Debunking 9/11 myths

If no steel framed structure ever collapsed why did 3 buildings fall because of fire on 9/11?
This is not true. Several buildings have collapsed due to fire, but have gone undocumented in Africa and India for example. For example in africa a man named Dr. Goofy built a 3 story
hut framed in steel poles that he duct taped himself. He cooked a stew and went to the village and his stew caused a fire, hence global collapse occured due to fire.

Wasnt there a standown order that Norman Mineta revealed on 9/11?
No Dick cheney was playing battleship with Condaleeza rice because there were bored in the bunker. They were yelling at eachother like little kids playing war. The gullible young aid misread these as something other than they were.

What about the explosions people heard?
These explosions were caused by people getting nervous and the farting, not because of bombs.

hey, you forgot the elephant

hey, you forgot the elephant theory!
what was that again??

I heard Popular Mechanics is

I heard Popular Mechanics is going to write a hit piece debunking the farting theory...