More Human Remains Found at Ground Zero

CNN is reporting that more human remains were found at the World Trade Center in New York.

A Consolidated Edison crew doing excavation of the manhole at street level found the remains, some as big as arm or leg bones, said Steve Coleman, a spokesman for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which owns the site.

Con Ed said it entered the site Wednesday to remove material from two manholes that had been damaged and abandoned after the 2001 collapse of the twin towers.

Crews hauled the excavated materials Wednesday to a work center more than a mile away, as is customary, Con Edison said. On Thursday morning, a contractor working for the Port Authority realized the materials contained remains, Con Edison spokesman Chris Olert said, and the medical examiner's office was contacted.


DNA is fragile organic material...

"During the excavation of the 110-story twin towers, which began the evening of the attacks and lasted for nine months, about 20,000 pieces of human remains were found. The DNA in thousands of those pieces, many small enough to slip into a test tube, was too damaged by heat, humidity and time to yield matches in the many tests forensic scientists have tried over the years."

Question: So how did they ID the passengers at the Pentagon & Shanksville???
Answer: They lied!!! The DNA results were fabricated!!!

Sure it was all fabricated!

Sure it was all fabricated! 9/11, so far as I can see, is a lie from top to bottom! If they lied about the towers and the Pentagon, it isn''t much of a stretch to think that they lied about the DNA as well!

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You guys know if any of the

You guys know if any of the family members got to see a whole body?
It seems like just body parts were found since 9/11/2001 at the tower collapse sites

yes, in fact Donna Marsh

yes, in fact Donna Marsh O'Connor, one of the most brave and outspoken family members said that her daughter was very much intact.


Her daughter's name was Vanessa Lang Langer and she was pregnant.

(I think trying to remember names has merit.)


The only reason she was mostly intact was because she was not INSIDE the towers, she was outside running away and got hit in the head with a UFO.

If she had been inside she would have been blown into tiny bits like most everyone else.

I believe just over 200 bodies were found "mostly" intact however only 12 bodies were identifiable without DNA.

Shocking. I don't understand

Shocking. I don't understand how a gravitational collapse could obliterate the human body like that.

Nunyabiz, WTF?

What the hell are you talking about? Have you heard or read Donna Marsh O'Connor's testimony? Are you calling her a liar?

Evidently, a small number of victims, who were above the impact zone and probably in a section of tower that fell more than blew up, were found intact. This would have been the South Tower, and we all remember seeing that large top section tilt dramatically and fall.

"Only 12 bodies were identifiable without DNA."

Yes, I believe she was one of them. So again I ask, WTF are you talking about?

fooling us with complexity

Argumenting with DNA-results is the ideal fraud because nobody except experts really knows how that is done. The only thing people are aware is how "accurate" DNA is, so when the govt. says it's DNA, then there's no reason to doubt.... Same with FAA/NORAD procedures (anyone has F-15s in his garage? and radars?), same with the *building collapses* (only structural experts can dispute the govt. story), and of course, and the CIA authentication of Osama tapes....


Which leads to this question.Where did the get the DNA to match it?

Perhaps the DNA results were

Perhaps the DNA results were genuine, but the provenance of the samples used is not as claimed. In other words, at least some of the people missing were real people; their real DNA could have been obtained somewhere!

I think the main fraud in the DNA identifications is...

How could airliners, seats, luggage, etc., disappear at the Pentagon & Shanksville, yet viable DNA survived???
Of the "hijackers" who were IDed with DNA, where did the known samples of the "hijackers" DNA originally come from to make the comparisons???

These questions are giant smoking guns, IMO. The "official story" is just one big lie after another to cover-up gov't sponsored mass-murder!!!

Passengers' DNA would've been obliterated...

Passengers' DNA would've been obliterated just like the planes were when they slammed their targets @ 500 mph!


This is grizzly!

Thanks for posting this!

Thanks for posting this!

Man, this thing just keeps getting sicker and sicker...I mean over five years later and remains are still being found? I read where remains were found on surrounding building I dunno about other people, but that leads me to believe even more firmly in the theory that explosives brought the towers down and not some little fire!
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What a pancake collapse can do.
“it is possible to fool all the people all the time—when government and press cooperate.” George Seldes - "legendary investigative reporter"



One thing is for sure. The

One thing is for sure. The newly discovered body parts won't be from any passengers from Flight 11 nor 175. Niether one of the planes that crashed into the towers were passenger planes.

IMO, the 3 aircraft that hit their targets on 9/11 were drones..

IMO, the 3 aircraft that hit their targets on 9/11 were drones..


Maybe this is the October surprise? Atta's leg found at scene!

how about finding these

how about finding these cell-phones, Barbara Olson's cell-phone

I have been communicating

I have been communicating telepathicly with Barbra Olson for the past 5 years via my cellphone headset... another thing you don't know about cell phones is that they can trancend the etheral plane.... also the 20th hijacker was ELVIS.... do you believe me Mom? You believe me, right Mom?

Have a good weekend everyone

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Karl Rove

This is Betty Ong

This is Betty Ong calling..... two people have been stabbed and mace has been sprayed in the cabin..... but nevermind the fact that nobody is screaming or making noise during my 30 minute phone conversation.....

because I told everyone to "Shooosh!"

If it were his

If it were his would be easy to identify..... he had a tattoo of Bush on his left cheek

Trilateral Commission

Well, the annual North East Regional meeting of the Trilateral Commision wraps up tommorow after a three day gathering to distribute orders, so I suspect there will be a whole new wave of things which will begin to be implemented.

What shocks me

is that there are mostly only bone *fragments*, even blown onto the roof of surrounding buildings.

What in hell did they use to blow the WTC? I mean, not only was the concrete pulverized, but so were the people.

Shock and Awe. This is disgusting.

in 9/11 Mysteries the

in 9/11 Mysteries the discuss a mine accident where for men were caught in a dynamite explosion and their remains were brought out in a bucket as a comparison of bodies destroyed by explosives

OT: October suprise

Isnt it supposed to be going down tommorow??

USA Today - April 13, 2006

I've also seen reports from separate incidents in other mainstream sources. One spanned back a few months ago in the Independent (I think) that talked about over 1,100 victims not identified and a collection of thousands of remained fragments sitting in some hanger or lab somewhere. Again, there was a lot of mention of small fragments showing up on rooftops hundreds of yards away.

VERY SUBTLE reminder of

VERY SUBTLE reminder of 9/11...

sure thing that this story will travel in the
PRO-capitalist media.

9/11 was good for business, bad for democracy.

I hadn't seen nor heard this before...

If anyone has a link, please provide it. (I don't think a bound body would remain intact through such an extreme crash, explosion(s), & fires.)

You Got That Right

Just a little reminder of 911 before the election. It's so ridiculious, so many must truly be mind-fucked to not notice how everything in the news changes before elections, whether it is increased terror warnings (bogus warnings) or anything else which conveys the message that our nation is at peril.