Truth Trickling Into Mainstream Press!!

This is kind of a big deal--here's a clipping of the letters section of today's Boston Metro - the free daily that everyone seems to read on the morning commute.  Look at the second letter from "Jose Ramirez".  Is this some kind of stealth, or what!  Of course we'd prefer a huge headline but this just confirms the rumors I've heard that people are being prepared for a very slow but definite releasing of truth.  Onward truthers!!  -RT

chirp chirp.....chirp chirp....chirp chirp

Does NO ONE else find this letter, mentioning the unmentionable explosions in OK City AND 9/11 worth commenting on? Yeesh!

Also, can anyone tell if he means Americans really do have to come together or that they just assume they do, and does he believe that the Reichstag fire really was the work of a malcontent?

I find this letter as fascinating as it is confusing...


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


He's using sarcasm there

It's quite obvious he's on the right team :)

btw: Marinus van der Lubbe really did set fire to the Reichstag - like any good patsy he was made to believe that he did it himself: