Canadian Wide Action Day - Oct. 28, 2006 Troops out of Afghanistan

Canadian Action Party joins Canadians all across the nation in:

‘Troops Out of Afghanistan’ Stand for Peace Action Day

Stand for Peace, against oppression, pre-emptive strikes, use of depleted uranium and for civil liberties at home and internationally.

Be Prepared:

Support the Troops t-shirts available on our website (“Support the Troops…Draft Politicians…Bring Our Kids Home”) T-shirts are also available in French.

Easily printable brochures
A particularly appropriate article is the “Canada’s Real Investment in War” –Mother of a Canadian Soldier Speaks. (pdf) Please feel free to distribute widely at these events.

The National Action Day on October 28 is organized by The Canadian Peace Alliance (CPA) and is co-sponsored by CIC, CAP, and Canadian Labour Unions and many other Canadian pro-peace NGOs.
(Details: who, what, where and when available at

On October 28th, stand up and be counted.
“Canadian Troops Out of Afghanistan Now!”
Please join us….as the whispers of thousands of Canadians blend together to become a deafening roar…called ‘freedom and peace!’

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Canadian Action Party kicks

Canadian Action Party kicks ass!!