"conspiracy theorists should be treated"

Dear Reprehensor,

I read somewhere an article in which a military was saying that
"conspiracy theorists should be treated" in some clinic. I
founded this statement particularly interesting, but I was unable to
retrace it. May be I read it here, in this web site, or in Globalresearch.
Honestly, I do not remember. Have you some hints for me? Thanks in




Franco, I recall hearing about US legislation that would call for mandatory mental health screening in the USA. I don't think the legislation was passed. I don't think it came from the military... not directly, anyhow.

Posting this on my blog in case anyone else can help out Franco in the comments section below.

Perhaps the detention camps that are being built...

will offer mental health screening & re-education therapy.

More therapy

Along with the Tasor rehabilation.
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