MSNBC Links to Loose Change Debate Video.

I was searching around on MSNBC.COM so that I could find an email address where i could reach Olbermann's staff. I simply wanted to commend them on their coverage of the Military Commissions Act. After doing so, I checked the MSNBC blog link hoping to find some more discussion on the topic. What I found was even better, at the top of the MSNBC's blog page, is a staffer blog called "Clicked, Sneaky Links." When I visited this blog, which is run by MSNBC, I scrolled down to Oct. 16th and saw that they had created a blog entry called "Loose Change and Making Sense." Here's the text of the blog, along with a link to it.

"The Loose Change guys versus the Popular Mechanics guys. In case you're not familiar, Loose Change is a video that argues that 9/11 did not happen the way the story is told in popular media. Popular Mechanics published a debunking of many of the points of the 9/11 conspiracy theorists. It's really fascinating to see them debate in person. The reasoning style of the 9/11 guys is pretty fascinating in itself. They don't seem as interested in answering questions as they are about making sense of questions. They ask a lot of "If A is true, then why B?" questions. A and B don't necessarily answer each other, but when put together they imply an answer. Speaking of arguing with 9/11 doubters here's South Park's take."

Contained withing the text was a link to the Debate between Loose Change, and Popular Mechanics on Democracy Now. The link provided in the blog is here...

I wasn't sure if anyone had posted this MSNBC blog before, so here it is.


I wish MSNBC would get NBC tv to show Loose Change...

on nation-wide television!