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Hi all. I'm tired and want to make this short tonight. Too many 911/Truth believers are considered nuts because they believe the govt orchestrated the events of 911. Fact is I don't believe the govt did. Al Qaeda did - but the govt knew the twin towers were targets months before the event. And certain former and current members of our govt wanted those towers demolished for their own reasons. I don't believe the govt orchestrated the event, but I do believe they allowed it to proceed as a matter of convenience, while carefully observing from the sidelines so that priority structures other than the towers would not be damaged or destroyed. The Pentagon was conveniently allowed to be damaged to shift blame far from the govt in the event an organization such as this smelled a rat. And yes - I also believe the towers and surrounding buildings were demolition controlled collapses. More to be added another day. Hope one day we know and can prove the truth.

You should definitly look

You should definitly look into the Mujahadeen and al-qaeda, and drugs. They are both closely tied with the CIA.

Welcome, Don...

But why don't you believe people in the US government orchestrated the attack? Please explain why you don't believe they would do such a thing.

I don't have a problem with LIHOP believers...

I kept believing back-and-forth from LIHOP to MIHOP for a month or so when I finally breached through the "official story" and made it to 9/11 truth. Like most truthers, I see much evidence for MIHOP all the way now, but even if it were LIHOP, they're still guilty as hell, so it's hardly worth arguing.

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Hey, I respect your thought process about this right now. I am not going to bother you with a ton of info to try and change your mind. Everything you need to know to be pissed off sufficiently, you already know. I am guessing that thinking the government had any more involvement in this is just something your mind can't wrap itself around right now.
I guess I just want to welcome you and your thoughts as they are welcome despite some of us wanting to get you to MIHOP. You have to forgive us, we are all just very passionate about this. The intentions of most of us here are to educate and discuss ideas. Some have done this for a long time and may come off harsh and give up on discussing things with you if you do not immediately accept their theory or what some of us know as fact. Like I said, we are a passionate bunch and some have grown inpatient due to many years of waiting for the masses to see the crime that has been commited by our gov..

So, if you think they (U.S. Gov.) sat back and took advantage of the situation then that is as guilty as pulling it all off themselves. So wherever in the process you think the gov. fits, if you think they fit in there anywhere, I ask that you become a born again patriot and fight for an independent investgation into what really happened that day.

On one hand you say the

On one hand you say the government let it happen, on the other hand you believe the Pentagon was allowed to be damaged, presumably by dropping air defenses, and the buildings were controlled demolition.

The minute any government official lifts a finger to ensure the attacks succeeded, then they in fact made the events happen. If they did nothing, then standard operating procedures would have prevented the events from being carried out and no controlled demolition wuld have occurred.

That is a major flaw in your argument. Letting it happen, specifically as you see it, is impossible.

Stand Up Be Counted

As you can see. You can't just make statements without the umph to back it up.

We await your argument. The somebigguy is right you know.
Logic and evidence will prevail!
“it is possible to fool all the people all the time—when government and press cooperate.” George Seldes - "legendary investigative reporter"

Welcome, but think about this

"Al Qaeda did it" and "I also believe the towers and surrounding buildings were demolition controlled collapses." are mutually exclusive.

Al Qaeda did not orchestrate simultaneous hijackings AND successfully plant explosives in WTC 1, 2 and 7 causing the precision implosions you witnessed. If they did plant explosives, especially in WTC 7, which had CIA and FBI offices as well as and Rudy's bunker, then they must have had government insider help.

Four untrained hijackers could not be depended upon to carry out their missions so exactly. If the government was "observing from the sidelines so that priority structures other than the towers would not be damaged or destroyed," how would they step in to correct the situation if it went bad in the last few seconds? Even this seems very "hands-on," and it seems that logically the best way to ensure the mission's success would be to carry it out with the best personnel available. This would not include Cessna-challenged "pilots."

If you truly believe all you say, then you really are a short hop from LIHOP to MIHOP. Keep mulling it all over. Good luck.



But believing that, as another poster pointed out, the towers were brought down by explosives but that the government was not responsible naturally leads to the conclusion that somebody else was responsible for planting them.

Do you think Al Qaeda did it? How?

Not trying to be a smartass. Just want to hear your thoughts.

Thank you.