Details on Recent Fund Raising Usage

Here are the details of the new ads we are running. It should be noted that all of the money for these ads came from the generous contributions from visitors like you, and that any money that is donated to this site will always be used for advertising such as this, and will NOT go into any of our pockets.

Period: 09/10/2006 - 10/15/2006
Total Raised: $1345.94
(From Donations: $1238.20)
(From Blogads: $104.74)
Ad Purchase: $1350.00

Please note that we have not received any funds from the google ads we are running yet, however these will most likely go towards offsetting the hosting costs once we do. Also, the funds from blogads we run are highly delayed, so the amount listed above does not reflect the blogad purchases during the period listed.

The new ads were purchased on for 1 month, and on for 1 week. I think from here on out we should try to do 1 month long ads as these types of ads may get people in the hang of checking out the site multiple times a week, and in turn build recurring visitors.

A big thanks to all of those who chipped in on this ad run, including multiple users who donated over $100. I hope that viewers here will continue to see the usefulness in these ads, and that users will continue to contribute to this effort knowing that all of the money donated goes towards helping spread the news of recent 9/11 related news and events.

On a side note, we have been getting some new visitors emailing us with questions. We will be encouraging these users to post blog entries about their questions, etc. and it would be most useful for people to respond with useful information!

Thank you!

nice ad

nice ad



Really great ad! Dz I was

Really great ad! Dz I was wondering man could you incorporate a poll function into the blog entries?

well, we could allow users

well, we could allow users to post poll questions, but they wouldn't be encorporated into a blog entry.. also, these polls would probably be abused if we gave those abilities to everyone..

you can check out something like this though, you should be able to embed it in a blog entry:

edit: woops, i see that one costs money.. im sure there are free web polls that can be embedded though, just take a look around. also, you could submit a poll question to us, although obviously it would be up to us if we ran with it.

lets see if this

lets see if this works:

that is from:

Nice Ad.

Nice Ad.