Project Censored Conference

Project Censored, which Walter Cronkite calls "one of the organizations we should listen to", is headed by Sonoma State sociology professor and Scholars for 9/11 Truth member Peter Phillips. Project Censored is holding a Media Accountability Conference November 3 & 4, 2006.

Steven Jones will present the keynote speech on Friday night.

Alot of a great media critics and writers will be there such as Seymour Hersh, Dennis Bernstein, and people from FAIR, as well as prominent left gatekeepers like Greg Palast, Truthout's Jason Leopold, and others.

This is a great chance for prominent writers to hear about 9/11 truth.

Will Durst, a very funny political comedian, will be there also.

(click "read more" to see the flyer...)

Greg Palast

Crap...I didn't realize Greg Palast was considered a gate-keeper. Has he come out with an opinion on 9/11 or has he just avoided it? I love his work, but I do wish he would put his investigative skills to work uncovering 9/11...

How ironic is it that Palast, who has won many "Project Censored" awards, could be considered a gate-keeper...

in his newest book, he takes

in his newest book, he takes swipes at the movement and says something like"sorry guys, it was Osama". Palast is good, but still way too unrealistic about the "war on terror".

His recent book "Armed

His recent book "Armed Madhouse" is going after the fear campaign and says "who's afraid of Osama wolf". That's all great fun, but when it comes to LIHOP/MIHOP, he says we're not protected enough by Bush and another terrorist attack like 9/11 will likely happen and succeed.
- so he's basically going along the Democratic party platform, that 9/11 was an outside attack, and it's just that Bush mismanaged the aftermath

A similar left-gatekeeper is cartoonist Ted Rall: he's going after all the "Bushisms" from top down, but consistently avoids any 9/11 doubt. The only exceptions being a cartoon about Flight 93 being shot down and some that put the Osama-videos into doubt (saying "that's not Osama").

the nature of gatekeeping

it always boils down to the one thing they can't touch. sure Palast goes on and on about vote fraud--notice that it doesn't actually accomplish anything.

the gatekeepers work within a system that allows them to appear as much as possible like hard-hitting truth seekers. they are revealed, and very obviously, when the ONE big issue rolls around. I mean, does Palast talk about the federal reserve at all? Think about it!


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


Now you're talking brother.

Now you're talking brother. That is the issue. I suggest the movie The Money Masters again. Also the book The Creature From Jekyll Island. These are bankers wars. The fear we are fed every day is to commit us to these wars and the debt grows ever larger through these wars. There is something so much bigger going on than just scaring the shit out of us on a daily basis. We have a two party paradigm we must play within, and within each party, there are certain issues we just can't talk about at all. They tell us the issues that are important to us and put us at eachothers throats over burning a flag or whether gay people can get married. But never speak of the federal reserve corporation. It's too complex, just move along, don't ask any questions. Think about under god in the pledge of allegiance or something simple like that and forget about this banking "conspiracy."

If anybody wants the Money Masters on DVD....

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The Money Masters

This movie is legendary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

or get it here off bit torrent for free

Or see most of it on google video here

Film: Freedom to Fascism

Everyone needs to watch the incredible documentary by Aaron Russo called America: Freedom to Fascism if at all interested in exposing the Federal Reserve and our tax system. Here's the link:


After the comments about Palast,and if I'm reading this right.........

As they say on FOX , "someone said" Cronkite (Order of Malta/Freemason )is a Skull and Bones man, and has been seen at Bohemian Grove "knobbing it" with the New World Order.

If my impressions are correct this is an anti -911Truth movement,and Jones better have his armor on.

WHAT ? You're surprised they would start an undercover "truth movement". alCIAda would never do a "dirty trick "like thaaat.

A must see video ,and worth sitting thro' for the background to all of this (NAMES, and the connections). Included is evidence of the DELIBERATE sinking of the Titanic!

Ann Coulter

Here's a message I got from Ann Coulter today... I think I just might join... anyone going RIGHT with me?

Is she speaking at this conference?.....

Nov. 3rd and Fourth?....nope...she'll probably be putting make-up on Osamas corpse...1-888-GO-RIGHT!!

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I got this to...

And I posted on it here.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

This is sweet because

This is sweet because Palast, et al. will have to listen to Jones and maybe he'll make a few believers out of them.

two possiblities

maybe more?

1) i'd hate to think it possible, but Jones could freak out and make us look bad.

2) this is an opportunity for a lot of people to have an "epiphany" where they can save face and say well I was a skeptic UNTIL I WENT TO THIS TALK BY STEVE JONES. I hope it's that one.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


Speaking of Jones...

Where has he been lately and where is his PROOF of Controlled Demolition?

Didn't he have "Hard Evidence"?

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ditto on Prof. Jones

I guess he's been laying low for a while.

I wish he'd get some hard, corroborated, peer-reviewed evidence published somewhere.

Hard Evidence

Jones has debris samples from WTC site that he's done analysis on. He talked about it at the Los Angeles conference in June. What happend with his suspension from BYU? Has he been re-instated?

will durst and other left gatekeepers

it'll be interesting to see how and/or if left gatekeepers like will durst respond to steven jones' keynote. i've heard will durst on the daily morning show "keepin' it real with will and willie" (which he co-hosts with the 9/11 fore-warned willie brown) cut-off a caller and sneeringly dismiss 9/11 truth. he and willie cut the caller off, then made fun of him and called him a lunatic. i don't find him to be very funny, unfortunately.

i think peter phillips is doing something very honorable by inviting steven jones to keynote this conference. he's implicitly confronting the biases and shortcomings of some of those being honored for their work in other areas. really cool move, on his part!

And they can't complain,

And they can't complain, because 9/11 truth is definitely the most censored thing in the news, and the conference is about just that.

My fear...

the Conference will turn into shouting match. Or our favorite gatekeepers will boycott Jones' keynote. If that is the case, Truthers need to confront the gatekeepers at the conference. Ideally, the gatekeepers would be willing to describe why they still resist. Somebody should organize a conference with all the gatekeepers (but don't tell 'em) then put 'em on a panel and then start asking them why in their own words why 9/11 is such a black hole. That would be interesting conference.

This is something...

I would LOVE to go to.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."


Holy crap...Palast, Will Durst, Seymour Hersh, Steven Jones??? Damn.

The guy who runs Project Censored, for those who dont know, is a HARDCORE 9/11 truther. In fact, that seems to be his main cause when you hear him speak. But, all the lefties who love to cite Project Censored gloss over that sadly. People just don't want to hear anything that goes against the official narrative, even if they don't trust the white house with anything they say.

I'd love to go to this event, it'd be interesting to see how all the gatekeepers react to 9/11 truth.
Remember folks: BOTH Palast and HErsh h ave invested a lot of time uncovering political conspiracy theories
over the years, so for them to poo poo 9/11 questions is HIGHLY IRONIC.

And Palast isnt even LIHOP? YA gotta be kidding me, hes done a lot of good articles that more than at least point to LIHOP. Sheesh.


palast isn't even LIHOP. i've heard him refer to 9/11 Truth in pretty derisive terms (on Flashpoints among other places, i think)

i noticed Alex Jones has had

i noticed Alex Jones has had him on a lot. have you heard any of the interviews? i specifically remember one of them being about 9/11, i would love to hear that one. i thought Palast's latest book was pretty good, but the "big bad Osama wolf" chapter was terrible.

Alex Jones

Can someone invite him to the Sonoma conference. It would make interesting reading to summarize all the 9/11 statements of the gatekeepers if nothing else to remind them of what they said when the truth becomes universally accepted. The gatekeepers are a very sorry lot. Juan Gonzales (Democracy Now) interview by Radical Pragmatist (here) simply said he's had no time to look into it!

Does anyone have...

Seymour Hersh's email address?

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

Norman Soloman

I noticed Norman Soloman will be there. He helped get Ruppert off of one of Pacifica's radio stations by writing a letter to manager complaining about Ruppert's work.

seriously? i never heard

seriously? i never heard that. you got a link by chance? thats interesting.

I have no problem with guys

I have no problem with guys like Palast who just won't speak out about 9/11 or dance around it. Norman Solomon and David Corn are a-holes who directly attacked Ruppert when he was one of the only guys talking about this stuff. It is interesting that they have shut their mouths.

i see what your saying, but

i see what your saying, but Palast has done more than dance around it and crossed over into ridiculing us. i read his book, i wasnt amused by that chapter. im still a fan, hes done some great work, but i wish he would lay off of 9/11 if he cant handle it.

Regarding Ruppert...

Watching 9/11 Press for Truth recently, one of the Jersey girls said they were waiting for some author to "connect the dots" some like Woodward and Bernstein. But Mike Ruppert did in fact connect the dots with his (2004, 674pp) "Crossing the Rubicon". I am not up on all the controversy surrounding this guy, and he may have flaws in his arguments, but he made the attempt. Also, Webster Tarpley connected the dots in "Synthetic Terror". Where are the Jersey girls and have they really done their homework?

Norman Soloman--that's sad

"He helped get Ruppert off of one of Pacifica's radio stations by writing a letter to manager complaining about Ruppert's work."

I've heard this before and have been reluctant to believe it. Soloman was one of the good guys. And he went out of his way...

He's only going to come back from that with a public appology, in my book.

Disagree with Michael Ruppert if you must, but for someone in Soloman's position to attack him and shut him down-I KNOW he's helping the dark side.


fairness and accuracy in reporting has done NOTHING with regard to 9/11. Its unbelievable how much these so-called media watchdogs have abdicated their role in this area. Can we please hear from insider whistleblowers from these organizations? PLEASE!

I'm assuming this will be an

I'm assuming this will be an event that Amy Goodman won't touch with a 12 foot rod. She could easily be considered the "epitome" of what left gatekeeping is defined as being. As for Palast, in his book "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy" he says something to the eftect of "thank God we uncovered no evidence of the Bush administration allowing the attacks to unfold, much less acting complicitly" thereby dismissing even the mildest notion of LIHOP being a possibility.
These gatekeepers are our # 1 obstacle to reaching critical mass, whether we in the truth movement realize it or not. The mainstream corporate media would collapse if not for these gatekeepers. Repeat that last sentence to yourself 10 times then pass it on.

Jeff Cohen?

Didn't Jeff Cohen used to be a commentator on Fox News??!!

This has a lot of potential!

Peter philips you are the man! No one else could set this up, and a beautiful set up for some truth telling is what this is! I would love to be there with my camera (this time I'll bring a mike) for some more "interviews'. with the 'alternative' press.
For FAIR to even show their face at this .......well lets just say ....the raw feeling of awkward omission will be in ready supply at this conference. I am going in search of money and time off to make this happen! .Radical Pragmatist


Really appreciated your birddog action with camera and mike at Democracy Now event. Getting the gatekeepers on camera and asking them about 9/11 after you have built some trust with them would be very interesting. with some spit and polish, you have youself the potential for a great documentary. the gatekeepers to me are extremely interesting bunch and very much part of the problem. go get them and let me know how we 911bloggers can support your effort to get out west with directional microphone.

Radical, part 2

Radical, I hope you will do your homework on the gatekeepers. This is an interesting lot. I know you inteviewed Barry Zwicker on 9/11/06. Have you looked at this review of his book "Towers of Deception"?

knowledge is power!

Thanks for the support and the link, nugget

Maybe we could get a collection going here on 911 blogger to help pay for a plane ticket , I have a place to stay in Napa and got he time off from work, so thats covered. . But the plane ticket 's going to be tough.

I'll definately do my homework, Maybe 911 Blogger can have a post requesting donations, ....links to help in my pre-conference education on the gatekeepers.... and also requesting suggested questions (both general and those aimed at particular journalists).

Just some thoughts. I'll contact DZ, and workthrough the idea a little more tonight.Radical Pragmatist

N. California Truthers....

Please attend with video cameras, recording equipment, banners and flyers and be visible. This is should be excellent opportunity to interview the gatekeepers. Birddogging the gatekeepers has to be the next campaign we focus all our attention on.

#18 on Project Censored 2007 list

Physicist Challenges Official 9-11 Story

Sources: Deseret Morning News, November 10, 2005
Title: “Y. Professor Thinks Bombs, Not Planes, Toppled WTC” Author: Elaine Jarvik

Brigham Young University website, Winter 2005
Title: “Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Collapse?” Author: Steven E. Jones

Deseret Morning News, January 26, 2006
Title: “BYU professor's group accuses U.S. officials of lying about 9/11” Author: Elaine Jarvik

Faculty Evaluator: John Kramer
Student Researchers: David Abbott and Courtney Wilcox