Two P-Tech related posts...

(The Online Journal article was submitted by a couple of people.)

The PROMIS of 9/11 and beyond

"In the weeks preceding 9/11, many elves on Wall Street were working into the night to make Marsh and others' SilverStream fully operable. The software, as Grove pointed out to me, 'was an internet portal framework. Panacya is AI (Artificial Intelligence). PROMIS and P-Tech are the grandparents if you will.' So let's consider the grandparents to fully understand the power of the grandchildren. Sort of like Prescott Bush in relation to George W., Jeb, Neil and Marvin Bush.

PROMIS software (originally Prosecutor Management Intelligence System) appeared in the early 1980s. It was developed by a small Washington, DC, company, Inslaw Inc., and proved to be the perfect intelligence tool. Though designed for the Department of Justice to help prosecutors in case management, it hooked the attention of corrupt officials and Israeli intelligence. Subsequently stolen from Inslaw, the software was hacked and given a 'trap door.' This trojan gave it the power to retrieve info for the US and Israel from the very foreign intelligence services and banks it had been sold to in some 40 countries."


Boeing's Phantom Works, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV's), and 9/11

"WHO was known to be in tight with with a Massachusettes firm called Ptech? Mitre Corporation, that's who. Mitre Corp., as a matter of fact, is the spawn of Lincoln Laboratories at MIT, in Massachusettes."


Curious to know what people's take is on the Uber-software angle. -r.


Michael Ruppert covers promise software in depth in his book. It is truly amazing how complexed and powerful this tool is. From what I understand it can zip in and out of ANY software program and make changes adjustments or hell just transfer cash.

I can see the use of software like this being used to control and manipulate numerous systems uncluding our wonderful stockmarket that is doing such and great job.

PTech re-set.

another software related item...

remember Brian Sweeney? he was on flt 175 and supposedly made a phone call 1 minute before impacting into WTC. he worked for a the software company BAI that might be related to the events of 9/11.

BAI is a trusted partner committed to the success of our customers in the
U.S. armed forces through proven performance: providing the highest
quality software development, systems engineering, UAV solutions, and
technical program and acquisition management support
Our proven processes and services have evolved through years of
outstanding support to the Special Operations Forces, Office of Naval
Research, Naval Air Systems Command, Naval Mission Planning System
(NavMPS) program office, the H-1 Helicopter Program (PMA-276), and
NAWCWD communities.

and then have a look at this:

NAWCWD Technical Engineering Services for Naval Mission PlanningSpecial
Warfare Engineering Services
Special Warfare Engineering Services
Software Development Support for Global Hawk
Strike Warfare Training
Jeff Goldfinger from Brandes (resume)
Jeff Goldfinger, Business Unit Director, UAS Solutions Group
Mr. Goldfinger retired from the Navy in 2002 upon completion of 20 years of service as a Naval Flight Officer. During his military career, he accumulated over 1500 hours in various tactical aircraft. Additionally, he was a qualified Pioneer UAV mission commander and served as the Officer in charge of a Pioneer sea-going detachment. Mr. Goldfinger's shore duty assignments included three separate tours as an advanced tactics instructor and one tour as an Aviation Mishap Investigation and Reporting instructor. For the past six years he has been actively involved with unmanned aircraft system (UAS) issues for all branches of the military Services and other public and private initiatives. Mr. Goldfinger has published a number of UAS-related articles and is routinely requested to speak at conferences worldwide. Mr. Goldfinger has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Northwestern University.

its also very odd that Sweeney, being a HS football star, miltary man and former fighter pilot, just sat there and let the "hijackers" take over the plane. this guy was trained in unarmed combat for pete's sake.

Mr. Sweeney was a lieutenant in the Navy and a Desert Storm veteran protecting the no-fly zones. He was a radar intercepting officer aboard F-14 Tomcat fighter planes in the VF-211 "Bounty Hunters" squadron, serving on the USS Nimitz and USS Ranger aircraft carriers. He graduated at the head of his class at the Naval Officers Training School in Pensacola, Fla.
He was a staff instructor at the Navy's prestigious Fighter Weapons School in Miramar, Calif., from 1995 to 1996, and a staff member for the Tomcat Strike Fighter Weapons School in 1993.
He was also squadron avionics/weapons division officer from 1991 to 1993 and squadron weapons training/tactics development officer from 1993 to 1995.
He worked for a variety of private-sector aeronautical companies in recent years, including Lockheed Martin Corp., Spectratek Corp. and Horizons Technology. Since March, he was a systems consultant for the Department of Defense and aeronautics industry at Brandes Associates in Los Angeles.

Beemer on flight 93

I don't know if this info will do anygood. But I think it was Todd Beemer on 93 who said lets roll right? Well I met someone who said she was a babysitter for him, I asked what his occupation was and she he worked for Oracle. Oracle I guess is a pretty advanced software company. I thought it was interesting.

they all seemed to 'have

they all seemed to 'have been' very "useful" people for a complex deception op like 9/11.
I wonder where they are now, in heaven, hell,....or Area 51 - the airforce base that doesn't exist, according to the U.S. govt.

OT - potential November surprise

getting off topic, but speaking of Area 51, and GWBush's promise to release the "UFO secret" to the public ( see ), I've been worried they might use this "bombshell" one day to gain overwhelming public support again.
Just imagine: Bush announces, now that the U.S. has 300mil population he thinks the time is right, and he promised it, so now he will declassified the long held secret that "E.T." does exist. "We are not alone" will the headlines read, a culture-shock, a gigantic, monumental distraction from Iraq, 9/11 and everything else "terrestrial", and a big thank you to the GOP will be felt at the elections.
- all that could happen, IF they do have the UFO secret, as is rumoured


Not so fast. It was written somewhere that, -- AFTER -- the threat of 'Terrorism' began to fade, the "final frontier" of the Globalists would be the "THREAT" poised by UFO's. ...So, GWB's potential 'admission' (even if precipitated by FOI constraints,) would be based on NEW threats, not old ones!!

Anyway, I saw a 'UFO' at very close range on 12/25/01. This bird was truly amazing, and it held no similarities to known US aircraft. It was too thin to hold people in any sort of comfort, and we would hardly be interested in building a craft the size of a Wal-Mart, just to transport a crew of 6. This triangle has been spotted about 3,000 times, so it's around.

If it is a US invention, it would truly scare anyone into submission. For instance, I was very eager to go for a ride, but I guess the pilot thought I had poor genes. Also, (even if I had, and they knocked me out,) I'm pretty sure I could duplicate the motor design, and thus the anti-gravitational workings if I had seen inside.

Not one person here has any reason to believe they do not exist, other than Government propaganda. Both, insiders reporting on chemtrail systems, and positive UFO sightings are forbidden, worldwide, so pardon me if the topic is way out in outer-space.

They are either living very

They are either living very well or not at all.... guessing that if they are alive.... they all have the patch

hell.... they might just be in one of our secret prisons..... for our military to relieve their tension.... you know blow off some steam

Carlyle Group

This may be of interest.... I was watching Mad Money last night and they mentioned a company that had been bought out by the Carlyle Group....

I can not remember the name but this company provides programing and networking solutions for the banking industry.

I was thinking about how they could use this to their advantage.... creating back doors and such.


i hadnt heard that, thanks

i hadnt heard that, thanks for the tip, i'll try and find out.

SONE is the symbol I think

SONE is the symbol I think

Carlyle-S.O.W. Joint Venture

Carlyle-S.O.W. Joint Venture Forms an Alliance with Bank of Fukuoka and Office Berkeley to Acquire Retail Properties

Tokyo, Japan - The joint venture between global private equity firm The Carlyle Group and S.O.W. Inc., a real estate management and securitization consulting firm, announced today it has acquired the Omuta REX Shopping Center in Omuta City, Fukuoka Prefecture, through an alliance with The Bank of Fukuoka, Ltd., a bank in the northern Kyushu area of western Japan, and Office Berkeley, a commercial developer headquartered in Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture. Financial terms were not disclosed.

and the Carlyle Group recently purchased....

and the Carlyle Group recently purchased Togo's, Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robins (Dunkin Brands, Inc)? odd...

BTW, i havent eaten at any of those since

goddamnit, i love Dunkin

goddamnit, i love Dunkin Donuts.

I'll give you one reason

I'll give you one reason why......

when you have a "POLICE STATE".... you are gunna have a BOOMING doughnut economy

hahaha... I didn't think


I didn't think about that.



Ptech/PROMIS, another forgotten puzzle piece

The second article is irrelevent, because that's pandering to the small minority who think the real planes didnt hit, which I am definately not one of those people.

the first article is dead have acompany like Ptech outsourcing to al Qaeda and the government, with their advanced software on most FAA computers on the morning of 9/11?

Richard Andrew Grove is right on the money with the advanced intelligence software /corporate angle of 9/11...sadly, this is too "technical" or unsexy to research for back to "melting points" and "16 foot holes".

There's agreat 3 hour epic interview from 2005 with Indira Singh about this, definately worth checking out.

Just remember, even in the mainstream news: Ptech was ran by funders of al Qaeda, and the justice department refused to go after them or do anything back in 2001/2002.