60 Minutes: 9/11 - A Jewish Conspiracy?!?!

60 Minutes: 9/11: An Israeli Conspiracy?!?!

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Aired several months after 9/11, here is a textbook example of psychological warfare straight from CBS. It's designed to make anybody who questions the official story of 9/11 seem like a violent, anti-Jewish, fanatical Bin Laden supporter. Yes, Jews were warned to stay away AND SO WERE MANY OTHER PEOPLE AS WELL! That doesn't mean Jews pulled 9/11! The Iraeli’s CIA, known as the Mossad, had been warning America in the weeks before 9/11 that an attack was coming but our government ignored the warnings, just as they did warning from Germany, France, Russia, and God knows who else. The biggest fuel of that “Jews did it” fire comes from two examples: 1) The vacating and lease-breaking of the Israeli company Zim-American Shipping moving out of the North Tower to Norfolk, Virginia one week before 9/11. The second example is from the hundreds of instant messages through the Israeli IM company, ODIGO, in which hundred, perhaps thousands were warned to get out/stay away from Lower Manhattan. That doesn’t mean the Jews were in on it; it means they got their people out of harm’s way, something OUR government never bothered to do! The other purpose of this news report is to fuel hatred of Muslims by having Dan Rather stressing that “That’s exactly what most Muslims believe.”

It doesn't mean "the Jews" were in on it...

It means that "the Zionists" were very possibly in on it. Framing the theory that Israeli intelligence may have had direct involvement as a theory that "the Jews did it" is a splendid tactic for discouraging people from even looking at the evidence that suggests Israel more than "knew about it and didn't tell anyone".

All this dissembling simply leads to a stronger case that Israel's role in all of this is being carefully hidden, which makes perfect sense given the media's history of limiting criticism of Israel.

It seems a very big gamble was taken by someone that no one would ever seriously consider Israel's role in the attacks. Now that it's clear what a stupid bet that was, even some people who had no idea beforehand have trouble dealing with the fallout--that yes, Israel is going to have some splainin'to do. That yes, this is going to be a PR nightmare. That yes, everyone who has steadfastly supported Israel until now is going to look bad.

But there is little choice. The truth is the truth, and questions must be asked to ascertain that truth. No one gets a pass. No individual, no intelligence agency, no country.

Given how bad the Zionist state has made things for people, including for so many Jews, this is not as disastrous as some would make it out to be. Anything that causes real reform in that part of the world can only be a positive development in the long run.

When it was believed that Muslims were behind 9/11, not nearly enough people stood up for what was right, and against the villifaction of this large and diverse group. Let's all pray that when the real perps are exposed, we learn from the abhorable treatment of Muslims these last five years. This will require RESPONSIBLE ACTION on the part of a lot of people who to date have exercised everything but.


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Mossod could very well have aided & abetted the Bushies

to pull off 9/11!

or vice versa :)


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