I don't know if I can listen to Alex Jones anymore. I can understand his anger and frustration but his ranting is often rude (when he interupts callers who've been waiting) and it doesn't really enlighten us or further the conversation. Sometimes a caller will have some intelligence or info to offer and Alex will just go AWOL on air and start foaming at the mouth screaming 'They're scum!!!' It happened again today, the 17th. I stopped listening at that precise moment and chucked the file. In fact, I've chucked all my AJ audio files. I guess that makes me scum. Alex also has no idea as to how to debate anyone. His initial reaction is often to ridicule them with his smarmy sarcastic voice and then he machine guns out a gagillion facts to overwhelm the whole conversation. At this point the person usually tries to reply then Alex puts them on hold etc. I think Alex needs a holiday. I think Alex needs to realize that he may be getting new listeners and that these new listeners will be receptive to information instead of insane rants of a lunatic patriot. I think Alex also needs to realize that some of these listeners are calling to offer information that other listeners like myself are curious to hear about but sadly Alex, of late, just cuts them off with his dribbling and garbled ranting. The most interesting of callers I find are from overseas - particularly Australia. Sadly Alex really hasn't bothered too much to glean much from them. He thanks them and all but is often in such a rush to get back to his ranting and other callers. To his credit Alex offers up disclaimers about how he knows he can do a better job etc. I just don't think that I can wait for him to attempt to do a better job. I started to listen to his show in order to try to get more informed and there have been some very good interviews. I just can't really stand the yelling into the mic anymore. It's ruining the show.

I agree, the poor guy needs to take a break for a few days

Have like PJW or JB or somone willing to fill in for him for a couple of days do it.

ive had the same problem

ive had the same problem with him, causing me to reach for the stop button very quick. He can be entertaining, but he can aswell be quite annoying me thinks. I mean, as much as i hate 'public relations' and 'marketing' things, i think it would be great if AJ had such a 'department'.

Personally, I don't identify

Personally, I don't identify with the far right outdoor militia types. AJ does good work, and it seems like he's on point with most of his stuff, but I don't like his tact. I guess he's better than many other people.

Email infowars and alex with your concerns

I agree, the poor guy is driving himself mad because he never sleeps. I was next to him most of the time he was in NYC for the 5th anniversary and on 9/11/06, I had to bum water off the crowd for him to drink. Not to sound like a pussy, but I'm literally sitting here in tears because this blog got me thinking about how much in jeorpardy his health could be. We need him to live a long, healthy life but he's so dedicated to his work and his country that he doesn't take care for himself like he should. He's only 33 and I'm scared to death he's going to be in the news one day and NOT because he finally cracked the truth about 9/11, if you catch my drift. We ALL TOGETHER need to convince him to take a long and well deserved vacation with his family and let go of the serious stuff, even if it's just for a week. TELL INFOWARS YOUR CONCERNS INSTEAD OF JUST LEAVING THEM ON Email them, call in to the show, convince him that we love Alex, but that we are very concerned about his mental and physical well being. This country needs him around for as long as humanly possible. If nothing else, pray for him.


I just emailed aaron

I agree, the man needs a break. We can all handle the news for a week.

Why can't he be more serious and less "entertaining"?

I think his tone and demeanor serve to create a negative image in the mainstream public of what we're all about. On top of that he probably makes a lot of good folks more scared and paranoid than they need to be. And as far as news goes, he can be a bit too loose with the facts--like when he made everyone think Venezuela was going to launch an international investigation into 9/11 when that wasn't at all what was going on. I say we should look more to folks like David Ray Griffin as models.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


Call in during the show

Call in during the show and tell the screener that you disagree with Alex and they'll move you to the front of the line and when you get on with him, share your concerns as compassionately as you can. We're all in this together and you make a good point - I personally can never get enough of AJ spazzing out but when it's hindering the communication of valuable perspectives and information it does become counter-productive.

Be kind, he knows he's fucked up and he's under a lot of stress and giving his all.

Plenty of room for a passionate leader like Alex Jones...

in the truth movement!!! Alex Jones's style perfectly compliments the soft-spoken DRG & Steven Jones types. Alex is the best at sounding the alarm regarding the tremendous peril we are all in!!! He is also by far the best on warning us about the internment camps that are being built!

If more people were fired-up like Jones, the truth movement would be much further along!

Agreed 100,000%

AJ is a powerhouse of inspiration and forward energy and if he wasn't right here with us expressing that OUTRAGE and DISGUST that is so beyond warranted... I might lose my fucking mind. I am SICK of all this shit and those fucking sickos ARE SCUM!!!!!! and thank god there's a decent man who's willing to express that opinion loudly 5 days a week.

God bless Alex Jones.

Cornelius, have you nothing better to do than try to bash...

one of the greatest (if not the greatest) 9/11 truth leaders?

suggestion: rein in the hero worship

What's next--Che Guevara like images of AJ? Come on. Alex Jones puts himself in a position to be criticized--it doesn't mean he's disinfo, a bad guy, or anything else necessarily. No one is running for or going to be elected "greatest leader". Cult of personalities are one of the hallmarks of totalitarian movements, many of which have arisen in opposition to other totalitarian movements. Strongly suggest people move away from pushing personalities and start pushing facts and critical thinking.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


We need heros, and Alex Jones is one of mine!

Alex pushes facts & critical thinking better than just about anyone, and he is the antithesis of a totalitarian dictator!

Stop these lame attempts at bashing Alex Jones!

Um excuse me...compassion

Um excuse me...compassion for my fellow man is lame and bashing? All we are saying is that Alex is running himself into the ground. He barely ate or drank anything at Ground Zero this 9/11 because he was so busy and wouldn't take a breather! I was right there with him and had to bum water off the crowd just for him to drink! We're not bashing Alex, we just want him to take a much deserved vacation even if it's just for a week. You branding me and Cornelius as Alex bashers is just like Sean Hannity and Bill Oreilly branding all truthers as terrorists, man. We love Alex and don't want to see him dead at the age of 33 from overexhaustion. Everybody deserves a break.


I'm sick of anonymous comments DZ.

It's time to start attaching IP's to those who dont' wish to regiester.

but they're SCUM!!!!!

but they're SCUM!!!!!