Death of a President

I am regular visitor to from the UK, but this is my first ever posting. I thought I would give
guys the heads up on a fantastic programme shown here on channel 4 tonight titled "Death of a President".
It was made in style of a documentary dealing with the fictional asassination of President Bush in 2008. It was
a very compelling and thoroughly believeable account of events , but even more compelling for me was the
outcome, please bear with me , i will try to be brief.

1. Bush Assassinated. (the second 9/11).
2. The manhunt begins - Patriot Act 3 passed into law.
3. The arrest and subsequent trial of a arab resident in the united states.
4. "President Cheney" demanding FBI find a link to Al Qeuda.
5. FBI can find no link.
6. Joe Public accepts he is the assassin.

Now this is where the story gets interesting;

7. The arab always maintains his innocence but is found guilty, though the forensic experts admit that
the evidence is at best flimsy
8. Thousands of other theories on the websites claiming who was really responsible.
9. the emergence of key evidence at a much later stage of the real assassin, a former military service man from
the first gulf war, who lost a son in the war on terror in iraq, and got revenge on Bush becuase he had lied to the
american people.

That's a very brief outline of what I just watched, but to me, the programme makers basically replaced 9/11 with
the assassination , and then postulated on what might happen in the future with regard to the truth. There are
qualified contributors on here who could give a better review, but I urge all who can to somehow get a copy of
this programme to do so.

Keep up the great work.

I must take issue with this...

Not to cement myself as the site contrarian, but I honestly think that this movie is inappropriate and should not have been made. I think it is inappropriate to fictionalize an account of ANY LIVING PERSON being murdered.


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I don't agree, I think it

I don't agree, I think it absolutely acceptable to make such a scenario, after all, it's fiction and does not stimulate people to commit violent acts

"In times of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act." - George Orwell

Watch it online!

You can watch Death of a President online:

It is sadistically ironic

It is sadistically ironic that stuff like this would make it onto the website.

The last thing this website should portray is that we are all a bunch of crazy assassin conspiracy nuts.

boo this stuff