Thoughts on 9/11 From a Lebanese Perspective

Why people believe 9-11? - Lebanon Will Never Die

I don't mean to attack the intelligence of Americans in particular. But there is something very wrong when Americans look at the news channels everyday and don't ask questions. America has been at war almost all of the time since the Reagan administration. This has become a habit which the current administration has made perpetual because America is supposedly in the war on terror. And since no one knows when the war on terror ends Americans have given carte blanche to the war monger in chief to do as he pleases, which is war for ever. It has gotten worse than just sending American men and women to go to faraway lands to kill and be killed. Americans are told that it's better that way, because it's much better to fight the terrorists on their soil than on US proper soil. Now Americans are told to accept torture, indefinite detentions and military tribunals as part of American laws. Well it's the law now and Americans just don't say anything. All of this new era of shame for America started since this fairy tale of how 9-11 happened according to the official story line. From that make believe story America has since invaded Afghanistan and Iraq. Hundreds of thousands have been killed in those two countries with thousands of American soldiers as well. Bush and his bosses are war mongers, but what about the American public? Or maybe Bush thinks Americans are simply too dumb to do anything other than what he wants them to believe!?
The point of all of this is to show that Americans are not in control, and they should otherwise they will have to share the blame for all the killings commited by the erroneous policies of this war mongering administration. They don't know why they are killing all the peoples they are killing and continue to kill. To me it started when they swallowed the 9-11 lie whole. They did not ask questions. They still believe that it's 19 Arabs wielding box cutters who hijacked 4 airplanes almost at the same time flew them for few hours without being intercepted by the most powerful airforce in the world. Later on that same day two of the airplanes hit the two WTC towers, that somehow miraculously fell to their footprints just like in a planned demolition of buildings. A third airplane supposedly hit the Pentagon. A fourth airplane was said to have crashed in Pennsylvania. Although whatever was left of that airplane is in thousands of little pieces which indicate another cause than just a crash. is a very good source of information on the myth of the official story of 9-11. But I have some questions that I don't think I ever read in any of the 9-11 debunking articles. Did they ever discover any of the bodies of the passengers of the planes that hit the WTC towers and the Pentagon? Especially the bodies of the so called hijackers? Or did they just evaporate (no pun intended)? An airport is a place with cameras everywhere. Where are the pictures and videos showing the so called hijackers at the airport in Boston on that day?

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yeah, and why would Atta check a bag with his will in it...

to go on a flight that is going to blow up....

questions, questions....

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What are we to do

He has a point. Americans I think know whats going on but then apathy kicks in. We figure someone else will handle it.

Well I think maybe we should handle this before another country wants to handle it for us. Can you imagine China invading and telling us they are trying to free us from Tyranny. Thats what going to happen if continue to let our government stomp around the globe telling countries what they can and cannot do.

This is our problem and we need to fix it. Where are the collage students who can afford to take a couple days off. Or who can feed us while we're piling up on the white house lawn calling for the criminals to come out? We need to start a citizen coalition that can keep us fed and sheltered while we are contributing our time. Anyway. Anyone else have a good idea.

Pretty much.

Yep. Most Americans are idiots. Apathetic idiots.
Deserving of their fate. Undeserving of their liberites.

Americans have been dumbed

Americans have been dumbed down to such an extent that the govenments can pretty much get away with anything safe in the knowledge that the dumbed down masses won't even raise an eyebrow to things like the military commissions act.

"go back to bed America you are free to do as we tell you, go back to bed America, here's 50 channels of American gladiator, watch these pituary re-tards bang there skulls together, go back to bed America your govenment is in control" Bill HIcks.

Great question about the passengers' bodies...A smoking gun...

Ever since ancient times, murder investigations focused great attention & detail on the victims’ bodies to gain clues & evidence. Not so for 9/11.

From what I’ve read, they claim to have ID’ed about have of the passengers at the WTC, 63 of 64 passengers at the Pentagon, and all passengers at Shanksville.

Everything I’ve learned indicates that if an airliner is obliterated, human remains, including viable DNA, which is merely organic material, will NOT be recoverable.

The above leads me to believe that the passenger identifications were fabricated, the airliners were drones, & most of the passengers were fictitious. All of this was plotted for in Operation Northwoods, another false-flag 45 years ago that JFK refused to enact.

Oh, and a number of "hijacker" remains were also ID'ed...

But this is also impossible, because where could they have obtained known samples of the "hijackers" DNA to compare to what they supposedly found in the wreckage.

from the "Al Qaeda" CIA database of course!!!

duh! ;-)

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A lebanese perspective

Are Americans dumb -no. They are mostly misinfomed or not informed at all; I'm not sure which is worse.

How do you attack the criminals when the criminals control "everything", that's the real question.

There are enogh of us now - how do you get them to coalesce into a sngle cohesive unit, that will "demand" a full accounting?

And I'm not talking about an accounting on just 911. I mean a full accounting of everything from JFK, RFK, MLK, Oklahoma, WTC93, the drug trade, the pedophilic sex rings, the Bohemian Grove, their little secret societies...all of it.

Let's throw the bright light of honest questioning on it and let it be bleached white with truth, for the whole world to see.

I'm sick of this. I want the Democracy back that we said we had, and that we say we are exporting around the world.

When you look at the sickness and depravity of the men behind all this crap, you are left wiht one great startling and glorious conclussion:

Tha if we can pull this off - there is no reason for every man, woman and child on this planet, regardless of race, creed, or religion, that should have a full and happy life. That indeed we could have peace and prosperity, food, education and helth care for all.

We always could have, but these people do this to us...they beat us, lie to us, confuse and manipulate us, all so they can what? Take our power and money, and deprive us of the very thing I just penned above, that they don't want you to know that we could live in peace.

911 Truth is the most imporant subject on the planet. It is above all other matters, concerns and issues. It is greater than global warming, AIDS, Iraq, North Korea, border issues etc.

Solve 911 Truth and all these other problems will either dry up and blow away, or become eminently, reasonably and rationally solvable.

"He who answers a matter before he hears of it, it is shame and folly unto him"

Proverbs 18:13

Great post

I loved your post, good job.

Questions, do you think they'd attack us. Would they nuke their own country to stop 100 million Americans rushing Washington DC?

How can we get information through FOX or CNN.

I liked how V did it

100 million Americans rushing Washington DC?

Its the only way things will change. Here in North-America we are afraid of revolutions...Peaceful ones..Like in Europe...
The power of the ppl is stronger then any of these disturb fools on top of the world.
Mind you we have Harper(mini-bush) in our land..Another dangerous fool who uses our income tax to buy tanks and ships and so on...
It dont need a 100 millions...Your constitution permits the PEOPLE to get rid of the bad seeds..

Hope you will for the rest of the world to be at peace soon..
You have our support.


Great thread and reply. I

Great thread and reply. I advise people to watch the google video "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised"

The movie follows a team of journalists dead center in the attempted Hugo Chavez coup by the CIA and rogue Venezuala VIPs. It gives deep insight into the roles the milatary, private media, and popular support in the presence of a coup, much like the one occurring now on our own country.