9/11 Twin Towers Collapse: Independent Media

9/11 Twin Towers Collapse: Independent Media Research Brings Back A Different Story
by Robin Good and Michael Pick, masternewmedia.org

The events of September 11, 2001 are embedded in the collective unconscious. Emotive images of the World Trade Center towers collapsing, of the jet plane collisions, of people leaping to their deaths, have received so much airplay in the international media as to define the tone of the decade - a decade that ushered in a permanent and nebulous war, indefinite incarcerations and the justification of illegal torture.

But the official line taken by the global mass media has not gone unquestioned by an increasingly less trusting, increasingly more resourceful public. Powered by internet discussion groups, citizen journalism and the informal networks of video sharing that have sprung up around YouTube and Google Video, questions have been raised as to just who was behind the tragic events of 9/11.

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The same old debunked nonsense

It's instructive that the authors of this article believe they can still make old claims that have been debunked years ago and foist them on you. Why you would even consider this link to nonsense is quite amazing.

The only issue which has been 'debunked' is...

traditional controlled demolition of WTC 1 &2 (as seen at WTC7). The twin towers were pulverized, method unknown, but most likely high energy weaponary in combination with traditional explosives.


Traditional explosives and even thermite/thermate (sorry "Professor" Steven Jones), do not account for the observed events, namely the pulverization of steel and concrete into dust.

Yep. Right on!

The "official story" got embedded throughout the mainstream...

media because the msm received most of their information about the events of 9/11 from our government. There are also many high-level moles in the msm (O'Reilly strikes me as a CIA asset/agent) who gladly spout the "official lies."

Conspiracy freaks

Can we PLEASE sterilze all the morons who knat size brains believe the Govt blew up the towers. PLEASE leave America you left winh liberal freaks.