Litigating Criminal Negligence?

There are a number of slogans that get kicked around in the "9/11 Truth Movment," but one that is repeated often is the call for a truly independent investigation. I believe that is a good issue to stick with, but I do wonder if we might also consider changing the language a bit. With foreknowlege widely reported on in the MSM I wonder if it would be more appropriate to call for a criminal investigation into the Bush administration's negligence regarding 9/11. Such an investigation if vigorously pursued would turn up evidence of complicity along the way.
Who could bring charges of criminal negligence against the President and his administration? Could any citizen seek litigation, or would the courts only hear a case from one of the families of the 9/11 victims?

That was the idea, two years ago already

The complaint has already been written in proper legal language and is adaptable to other jurisdictions. Check it out in detail: