WTC Finite Element Analysis - New Animated Rendering by mmmlink

Thanks to Anonymous: "New YouTube WTC collapse vid by mmmlink. This time he does some finite element analysis of the towers to try to match NIST's results (he can't). Then he offers a possible collapse scenario. mmmlink is always good!"


What a cool eerie

mmmlink video

mmmlink did a very good job by his videos. But the videos contain the use of thermate (ite) as demolition mean. That's not consistent with all available evidences. We do not have so many oblique cut columns at its both ends. In fact, I remember NONE.

It's very bad to include so weak evidence in so important videos and so good job.

The collapse method is still in discussion in STJ911 forum. More reliable and consistent demolition method could be found in my web site
See the power point presentation there.

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