Olbermann: "Beginning of the end of America" Video

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Keith Olberman special comment: "Beginning of the end of America" October 18th, 2006

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By far

my most favorite Keith Olbermann to date.

Excellent editorial by Olbermann!!!

Everyone needs to watch it!!!

And yet, despite the truth,

And yet, despite the truth, his voice will echo only momentarily and have only the impact of a butterfly as it rests on a senseless petal - devoid of perception. Our cries, my fellow Americans, will have the same fate - for Secular America has become lethargic, apathetic and spoiled. It knows not the sacrifice needed to dethrone a tyrant or the vision to understand our forefather’s passions, but few peoples ever have gained that knowledge before the suffering is old and scared. In my youth my father predicted this moment. I could understand his fear but could not feel it. I feel it now. I feel the whirlwind of chaos and vertigo, the lump in my gut that says much is lost. I am to blame. I am to blame for seeing, but doing nothing. I am to blame for caring more about my survival, safety, security then my children's. For I am America, as are you. Death comes to us all, some wither on the vine, some die just now from a sniper's bullet - America has now done both. I'm sure you can feel the vacuum pull of what is just around the corner. I'm sure you know what will become of America, of us, when the next terror attack hits and Martial Law is declared, elections suspended. America will be reborn anew. Not a birth worth celebrating and cherishing, but a scornful occasion - deformed and ugly. But have no fear or doubt. The new America will nurture your productivity, love your indebtedness, and prepare your children to be clangless bells. The new America will still afford you Wal-Mart, T.V., and endless purchasing oppertunities. The only difference will be --- the white lines will hang on you like your cloths instead of being just out of sight. Crossing those white lines will not be a matter of flagrant disobedience of the law, but the thought, the mere idea of disobeying the law.

But there is hope. Hope in our belief that there is a difference between good and evil. Hope that there may yet be a way to prevent the inevitable. But, my fellow Americans, that way is hard, unorthodox, and foreign to our upbringing. It requires more then blogging, voiceless conferences and fading internet videos. It requires what our founding father had and we have lost. So it is a fleeting hope, a painfully distant hope. No doubt there will be a few who realize the need and pursue it – but only to their demise, because without the “many” hope is only the dream of quite desperation. So, welcome, to the new America.