Oil, Smoke & Mirrors -- new favorite 9/11 documentary

I don't know if this video has been talked about here on 9/11 blogger -- it's pretty new. I just watched it last night and it's now one of my favorites (and I've seen just about all of them).

Free for viewing on Google: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=8677389869548020370&q=oil+smoke+and+mirrors

Yes, it's a Peak Oil film but even if you don't believe in the premise of Peak Oil, the segments on 9/11 are excellent and quite lengthy. Interviews with Michael Meacher, Richard Heinberg, David Shayler, Andreas von Bulow, Webster Tarpley, Christopher Bollyn, and others. Only 50 minutes, but quite compelling. Main website for documentary: http://oilsmokeandmirrors.com

It's a good film and a bad

It's a good film and a bad film.

People are still in denial about peak oil, understandably.

Palast may be right that the invasion of Iraq was designed to turn off the spigots and not on. Artificial scarcity is par-the-course. Either way the attack was old-fashioned imperialism: control of resources and cheap labor.

But that’s not the point. Geologists are 99% agreed that oil is not “abiotic.” It can’t be re-grown like timber. It’s a finite resource.

The problem is that the film – aping the majority of peak oil theorists – fails to take into account the monumental waste of state capitalism.

80% of what we produce is essentially useless; most of our “goods and services” are designed to keep us stupefied, not enrich our lives. There’s an old term: “manufactured wants”.

In fact, were we to eliminate these trifles, we’d be fine, and we could move beyond an oil-based economy, and there’d be no need for “population reduction”. And that’s precisely what will happen, assuming we win and they don’t. Mickey Mouse statues and glow-in-the-dark condoms will be too expensive to manufacture, let alone buy.

Peak oil is a good thing. We’ll start decentralizing our economies, growing our own food, getting rid of super-states and useless weapons and oil cartels and Bushes, coming together, federating horizontally, living democratically. If that sounds utopian, you ain’t seen nuthin yet. We have no other choice.

"We’ll start

"We’ll start decentralizing our economies, growing our own food, getting rid of super-states" I sort of completely agree with that, but Peak Oil is a total scam from what I've read of it. It's not about being in denial for me dude, it's about recognising that Chavez for example has more Oil then Saudi Arabia, Russia is swimming in the stuff as well as gas, and just generally there's a lot of Oil out there. We should get off it, but not because of some scam dreamt up by Dutch Royal Shell. We should phase out oil because above all it's a pollutant and there are better, cleaner more efficient technologies. And I know that apart from the energy factor, everything plastic is practically made of Oil, and there's a lot of plastic being made around the globe. But that again doesn’t mean we're "running out". Understand dude that there are "elite" agendas out there, Oil is a monopoly game, they don't want the public to recognise that there's cheep abundant Oil, it's called "artificial scarcity". Also there's a sickeningly insane idea that the planet is over populated and that a large chunk of the "human herd" need to be culled. It's just total bullshit because developed countries of which France is a prime example, have population decline. Its because in Third World countries people have more children instinctively because there's more insecurity and higher infant mortality. So by having more kids there's a better chance that at least a few might actually manage to grow up, it's survival. Developed countries on the other hand are more comfortable and secure and so people don't have this drive to have a massive number of kids. So essentially the answer to the "population control" problem, if there was actually a problem which there isn’t in my opinion, is to help develop the undeveloped countries. But of course the opposite is what happens because the "elite" want to maintain monopoly power etc. "Peak Oil" is just another justification for the "elites" Machiavellian designs. It justifies the war on terror, 9/11 and it makes Big Oil even richer. By killing 80% of the planet these people believe in their megalomaniac delusions that they can rule what’s left of the remaining 20% indefinitely. That's what it's about, so please don't fall for their paid for debates like "Peak Oil" and "Over Population", they are the scams of the enemy IMO!

Alex Jones In Studio With Greg Palast: Big Oil & The Armed Madhouse

Greg Palast: Big Oil & The Armed Madhouse

Alex Jones welcomes Greg Palast live in studio to discuss high crimes and misdemeanors of the corporate elite as exposed in Palast's new bestselling book Armed Madhouse: Who's Afraid of Osama Wolf?, China Floats, Bush Sinks, The Scheme to Steal '08,No Child's Behind Left, and Other Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Class War.

Palast covers the pre-9/11 plans to formulate policies for controlling Iraq's oil fields and the cover-up surrounding them, the deliberate plan to engender chaos in Iraq, the state of journalism in America, and the slow slide to soft dictatorship.

Palast's analysis of the peak oil scam decimates the claims of those who say black gold is on its way out of existence and it should be regulated by oil companies who in their own documents have been caught creating artificial scarcity. The role of Venezuela and Hugo Chavez in oil politics is also covered.