springer on the Radio affiliates for broadcast times.

As for other news, read this article about Mike in the latest issue of Creative Loafing. Look for more interviews and related press in the near future.

Once again, thank you all so very much for all you have done. Now, lets work together to TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK from the grimy and fetid clutches of the Flying Monkey Right!!!!!!!!!!!


It looks like Malloy is back!

1 person.....

One person can spread info to 5
people every day....links/movies/blogs e.t.c

if 10000 people do just that
50000 folks get informed in ONE day!

after a few days we have an aditional army
of Thruthers who will be spreding info to others

The problem isn't in

The problem isn't in spreading the truth. The problem lies in getting people to ACCEPT the truth. I'm finding that dealing with those that are brainwashed is like trying to break bricks with a feather.

Its time to move

Here here, we need to do something. I do not want my child's history book claim Osama attacked us. I want it to say that brave americans overthrew the criminals that took over our country and reinstated the beloved consistution.

Hey, that's a beautiful

Hey, that's a beautiful thought!

Sibel update from Lukery.

Sibel Edmonds' Corrupt Boss is STILL the key to National Security

I've been remiss not to comment on this A1 Washington Post article from last Wednesday:

FBI Agents Still Lacking Arabic Skills
33 of 12,000 Have Some Proficiency

The key premise of the article is that basically nobody in the FBI can speak Arabic - but it goes on to argue that it is ok because the FBI agents can rely on the FBI translators.


You are all familiar with the troubles that Sibel reported in the FBI translation unit - for starters, her boss at the time, Mike Feghali:

1) covered up key information about 911
2) covered up key information about other espionage crimes
3) was corrupt
4) was incompetent
5) was having sex with a foreign agent

This has all been verifed, and documented, by the FBI (apart from maybe the sex thing - that might not be documented.)

That sounds pretty bad, right?

The problem is that he was promoted - and today is in charge of all Arabic speaking translators. That is, Mike Feghali is literally a one-man gatekeeper standing between the entire FBI and the entire Arabic world. When the FBI says that its agents don't need to speak Arabic because the FBI translators can deal with it, they are relying on one man to deliver for them - Mike Feghali.
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Revised 'Coulter-attack'

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