Oklahoma News Papers to run 9/11 Truth Ad

What follows is the first in a series of campaign ads that will run next week in the Oklahoma City Gazette news paper, circulation of 55,500. A PDF of this is also attached to this Blog entry. Please support Matthew Woodson here:

Matthew Woodson
Independent Candidate
US House 5th District of Oklahoma

Paid for by Woodson to Washington

9/11/01 an inside job?

By MATTHEW HORTON WOODSON, ‘Independent’ U.S. Congressional Candidate

It’s highly possible; so what can you do about it? First, research the facts yourself; secondly, vote November 7 as if our country depends on you.

This past February I first witnessed the collapse of the 3rd World Trade Center building. The 47-story World Trade Center 7 (WTC7) collapsed about 5:20pm on 9/11 at near free fall speed in what appears to be controlled demolition (explosives). After months of research I now have no doubt that domestic criminals were involved with 9/11.

Before February, I had never heard of WTC7; that’s because, unlike the twin towers, the media practically censored any coverage of it. If you haven’t heard of WTC7 you’re not alone; I asked former Attorney General John Ashcroft about WTC7, he said “knew very little about it”; Congressman Frank Lucas is also “unaware” of it.

9/11 was a catalyzing event that is still driving our foreign and domestic policy. It has lead to the Patriot Act and to legal torture. Knowing that domestic criminals were involved makes me ask who would commit t is crime, and why? Asking myself, what can I do about it? I decided to run for congress.

There are two conspiracy theories about what happened on 9/11. The ‘official’ theory has inspired a comic book and a TV movie. The ‘alternative’ theory is best described in David Ray Griffin’s book The New Peal Harbor. He illustrates that Cheney and Rumsfeld are members of “The Project for a New American Century” (PNAC). In September of 2000 PNAC published a paper outlining their long term foreign policy goals. PNAC goals include building bases in the Middle East “even should U.S.- Iranian relations improve”, and “stability operations in North Korea”. PNAC knew these goals would take a long time to achieve “absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event-like a new Pearl Harbor”.

PNAC members understand politics. It has been said the politics is ultimately achieved at the end of a gun (or maybe an anthrax letter). PNAC realizes their goals (like terminating aircraft carrier production, or controlling space and cyberspace) might “cause great upheaval” but it is “key to world power”.

Currently, our military, economy, and food supply depends on cheap oil. That is why the Middle East is such a great national security interest. This century we will experience ‘peak oil’; this means world oil production will decline, just as world demand is increasing.

I believe our biggest national security threat is our addiction to oil. We must immediately begin the inevitable transition towards reducing oil demand, by being a conservative country.

I believe we can be an energy independent country if our policies encourage it. There are numerous business opportunities for Oklahomans in this transition, and we don’t have to sacrifice our American lifestyle.

I believe that policies based on deception are unsustainable, and we need a Government that operates on truth, trust, and transparency. This is why I support a Congressional investigation of the crimes of September 11th.

Most importantly, when we ask our fellow citizens to kill and die in our name, we must be honest about those reasons.

Woodson, age 36, is a first time candidate, who believes an informed and alert public makes for a healthy democracy. Vote November 7-“There comes a time when silence is betrayal”

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wow. that was one of the

wow. that was one of the most obvious examples of islamophobia ive seen in a long time. couldnt be more typical, really. i feel sorry for people like that. there are really only 2 options. either your dumb enough to actually fall for the lies that surround "the war on terror", or you actively profit from it and lie to yourself. which one are you? brainwashed or making money? or are you lucky enough to do both "Anonymous". i think im simply gonna type "islamophobic" after everything MormonJihad and people like you say. your scum and brainwashed,weak minded cowards.

The Saudi Interior Minister disagrees with you, Chris.

regardless, your still

regardless, your still islamophobic. and a coward too, get a name. you do know your a useful idiot right? they are using your pathetic fear. how dense can you be?

Open your eyes, Chris.

There's no use hiding you head in the sand.


you forgot the part where

you forgot the part where half those terrorist networks were either created by or are manipulated by western intelligence agencies including the US. but then, you get all of your information from islamophobic,racist, reactionary, fear mongering, rightwing toolbag websites. get a name already coward.

Don't forget this

dont forget that your a

dont forget that your a fearful ,gullible little coward.

Don't forget this

More truth

the Saudi interior minister depends on American guns

to retain his post, since SAUDI ARABIA IS NOT A DEMOCRACY.

So of course the current undemocratic Saudi regime is going to claim to feel threatened by Islamofascists (which describes THEM pretty well), that way they can look like good guys lookin'out for America's best interests, when in fact they just want America to back up their own despicable regime.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero

WTCdemolition.com - Harvard Task Force


LOL @ That Tripe...

I guess Barnum was right. The title is spot on, the content however, is for the unthinking masses of useful idiots.

Where's the PDF?

Where's the PDF?

The link is fixed and you

The link is fixed and you can find a link to the PDF right beside the link listing the number of comments.

Or, click here:


messed up link

the www.VoteWoodson.com link above is hosed up, check it out, thx

WTC 7 is the key indeed, must expose WTC 7

I asked former Attorney General John Ashcroft about WTC7, he said “knew very little about it”

What are the odds he's

What are the odds he's lying?

where did you see Ashcroft?

where did you see Ashcroft? that must have been interesting.

You'll have to ask...

MATTHEW HORTON WOODSON. These are his words.

thank you Matthew Woodson! i

thank you Matthew Woodson! i love how your focusing on WTC7 by the way. people will eventually be exposed to what was inside it etc.

Needed: Cog in the wheels

Where I'm at is that those who run under the '9/11' -ticket at this point are sort of playing with fire, so the question is how to encircle the target voters. Since there are only about 5 to 10 Nationwide, we'll either have to help them make each election really count, as in literally go to Florida to poll for your favorite, etc. Or, we'll need to support their effort with a parallel, but not necessarily equal effort.

The perps would not have us be so crafty!

What I came up with is admittedly, a hari-kari approach, but then so is our Nations certain destiny. I'm tyaking a wide-tip and adding "9/11 TRUTH!" to the top of EVERY Canidate's signs. - Now, watch them deny the charge, ass*oles!!

Nice guy, young guy

Met him at LA, right before the conference he actually interviewed me with a proper video camera setup.

Kind of interesting, someone going for congress interviewing a foreign citizen, for whatever reason I find it bizarre.


You know, I usually don't like it when people are unneccesarilly critical on here but I feel I have to make a comment about this. Although I am happy that someone is running on an independent ticket and on 9/11, and I am happy he has done A LOT to get out info on 9/11 to the general public--like show people on the streets WTC7 falling on his portable DVD player---that is GREAT---I am a little surprised and disapointed in this ad. I mean, okay, I guess I shouldn't criticize---I don't mean to criticize, but I just think it could have been done better. I mean, am I running for a seat? NO. Have I been on the streets with a portable DVD player showing evidence? Again, NO. However, to me, when you take on this issue and decide to become a dedicated patriot and get out info about it, you have to do everything you can to be responsible for your actions. Everything you do and say about 9/11 individually can shape opinions about it. And, it is my opinion (I may be wrong) that this advertisement was not well done and every effort should have been made to make sure that every word was carefully written, every sentence carefully crafted. A consultant or someone should have seen that this ad is all over the place. It mentions WTC7 but doesn't really say much about it--like how fast it fell. Then the ad mentions PNAC but only mentions two of the members when I could think of a few more names that would have been nice to list to draw a better connection in peoples minds. It then--and this is the most troubling part: it refers to PNAC as trying to get "the key to world power"!
Then, ---just something kind of annoying but, a quote from Bush is used by Matt about our addiction to oil.

WTC7, PNAC---both great things to get people to investigate but neither were properly introduced. Some people might think WTC7 was just one of those smaller building s in the plaza that got damaged. As far as PNAC goes, there wasn't anything really damning said about it. Remember, you have to see this from fresh eyes, from the perspective of someone who does not know about any of this yet. SO, that also means that when mention "key to world power" you have just lost several readers right there. They will think you are a nut job. Too many things mentioned there to comprehend what the hell the author is trying to get at. Also,in the intro, there could have been more done with the mentioning of the two different "conspiracy theories". I wish it wasn't refered as that but since it was, it could have been put in the context of making much more sense and being much more likely than 19 foriegn hijakers with box-cutters and a lead man in a cave.
And my last complaint: the title including the words "9/11 Inside Job". Well, first of all there are some within the truth movement that think there may have been some involvement with the initial idea of an attack including radical Muslims but that our gov. leaders took it on and did there own thing with it or altered it or hired ---blah blah blah, you get my point. My point is: Americans that don't know what the hell we are talking about yet still think it was foreigners and when you throw out there it was an "INSIDE JOB" all of a sudden they will dismiss you because all they know are the faces that were put on their TV screens--and those weren't American faces. You see, I am trying to say, you can't educate people backwards. You have to give them something they can handle, something they can understand, grasp and then move them on to the tougher, more difficult to understand info. Otherwise you have lost them, they will ignore you, think you are nuts. If you truly want people to get on board and be pissed off and ready to stand up for their country, you can't just try and shock them into it. This is not a contest to see who can shock people, who can rant the most, it is about really working smart. We have to be smart about this. We have to do what it takes to wake up the mainstream. And, we won't do that by half-assing it. Our messages have to be wisely chosen.

I know I must come off as a real ass right now. I like Matt, I met him in Chicago. I am extremely proud of what he is doing. He has done more than his fair share in exposing people to the truth. This is not a criticism against him. These are just my opinions about the ad. I know first hand how difficult it is to get a lot of important info you want wrapped up into an ad that can only contain so many words. I understand. And, it is easier sitting here on my laptap and saying these things when I am not in the middle of a campaign and doing a million things at once like he must be right now. So kudos to Matt for even doing this for even getting people to question 911. That is what matters.

My only intention is to get people that are going to put out flyers for a showing of 9/11 related movies or a 9/11 meeting or anything having to do with this issue---to get them to be very thoughtfull in the message they are sending out to new eyes when they are writing or typing those words. When fresh eyes see 9/11, I want them to be interested in looking into it further, to question the official theory, not to immediatley lable us as nut jobs. We have to make our messge consumable and lead to more questions and places that they can find the answers.

Understanding how people learn, understanding how to make talking points, how to "frame an issue", "message mapping", all that needs to be considered when trying to relay an important message---especially when it is complicated such as this.

some ideas:
Maybe state some facts used in bullet points including the sources in small print at the bottom. That way, it isn't something they can easily dismiss.:


"It mentions WTC7 but doesn't really say much about it--like how fast it fell. [...] Some people might think WTC7 was just one of those smaller building s in the plaza that got damaged."

But he does say it fell at nearly free fall speed and that it was 47 storeys high. Still, I think he should have used the word "skyscraper".

"when mention 'key to world power' you have just lost several readers right there"

But it is made clear in the ad that "key to world power" is a direct quote from the PNAC document!

I think the ad was quite satisfactory, although you made good points about what could have made it better.

But why is it so difficult to use dashes?

"absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event-like a new Pearl Harbor” should read
"absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event -- like a new Pearl Harbor”

as my 94 year-old father told me a few months ago...

'hyphens' ..... not 'dashes'.....

"There are none so hoplessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free" (Goethe)..... a paraphrase from V: Cast aside the illusions. Only when you are finally hopeless can you truly be free.

isn't the double hyphen shorthand for an actual em-dash?

i could be wrong -- the point however is that Matt is doing a fantastic job!


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero

WTCdemolition.com - Harvard Task Force


Yes, I think the double

Yes, I think the double hyphen is shorthand for dash. If it is more precisely shorthand for em dash, is a single hyphen separated by spaces from the surrounding words shorthand for an en dash, then?

You are right.... I forgot

You are right.... I forgot he did mention near free fall speed. And yeah, I know he was using the quote from PNAC but my point was that most people don't know what the PNAC is. When you are just introducing it without sources then using a profound quote like that, many will just think that you are a nut and they won't google it to see if it is a real quote from a real group. A full quote with context would have been better with more info about PNAC---if that was his angle. I guess he should pick an angle and go with it. Like: one ad mentioning PNAC, fully explaining the contexts of his quotes, the members involved, their goals etc. more clearly assoc. them with 9/11 and what happened after. The next ad could mention more info on WTC7 and Controlled Demolition using info from Dr. Steven Jones. I am not his media adviser so those are just my personal thoughts based on my personal experiences. Sorry if I offend anyone, especially Matt. Like I said, I am proud of him and am excited that he is running.

you are right, you shouldn't

you are right, you shouldn't criticize someone doing as much for the truth movement as this guy is. instead of writing lengthy comments on 911 blogger, please be more useful for the movement in other ways.

Where is the love? Damn

"instead of writing lengthy comments on 911 blogger, please be more useful for the movement in other ways."

I am useful to the movements in other ways.

I used this space to defend a fellow truther after being attacked on here. The concern from Matt should have been directed at Chris individually ---not here. I wonder why you didn't question his use of this space. So, since Matt chose thsi forum, I defended my friend just as I will defend any truther I know. I hope others that know me would do the same.

I think it is kind of odd that I get critized for using this space to defend a respected truther --only after being attacked here--but there are numberous times I have to scan a million posts that are nothing but personal rants between regulars just to get something actually worth reading. I do it once to defend someone and I get critized. Hmm. Thanks a lot.

Thanks for the comments...

Tanya, you forgot to criticize my misspelling of lead…suppose to be led. Or punctuation problem I had.

Oklahoma City is the heart of the homeland. More people than I realized believe that 9/11 was an inside job. OKC make lots of money from the military and oil. People seem to either out right support the crimes of 9/11 as a political method, or still have fearful memories of the Oklahoma City bombing, and opt not to say anything.

The ‘anti-war movement’ knows about 9/11, but chooses to be silent. The most liberal church is hosting a candidate forum, but has not invited me because I’m so out spoken. Channel 4 (NBC) also didn’t give me the opportunity to ‘debate’ on live television.

People know about 9/11. This ad isn’t about 9/11 instruction, it’s about reaching out to those who want a way to speak out anonymously…through the ballot box. I also made it a point to include the aircraft carrier comment, just in case that is the next false flag attack.

Please send me 250 words, and I’ll consider placing it in my next news paper ad. This one will market the richest people in the State.

I met John Ashcroft at a book signing (at Walmart of all places). I didn’t press him as much as I should have. I happen to run into your friend Chris Emery (OKC bombing expert) there, you should ask about our conversation.

FYI – 9/11Bogger has been banned from our public library…must be doing something right! Keep up the good work all.

It's Tonya not Tanya--Just kidding!

Hey Matt. That is total B.S. that you are not invited to take part in the debate. How is that legal?

I must say that I am happy if you live in a community that is pretty much awake to what is going on. My comments came from my perspective here in Indiana where there is nothing and I have to start from scratch. You certainly know your community and constituents better than I. I will consider giving you a sample of something that may be good for your campaign and you can take a gander and make your critique!

As far as the Ashcroft book signing thing, yeah, I talked to Chris and he mentioned you and your comments there. I have to say, you don't know what you did. He wasn't kissing ass---he was there for a good reason and had a real purpose behind what he was doing and I hope you didn't mess it up for him. Although, I understand your reaction to what you saw, I wish you had just spoken privately to Chris afterward to see what was up rather than handle it the way you did.


It wasn't watching him get three books signed by John Ashcroft that made me speak with him afterwards.

I spoke with Mr. Emery afterwards to ask him why he is telling people I am a FBI informant. Here's the conversation we had.

I don't mind when the television station owned by the New York Times (the company that published your face next to their hit piece about Chicago) don't invite me to their televised debates, I expect that.

But I'm not past questioning the motives of people when the falsely accuse me of being a FBI informant. Mr. Emery, “co-producer at OTR Films”, is very secretive, he won't even tell me what OTR stands for, and he certainly won't share the documentation he apparently has that shows that I'm an FBI informant.

I hope that Mr. Emery someday releases this film he speaks of, or any film for that matter...and that he truly helps our cause. But I don't see how spreading rumors about me will aid in that process.

OTR film, by the way, is a plastic used to COVER UP food

Your Behaviour is troubling

Matt, you don't know why he did his thing w/ Ashcroft--it may look suspicious but he has his reasons and that is none of your business. As for the conversation you had, your attack mode on a respected truther like Chris was just wrong. As far as questioning motives goes: he has reason to question your motives. You pop into his life and start asking too many damn questions and want too much info about what his investigation. You even call me and see what I know about him. Why are you so interested? Then you attack him and publicly broadcast his phone number and email address while trying to make him look supisious when all along you are the suspicious figure in all of this. Chris is working on an investigation that has led to some important info and he is not about to just give it all out to you. What the hell do you think? As far as the FBI thing goes---to be specific, HE never publically accused you of that. If anyone does want to see for themselves some proof about your background they are certainly open to do their own search.
YOUR actions and behaviour have been a little suspicious and although I have tried to overlook it and believe that maybe your past is innocent or is nothing to be suspicious of, I cannot help but be more worried about your true intentions after I see how you have handeled this. I am disapointed in your actions and how over the top you have reacted with your google video.

Gees, I hope you don't post my phone number on the net too. And by the way, OTR is not a cover up name, it actually stands for something from an inside joke amongst the OKC investigators.

I was publicly accused of being an FBI informant...

...because of Chris Emery.

Mr. Emery lied to someone I had only met twice. That person, for his own reasons, decided to stand up in a room full of potential voters and other candidates to announce "I have reason to believe Mr. Woodson is FBI..."

After getting over the initial shock of this mans accusation I asked him why he believed I was FBI. He provided me with information that only Chris Emery would of known.

Chris Emery could play a game of twister with Mr. Ashcroft for all I care. He could star in a movie, and call it Masquerade; that is his business. When Mr. Emery decides he is going to spread lies about me then I have no problem making his phone and email available for all the world to contact him, so he can share his valuable opinion to them. Maybe he will provide these his “documents” to them.

I hope he does question my motives, more than ever, I now question his. There is no reason to believe that 'they' wouldn't try to control the 9/11 truth movement by using their own independent investigators, web sites, experts, or electing a 'truth candidate' for the matter.

It's clear to me that there are other wolves in sheep’s clothing here in OKC, Chris Emery MAY be one of them, or he simply may be led astray himself. He says he has documents…I want to see them.

As for your "attack mode" defense of Mr. Emery, I'm simply looking at evidence, evaluating, and putting it out there for peer review. I haven’t asked any questions about his investigation, and by the way, how many questions do you consider “too many damn questions”?

Your trick won't work

I think it is more than curious how you have done the trick of trying to turn the tables of suscpicious behaviour. You KNOW you have asked questions about what Chris is investigating and you know that you have tried to get what little info I might have just because he and I are friends. Your interest has been suspiscious from the start. Your constant runnings into Chris and curioustity into the investigation and so on. Let alone how you have conducted yourself lately in this very tasteless manner.

I usually get very angry when people on these sites accuse others of being here with the wrong motives too quickly. But, with you, and your past behaviours and how you have shown yourself now, and especially that you are trying to make people question Chris, now you have really made me think something is not right with you and your intentions. I hope I am wrong.

What is produced from an investigation is usually held with care for a good reason. So like I said before, any info anyone may want to get on you they can do a search themselves.

As for your concerns about OKC investigation and Chris, I am thru. I will not continue this with you.

will you two please shut the

will you two please shut the fuck up and correspond over email if you want to continue your debate. point being MATT THANK YOU FOR DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING!

if you read

if you read my comments you would see that I said I was thru with this issue and him.

As for the debate starting here in the first place you can thank Matt for that. He called me and when I did not pick up and talk to him he resorted to posting here and including a link to the google video on a fellow truther posting that persons private cell number and email address. I think that is uncalled for and I stood up for my friend.

As for emailing---no way, I don't want him to have my email address too.

I am not the only one who

I am not the only one who has complained to dz that Chris causes trouble and seems to quite enjoy calling people disinfo agents. He has accused me of working the for the government, he has accused many people. So I don't think it's wrong, as you say, to suggest he may have other motives.