MSNBC 9/11/01 - State Department warning issued on 9/7/01

I found this as I'm beginning to go back through all my 250+ hours of raw news archive and wanted to know what everybody thought. I don't know how significant this may or may not be so take a look for yourselves. Leave some comments!

MSNBC - 9/7/01 warning from State Department

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Interesting warning only 4 days before the attacks...

Good find.

I think this is the same

I think this is the same news release that XXXX saw and emailed to YYYY.

A few weeks after 911 ... YYYY told me that XXXX had sent an email on 7or 8sep, warning YYYY of an imminent attack by Bin Laden.

XXXX lives in the USA and he watches a lot of TV.

He would have seen it on MSNBC, FOX or some finance-investor programme.

When I asked XXX about it, he shrugged.

Thanks! this is the first time I have seen a hint to it

But there is ANOTHER TV recording that we want to see... the original presenter.