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Terror, Unless Voters Approve Dictatorship

Bush junta deploys Osama campaign videos to frighten sheep into tacitly supporting unitary decidership

Rocker Henry Rollins-"freedom is under attack" brief video...

Henry Rollins-"freedom is under attack" (Warning Extreme Profanity) brief video message:


I haven't seen this film yet but if it's anything at like his other movies, I probably won't be voting for it...

It's only a brief video commentary/rant of 3 minutes...

It's only a brief video commentary/rant of 3 minutes. Good stuff.

greatest lie ever sold

Is way over the top and not in my opinion a good 9/11 film at all. It's full of Bohemian Grove satanic stuff and while that's not necessarily an invalid topic, this film is NOT going to help convince anyone that 9/11 researchers are legit--quite the opposite. Why not do this with 9/11 Mysteries?


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force



Thanks for being Honest..

I m going to do it with Martial law 911 rise of the police state...This is a very good film.