Don't contribute to 911Blogger until dz bans the disinformation spam artists who are making a mockery out of all 911 research

"Fool's gold exists because there is real gold." -13th century Persian poet Rumi
I'm requesting that everyone consider not contributing to this website until the site owner, dz, makes an effort to ban people who are spamming it relentlessly with theories about no planes, TV fakery, space beams, etc..

It's my opinion that has become a safe haven for such individuals, who are IMO purposely trying to destroy the credibility of all 9/11 research by promoting these controversial theories -- theories that the overwhelming majority of 9/11 researchers believe to be divisive, deceptive, destructive, etc..

I'm not advocating banning someone for occasionally presenting these theories, or other controversial theories, but we all know that it hasn't been an occasional occurrence here at Instead it seems to be an every minute of the day occurrence.

So, until dz takes the appropriate steps to get rid of the spammers, please contribute elsewhere.

I want to make it clear that I'm not speaking for anyone but myself. However, I do encourage those who agree with what I've written in this blog to not contribute to this website in any way until dz improves the situation. If he decides not to, I respect that -- however, I request my membership at be terminated if he chooses not to.

I don't think it's necessary

I don't think it's necessary to stop posting, but I agree with the general thrust: no-planers should be banned. How is democracy, equality and community-health maintained in primitive societies? - The most successful of all our socieites? Usually the wrong-doer comes to his senses after a night alone in the woods.

If these nit-wits presented a scintilla of evidence it would be another matter; legitimate debate should be welcomed. But they've had their chance. They lost on every count. They continue to disrupt. They continue to foam at the mouth.

From here it smells like classic disinfo. No-planers have ruthlessly attacked the smoking gun evidence of Stephen Jones. Their hilarious CG theories are good for a chuckle, but the more press they get the more 911 truth becomes a laughing stock.

Yes indeed, they should have been banned a long time ago.

99% of the people on this website understand that "no-planers" are disinto artists or sub-mental morons, but what about first time visitors? Teenagers who don't know any better? Did you see Reynolds on TV? It was a monumental embarassment. Cut these clowns loose before they do more damage than they've already done. That's my opinion.

The Cost of Censoring 9/11 Evidence and Possible 9/11 Truths?

Danse, you say: "If these nit-wits presented a scintilla of evidence it would be another matter..."

If "a scintilla of evidence" is really what you're looking for (and I doubt it), then see "Exploding the Airliner Crash Myth" by Dr. Morgan Reynolds & MIT graduate student Rick Rajter at

For the opposing viewpoint, see "A Critical Review of WTC 'No Planes' Theories" by Eric Salter at

If you read the articles (and given all of the namecalling and personal attacks in your comment, I doubt that you will), then can you honestly say that there is not a scintilla of scientific and other evidence on the side of those whom you dislike? Could reasonable people disagree with Stallion4 and you (without your calling them names)?

When Dr. Morgan Reynolds recently did his presentation in Seattle, Washington, he did mention the 9/11 No Big Boeings Hypothesis and the 9/11 TV & Media Fakery Hypothesis. However, his presentation concentrated on the tried and true, well-established 9/11 truths that you cherish (and rightfully so).

After his presentation, there were a few questions in Seattle about the NBB & TVF hypotheses. These questions were primarily about why the audience of several hundred had not previouisly heard about these questions in the past.

If you and a few vocal others get your way at 9/11 Blogger, then dz and 9/11 Blogger will censor, limit, and ban any new 9/11 evidence and any new 9/11 hypotheses that a vocal minority do not like. This sounds like a perfect way for those who did 9/11 to control the investigation about evidence and hypotheses that they don't want to see the light of day.

If the JFK Assassination Truth Movement were run like that, then it might have taken more than 43 years for the truth about the JFK Assassination to be known and for something effective to be done about it...

Hmmm... Oh, sorry, it HAS taken 43 years, and we STILL don't know the whole truth about the JFK Assassination. And we still haven't done anything effective about it.

However, MAYBE if we had people like Stallion4 and you to tell us which evidence and which hypotheses that we should have been permitted to investigate and discuss, then the truth about the JFK Assassination would have been known a long time ago...

Maybe, just maybe...

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hey u2, how about u answer

hey u2, how about u answer my question in that other np thread?
Im listening, you know. Im ready to be convinced.
I want the 5 most obviously faked videos.

Show "Obviously faked videos" by Coffinman

Hm, sorry mate, that doesnt

Hm, sorry mate, that doesnt really convince me.
Let me ask two more questions:
- So, in your opinion, was only the 2nd plane crash faked ?
- Can you think of any way that TV-fakery was possible *without* dozens if not hundreds of conspirators 'in the know' within the media?

ok, it seems it comes down

ok, it seems it comes down to this:
does one believe it impossible that a plane can 'melt' into a building, as we see on those vids.
Thats it, basically, right?
I have read contradictory things on this now. And - honestly - i am not a physician or otherwise in a position to judge that.
So what shall i do?
See, in such situations, i can only follow my instincts. untill i know more. And my instincts tell me, there were planes at the WTC. Which planes exactly, i dunno. But honestly, im not a conpiracy theoriest, and it seems the no-plane thing is just that. A huge conspiracy theory.

ding ding ding! we have a

ding ding ding! we have a winner!

Show "I didn't see a plane go in. That just exploded" by Peggy Carter

Hey, thats the same thing

Hey, thats the same thing again. And honestly, the same answer from me, again. Far from convincing.
And i really dont get how you can take the comment from the newsreporter in that last video 'as proof' for anything. I mean, first of all, according to your theory, those media guys are all in the conspiracy anyway, as far as i understood. Also, did you note someone else *did see a plane* and sais so ? Thats sooo freaking weird, that you take that one statement out of thousands, and take it as proof. Could it maybe be that that one reporter did not have his eyes on the tower the moment the plane hit?
I think my excursion into 'no plane 'science'' should be over soon, for the sake of my sanity.

The people who "saw" the plane were looking at a monitor

The man who saw no plane and just an explosion was standing outside on the ground looking up at the smoke from the tower.

He's corrected by the news guy off-site.

What side of the building...

was he standing on?

Please don't respond to this blog

And I respectfully request an admin to delete this blog as it makes a mockery of the 9/11 Truth Movement and makes us all look stupid.

"And Mental Submorons..

"And Mental Submorons.. thats a nice one, too."

That's sub-mental morons. It's not mine. I stole it from Woody Allen.

"I think all planehuggers should at least"

That's so sad, U2. You're now using the term plane-hugger. How very, very sad.

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No, we're actually trying to

No, we're actually trying to defeat fascists and all this "no planes/tv fakery" "mini nukes" starwars beam weapons" is probably coming straight from the fascists. It's called cleaning house, and if you can't recognise that then you don't understand what credibility means either!

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No like when the Allies got

No like when the Allies got rid of Hitler, his fascism and his disinfo about Jews and all the rest of it. In fact I bet the Nazis employed agents in Germany to come up with crazy “theories” about the Reichstag Fire, like the fire was some kind of magic trick or something, as to make the real people who were saying that the fire spread too rapidly to be just the work of one man, and that the Nazi’s were obviously benefiting from it, to look crazy. Which is exactly what this "no planes/tv fakery" "mini nukes" and now "star wars beam weapons" is doing to the Truth Movement!

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how ironic that a member for

how ironic that a member for less than a day and a half would criticize someone who has made numerous solid video contributions over at least the last year.

Although I don't want to

Although I don't want to harm the blogger I've got to reluctantly agree, this has gotten too serious now. Dz please consider this site's, and the Truth Movement’s credibility and do something!

I’ll leave you with what couldn’t be a more relevant quote from Dr William Pepper;

"So I’m going to say this group, more then any other that I can think of in terms of a movement, is going to be infiltrated, is infiltrated and there are going to be all kinds of efforts to subvert your work, all kinds of efforts to corrupt your work and all kinds of efforts to discredit you. Please understand that and take it in the spirit in which is being given because this is what will happen and probably is happening. So please your work is too important, your mission is too precious. Be careful in every aspect of the work, make sure your allegations, your claims are well founded because if there not you will be discredited. "
-- Dr. William F. Pepper

I totally understand what

I totally understand what youre saying, however, i have a problem with the idea that for exmpl. Nico Haupt is a disinfo agent. I think thats quite a conspiracy theory. I still think hes got good intentions. I have the suspicion that this whole fight is an ego issue, more than anything else.
Im relatively new here, so, this view might change. But for now, im awaiting to be convinced that TvFakery is a possibility, in that other thread. Thanks.
Everyone whos sick of it already is welcome to ignore it. But please understand, i want to make the decision myself.

I don't think Nico's a

I don't think Nico's a agent, I just think he's an idiot. But the disinfo he's parroting probably originates in some way from real disinfo psy-ops think tanks. Make no mistake, cointelpro is real and we need to be conscious of it. Wingtv are the other end of the disinfo spectrum, and they are actually agents IMO.

Not really

I don't think much of the no-planers arguments, but I wouldn't encourage people to stop contributing just because dz doesn't throw them out. However, the same as anyone else, if they don't keep to a reasonable level of politeness, their stuff should be deleted.

Newcomers might initially be confused by no-planeism, but they need to sort it out for themselves.

Yea, but what's it going to

Yea, but what's it going to take? Sometimes people need to strike, just ask the French lol.

Show "They must be hunted down and" by Joseph Steel (not verified)

Interesting idea...

Stallion4, before you stop posting, please let us know where you intend to go--if in fact there isn't a good alternative, then we should think of making a no-planes-free blog that focuses on credible and verifiable 911 research. I've liked this site for a long time but indeed it seems that half the posts recently have been pointless wastes of time. If we can't find a blog site that we can exclude no-planers from then we should make it ourselves. This is not to say there isn't value in diverse opinions, more like saying that sometimes the adults need to lock the kids out in order to get things done. 911 blogger can be a catch-all, and some other site can specialize in more rigorously screened contributions.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


Please keep in mind that I

Please keep in mind that I am only one of the 4 site moderaters of this site, and that there is no way possible that I could possibly moderate everyone who aspouses a certain opinion - it's just not feasible.

Corporations which run open access forums and communities staff their websites with moderators 24 hrs/day - three 8 hour shifts. The majority of the larger blogs (dailykos, etc.) do this same thing.

When you have an open access system whereby anyone can register, and no comment or blog entry has to be approved prior to it appearing then the best you can do is either moderate full time, or moderate after the fact.

If I was running this website for profit, or if I was running this website full time it would be one thing, but I'm not. I work 40 hrs a week at a very stressful job, and then at least 20-30+ hours a week on this website as well.

Those that should be held responsible for what may be viewed as the 'downfall' of this website are those that abuse it, not me. With that said, it is my responsibility (and goal) to get this site to where it is self moderating, whereby someone like myself is not constantly the focus of anyone and everyone's gripe. It is rediculous the number of comments I have seen in the last 2 days which say 'dz' this, or 'dz' that - I am not all seeing and all knowing on this site, in fact some of you spend much more time on this site than even me - for those I suggest you re-evaluate your priorities.

I have not been 'allowing' people to post this, or people to post that, this is an open community system, I do not 'approve' anything in order for a comment or blog entry to appear.

Given that when I do moderate I am frequently called a fascist, nazi, 'controlled', CIA, 'orwellian', asked if i'm 'being threatened' (a veiled threat in itself), etc. etc. etc. - even when it is just for deleting a duplicate blog entry - it is no surprise that I do as little moderation as possible, and only when it fits into the rules which we currently have established.

Creating a rule which is based on what subjects can and cannot be discussed is not something which I will do, in fact noone should be in that position - however, the community as a whole should have some sort of role in making the decision as to what gets 'promoted' on this site, instead of those so obsessed with their personal beliefs that they have no sense (or desire) for community, and only seek to use the site as a method to promote their personal opinions.

I have been monitoring the site the last few days, and I will be roling out a few new features in the coming days (hopefully) to address this situation. With that said, please don't look to me to be some sort of 'mommy' which you can complain to about anything and everything, I am not the problem here.

As for donating, do what you will, no money touches my pocket, my only intent is to try to help as best as I can when I can, and I appologize if the blog entry section here has gotten out of hand, unfortunately that is the apparent reality of the '9/11 community'.

Thanks for the blog entry, I'm sure someone who has called me 'CIA' or a nazi will be along shortly to criticize the both of us.

p.s. It is my position that some want to be banned thereby facilitating their ability to promote their opinions and use such banning as an example of how this website 'surpresses the truth' - another lovely insult i love to hear.

p.p.s. When I retire I am going to post the emails from some of those so obsessed with proving our 'role in the coverup' - ungrateful bastards.

p.p.p.s Much respect to those that contribute to this site, in reality the community is what makes this site what it is, both good and bad - i hope people keep that in mind.

This isn’t an attack on

This isn’t an attack on you man, this is an attack on those attacking this great site with disinfo. I don't think anyone is calling for over moderation, just that you think about a policy whereby blogs that are stating a utter falsity as "fact" e..g "Beam Weapons Brought Down WTC!" be deleted, and that person given a warning with a ban ultimatum if they do it again etc. Therefore "no planes @ wtc" blogs which promote something that is blatantly false and has been proven so get that treatment. If anything though dude just bear in mind that Cointelpro exists and that it’s frustrating to see what could be deliberately damaging Cointelpro shit here. Whether it’s being promoted by “agents” or just by idiots who will buy anything as long as it’s sensational enough.

Show "You ranting" by Coffinman

It's real simple, use the

It's real simple, use the voting system that somebody here went through the trouble of installing. The blog section has a clear purpose that is stated at the top. I empathize with DZ here. I ran a small open CMS system and got many complaints. You can please some of the people some of the time, but you can't please all the people all the time!

I rarely chime in on here, but it erks me when I see peoples good honest work being criticized, and I know DZ has to respond in a diplomatic fashion. So hopefully I can express what he can not!

I firmly believe in freedom of speech, though I may not believe the no planers, I believe they should be able to post their blogs, and we can vote them down! And I don't think they will be promoted to the "News" section anyways!

That all being said, I have to say this site has been a daily source of good info for my and I express my gratitude for it! And technically this whole thread is violating the following rules:

  • Do not flood the comments with large posts, especially unrelated material
  • Do not use the site to continue arguments with other users from thread to thread


Good Job DZ, and don't let this kinda BS discourage you at all!

Good points. I don't know

Good points. I don't know this disinfo spamming just gives me a headache.

And Dz, who gives a rat’s

And Dz, who gives a rat’s ass if some clown calls this place CIA, we know it's not and the vast majority of the people in the Truth Movement would agree with any actions you took which prompted such bullshit.

You shouldn’t let crap like that bother you for a second, it's invalid.

Show "Buh-bye, bullyboy. Here's" by Anonymous (not verified)

To even suggest...

That donations should stop going to this site is absurd. Especially when you take into account how many ads dz has posted on high-traffic sites, bringing even more attention to our cause.

dz did not create COINTELPRO.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

No man, but come on its a

No man, but come on its a fair response to the frustration that people are feeling. I don't want to see this place affected negatively at all, but it is being affected negatively right now by all this "no planes" this and "beam weapons" that. We do need something done, it’s a joke.

i think this is wrong. i

i think this is wrong. i wish dz would ban people like MormonJihad,Shalom and others, who add nothing but racism and do nothing but antagonize. i feel like the both of them have done more than enough to get themselves banned. and yet they are still allowed to call people nazis and attack the enitre muslim community as terrorists etc. it makes no sense to me how they are still allowed to post here. but the "no-planers" should not be banned simply for being "no-planers". i think its the dumbest goddamn theory ive ever heard in regards to 9/11, worse than nukes/plasma weapons at the towers, but censorship is a horrible thing. i think most of the people here do a pretty good job of refuting that trash anyway. racism and purposefully hateful commments that come from Shalom and MormonJihad should not be tolerated though, and sadly they still are. Nico is a pain in the ass, but i never thought he would be banned(i know he got un-banned) before one of those 2 racist, hateful cowards. at least Nico has done some good work for the cause in the past. these 2 dont deserve to be here anymore. they add nothing but hate. how many times will Shalom have to call people Nazis for mentioning Israel before he gets banned? how many times will MormonJihad slander the whole muslim community and slander people on this board before hes banned? they deserve to be banned, not the no-planers and others with controversial, if even retarded theories.

both of those users have

both of those users have been blocked in the past, when they come back please notify me, i don't read every comment on this site (or even a majority). so its not that they havent been blocked, its that they keep coming back i guess.

There's not much you can do about it

with dynamic IPs and anonymous content. But I think Shalom and MormonJihad, by their own demeanor, help our cause much more than they help theirs. Everyone can see they're foaming at the mouth...

I get where you coming from

I get where you coming from dude, "no planes" isn’t exactly disgusting nazi bigotry. But it's in the same bag as far as disinfo goes e.g. common stereotypical smears used to attack 911 truth - "UFO nuts" "Anti-Semites" "No planes hit the Towers lunatics". We need to smash these stereotypes if we’re ever going to prove once and for all that 911 truth is a valid and legitimate issue.

When there are 3 blogs/day

about cartoon planes and beam weapons, it's not free speech, it's free spam. We don't have 3 blogs/day on demolition, do we? Furthermore, instead of answering our questions, this crowd simply reiterates the same crap over and over and over...

That screams Cointelpro, to me anyway.

They had ample opportunity to present their opinion, and it's obvious bs - it's not censorship to disallow endless repetitions of it. Not at this point, anyway. They bring it up, we shoot it down, they bring it up somewhere else - it's whack-a-mole

and it's diverting our energies...

Free Will Is An Amazing Thing

"and it's diverting our energies"

It's not diverting mine. I can tell myself "ignore the stuff."
To expect dz to monitor every post for inappropriate theories.

That's damn right silly.

I have brain. I can sort the shit out myself.
Don't need a helping hand thank you.

If you don't like someone's discussion. MOVE THE FUCK ON. Involve yourself in something you think is worth while.

Who the FUCK are you to tell me what I can and can not read or discuss.

“it is possible to fool all the people all the time—when government and press cooperate.” George Seldes - "legendary investigative reporter"

No, it's not about one

No, it's not about one person’s opinion over another. It's about having some disinfo artists plague the site so much that's unbearable, it's about new people coming here and seeing "starwars beam weapons brought down the WTC" and saying to his or herself "how crazy is that, these 911 truth people are nuts", it's about the division and disruption being created by all this, but above all it's about the site's and the movement’s future and whether or not we can over come the stereotypical image of "kooky conspiracy theorists", which we rightly should and need to do!

Here we are

arguing about this - this does divert our energies, doesn't it?

Don't misunderstand me, I don't advocate a faux-esque thought police, and I'm sure you can tell the worthwhile threads from the crap - however, we all feel obligated to respond to the Cointelpro stuff in one way or another, simply to present a balanced view to newbies. And thus, we're being forced into diverting our energies on this bs, each day every day.

Smarter Than I

Well, honestly I think you folks are fighting the wind.
How you think you can tell an agent from some one innocently presenting a point of view is beyond me.

We need to "protect the children" is a red herring.

We are adults. Adults have to learn the wade through the shit.

To have the post nazis do it. Is reaching insanity.

Done, I am not wasting anymore of my time on this subject.
Please, please, do the same.

Maybe some folks here. Need to spend more time getting some fresh air. Take a break. Unwind a little. When you come back. Maybe sanity has returned to your brain.
“it is possible to fool all the people all the time—when government and press cooperate.” George Seldes - "legendary investigative reporter"

I do think, however...

That the no-planers, mini-nukes, pod theory, tv fakery people should stick to one thread, and all others should be removed. Maybe let there be one TV Fakery thread, one Mini-Nuke thread, etc... and let them talk until their heart's content.

I don't create duplicate threads about the same thing. Most other users of this site don't either.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

good idea in principle

I'm just now learning how these sites work, so I don't know what's possible and not, but there should be some way to enact some kind of system where there are different forums for different flavored truthers, and maybe have the voting system determine which articles get posted to the main page... i dunno... it seems the key is to allow for free expression but not let that free expression be exploited by those who want to make the site look like a bunch of freaks.

and absolutely we shouldn't be whining to dz like he was a den mother. DIY, people, DIY!


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


Let them go to their own

Let them go to their own f*cking sites dude is what I say. This place's credibility is too important to appease these absurdity peddling assclowns.

They have them...

However, they barely get any attention, which is why they need to sponge off of other sites' credibility.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

Funny how vocal these people

Funny how vocal these people are with criticizing this website, but yet they sure do love making use of it to promote their theories.


And I think that in this sense what they're doing is caricaturing real truthers. Like when we have posted on Daily Kos and been banned for doing it--the no-planers see that and say "here's how we can make 9/ truth people either look like hypocrites or moonbats".

If we ban, we'll be accused of being like Kos and having something to hide. If we allow, newcomers will be turned off by what they see.

Nice double-bind, shills! The bottom line is that the truth is the truth and in the end it's that which determines credibility. I bet Kos' readership has gone down as people realize he's lying about 9/11. I don't think readership here would go down if no-planers were banned because no-planers would have to convince people that we were wrong to ban them (I say we but of course I mean the PTB on this site) and well, they'd have a tough time of it!


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force




This isn't a game.

Something needs to be done about the COINTELPRO problem on this site.

framing the issue this way

is interesting... sure I think NPT is COINTELPRO. But is it the only COINTELPRO here? Maybe maybe not. The problem with thinking of getting rid of NPT as getting rid of COINTELPRO is that it might give the impression that what remains is definitely NOT COINTELPRO. And that may or may not be true. NPT is lo-quality COINTELPRO, whereas we should assume there has to be hi-quality here too!

Any guesses? Just kidding. ;)


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


Hey, id suggest to be a bit

Hey, id suggest to be a bit more , hm, careful with the word 'COINTELPRO'. Cause otherwise, i might get the idea that the whole cointelpro-paranoia is actually a cointelpro-mission. :)
But seriously, i think its not very useful to always shout this out . It just becomes meaningless.

of course it is

paranoia is a great weapon for these folks. I think the key is a healthy balance of awareness against obsession...


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force



but I meant to write NO PLANES/TV FAKERY... sorry just woke up.



DIY, people, DIY

Yes, 911blogger has been under some kind of attack this week -- from whom, I would not presume to say. I agree that any disinfo likely to be really harmful, as opposed to a major pain in the ass, is likely to be much subtler than what we've been seeing.

It would be really cool if the comments rating section functioned like that of Digg, where comments below a certain community rating become -- not invisible -- but one step removed from visibility, in that you have to take an extra step to read them. A function like that for blog posts, that would maybe move posts rated below a certain point into a "quarantine" area, would be excellent, but I don't know if that's feasible.

We all contribute tremendously to this problem when we post on obvious disinfo threads (ie, a new post of the same thread that the blogger posted 24 hours ago, that was roundly dissed.) This keeps them on the front page, rather than allowing them to quickly move into the de facto quarantine area of the second page of the tracker function. I suppose they could all get together and agree to keep commenting on each other's blogs, to keep them fresh, but at least that would make them work harder.

This way, people who are really compelled to investigate whether reverse-engineered alien technology brought down the towers can continue to work here, without censorship, but with reduced visibility.

In the meanwhile, I strongly, strongly suggest that we deal with the "disinfo" blogs by NOT COMMENTING ON THEM. This makes much more sense to me than refusing to contribute at all, and letting them have 911blogger to themselves. F*ck that.

And finally, people really need to stop whining to dz about this stuff. I don't know what he has up his sleeve in terms of strategy for using the ratings system, but in the meanwhile, demanding that he solve the problem by banning people is putting an unfair burden on someone who is already very generous with his time, not to mention his money.

I'm just going to be a major bitch and in the comments section under disinfo blogs, which is something I tend to define pretty generously, write "Quarantined" as a reminder not to contribute to the blog post. Post your own blog for newbies to address what you think are questions that you might otherwise answer in one of those threads if that's your motivation.

Yea, I'm down for that!

Yea, I'm down for that!


I am happy to help out with

I am happy to help out with any situation that is causing issues for any of the honest blogger regulars.

Here are the rules, there is no spamming other peoples thread, threads should remain on topic.  If anyone has a topic they want to discuss that is not available as a current thread, then they are capable of creating their own blog entry.

So, that being said, any off topic or abrasive posts can be removed.  Any people that continue to break these rules can be banned.  If you disagree with the contents of a specific thread, and can't discuss it calmly and logically without reducing the thread to name calling, then stay out of the thread or face the same possibility of being banned.

I will remove any and all abrasive and off topic posts, and ban people who continually break these rules, REGARDLESS OF WHO THESE PEOPLE ARE and if I consider them a friend or ally.

Feel free to use the "Contact Us" link to send me hyperlinks to all of these questionable posts and I will take care of them.  If everyone that is truly sincere in their activities here behave, the trolls will expose themselves and be eliminated.

The power to clean up the threads are in your hands.


Controlled demolition, at least with respect to the Towers, was considered fantasy land for a long time and has really come to be much more accepted in the past year or so. Just sayin'...

this is an overstatement i

this is an overstatement i hear no-planers make all the time. controlled demolition was a bit more taboo than it is now, but it was never as roundly rejected as the no-plane theory. i have always believed the towers were brought down with CD. i never though that no planes hit the towers. i bet you there is a lot of people on this board that would say the same thing.

two years ago the 'leaders'

two years ago the 'leaders' of the movement avoided C.D. because it was thought to be too harsh for people to be willing to listen to. large majorities of individuals in the movement supported C.D. and that is how it has become such a talking point.

NPT is different in that very small minorities in the movement support the theory but yet it has ended up on Fox news and in multiple printed publications.

the two situations are nothing alike except in the minds of those that believe in the NPT. the fact is that the larger community doesn't support it but they would rather blame it on mystical forces repressing the information (all the way to Fox news).

Know what?

I think that's a good argument FOR some kind of limitation being placed on the whack-jobs. While Controlled Demolition was taboo, the people who believed in it were getting their shit together to make a compelling case. They were on the fringe until they EARNED a place in the limelight. This is what I wish the no-planers/ tv disbelievers would do -- recognize the fact that people ARE NOT buying it, and work on making a case that will convince. Instead, they show us the same unconvincing crap over and over and over and over.

The tendency to reject new arguments because they're fringy, or too far out, or whatever, works as a process of natural selection. Ideas that truly have merit will eventually overcome disbelief BECAUSE they have merit, even if they seem very strange initially. This is completely different from the process of grossly pimping the same inadequate argument and artificially forcing people to keep examining it, which is what is going on here at this time.

Show "Perhaps this will help:" by CB_Brooklyn


That would be a waste of time.

it is my opinion that disinformation cointelpro is DESIGNED to waste people's time.

Show "anything but the fakery, eh?" by CB_Brooklyn

Hello, my old friend...

So, let me get this straight. You've posted a blog so people can talk about.... what they're supposed to talk about?

And in that post, you've asked people who agree with you about what you think people should be talking about not to talk about it here until the people who disagree with you about what we're supposed to talk about aren't allowed to talk about what you think we're not supposed to talk about here anymore?

Did I get that right? If so, then why are all of your "friends" ignoring your request? And why does my head start hurting every time I try to reread that last paragraph?

I preferred our old system back at b4n. Every time I based an argument on scientific fact, you'd provide me with a few more "eyewitnesses" in your rebuttal, so that I could add them to my ever-growing list of liars.

But if you insist on attempting to manipulate the rules of engagement, I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you what qualifies you to appoint yourself as the truth movement savior of the month.

Tell me... no - tell us all. What work have you done for this movement? What breakthroughs have you championed? Where is your research summary? Do you really consider hyperlinks to other people's research to be sufficient? What do you really hope to accomplish with this ridiculous posturing move?

If you really seek a title, I'll give you one: The Disrupter.

Would that make you happy? When they were handing out roles to play in these forums, how pissed were you when you got "Guy who takes up space?"

If you want to wear a crown so much, go get a job at Burger King already. You can be that creepy guy they're putting in all their commercials now. I know it's a little more work than what you do now, but at least maybe one or two kids might end up looking up to you.

"Jim Friedl": Man of Mystery

Fool researchers exist because there are real researchers - 21st Century Logician

Well I see not much has changed...

The same crapola can still be seen prominently displayed at the top of the recent posts tracker on a daily basis:

Super duper space beam blew up the towers, television fakery, mini nukes, no planes at the wtc, etc..

Dz still appears to have his finger firmly planted on the chicken switch and refuses to remove individuals promoting the nonsense listed above, which leads me to believe that he and this website are willfully participating in an ongoing disinformation campaign designed to harm the credibility of the 9/11 truth movement.

I refuse to be a part of it. So as I requested in my original blog post, please terminate my 911Blogger membership asap. Thanks.