Are the masses waking up?

Around 10PM eastern last night I noticed an interesting fact that could indicate that the masses are waking up to the fact that our Liberties are being dissolved in this country!

The popular site had the following stories at the top on their front page:


I have been a frequent visitor of digg since it's inception, and have never witnessed political stories at the top of their list, let alone three! Digg is primarily a "Techie" web site that promotes user submitted stories from the Internet, similar to this site.

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the digg effect is dugg

I think digg has only during the recent year become a place for bringing forth political issues. People have noticed it's a great channel for spreading news.

But, yeah. It seems wake up calls are heard all over the net nowadays. Still, I have feeling most people react to it all by saying "yeah yeah, we're all doomed. Now, where is that site with free porn movies?"

Every month there's new 9/11 documentary and it seems people go "not this crap again."

Maybe I'm wrong and many people actually wake up... but do they do something about it?

BTW, be sure to only post reliable stuff. Once people read something unreliable they wont look into it again.

Unfortunately I share your

Unfortunately I share your sentiments to a certain degree, but I know personally several people I encounter on a daily basis are totally clueless, yet when I start "easing" them into the idea that things may not be as they appear, they are somewhat receptive. I give them urls to websites and copies of DVD's and ask that they watch and judge for themselves, then ask that they pass the DVD's onto others, and so on..., and I never try to "force" my beliefs, using this "tender" approach has yielded positive results.

We should never underestimate the power of "Word of Mouth", keep the faith! and don't ever give up!

"and it seems people go "not

"and it seems people go "not this crap again."

If it's anything like daily kos then those voices are in the vast minority even though they seem rather loud. When you check a "911 inside job yes/no" poll on Kos it's always no - 20, yes - 1000. Don’t get put off by a few brain-dead assholes, and others who will wake up eventually.

Yah, I hope that's the

Yah, I hope that's the case.

I've got my own little 9/11 Poll with around 700 votes:

As of now: 46% say no.

I guess the result depends from which forum people access the poll...

JonH, in the main I have to

JonH, in the main I have to agree with you--a lot of people note what is going on, but then go onto something else to lull their minds back to sleep. But there is hope--even Church types are starting to see the light.

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i never heard of this site...I will be joining and adding 911 truth stories

Good signs!

Good signs!

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