Now I'm An Al-Quaeda Sympathiser!!!

In addition to 9/11 I am also interested in TITANIC (the ship, not the moive) and I have been posting about
atrocities in Iraq and 9/11 on an off-topic thread. Finally, some hare-brained Fundie who thinks the sun rises
and sets on Dubya decided that I am a a sympathiser with Al Quaeda and other assorted terrorists!
That HAD to be the living end so far as I am concerned! How questioning 9/11 and atrocities committed in
the name of Americans (of whom I am one) makes me a terrorist sympathiser is beyond my ability to figure

The REAL terrorist here is George W. Bush!! He has systematically worked at whittling away our God-given
rights as Americam citizens! He has instituted the quasi-Gestapo Homeland Security and turned it loose on
anyone who doesn't want to buy the badly-concocted story of what happened on 9/11!

I want to know what REALLY happened and I feel I have a pretty good idea after checking out the 9/11 Truth
movement. I want to know because THOUSANDS of people, both Americans and non-Americans were MURDERED on the planes, in the Towers, in the Pentagon, and in a field in Pennsylvania. Do I sound Pissed? YOU BET I AM!

As for the war in Iraq--thousands of our young people have been slaughtered and torture carried out in the name
of the American people. What the HELL makes us think we should be going over there and perpetrating stuff
like the tortures and degredation visitied on prisoners at Abu Ghraib? Who the HELL died and left the American
government as God? We wonder WHY we are so hated around the world...gee, could it be because we are usually
on the WRONG side in all these wars we see fit to either foment or intervene in? Gee, I wonder...NOT!