JREF forums banning truthers willy-nilly

I was dared by several debunkers to go to the JREF conspiracy theory forum and was told that my arguments would be destroyed there.

After joining all i received was abuse from the people there and I never complained, but they all complained about me and the admin backed them up saying "I know CTists are hard to deal with".

 I have now been banned and Killtown was banned in the same day. 

I urge you all to join the forum and present your arguments in a polite civil manner and produce as much evidence as you can.  These people cannot be allowed to get away with what they are doing.


The link is:      http://forums.randi.org/forumdisplay.php?f=64

Tell me about it...

I have been banned from 911blogger...

I know what it feels like.


why were u banned?

go over to JREF and wind em up

its pity more than

its pity more than attention

i understand how it is for plain girls

iv just put that lying tit gravy on ignore, now ur joining him u desperado

jessicarabbit has been

jessicarabbit has been banned as a sockpuppet of pdoherty etc

he keeps coming back like a little baby

but his lack of facts and bad numbers are just funny

then he posts junk , one line at a time just like a litte kid

1 grade? or lower

JREF hosts our debunkers. Don't waste your time.

I traced some of our most vocal debunkers back to the JREF forum, where they appear to be quite welcome. Save yourself a trip into the lions den and take your advocacy somewhere less directly antagonistic to our cause.

International Truth Movement

OK, I am registered...

OK, I am registered... awaiting activation.

what exact post got killtown banned?

I can still see his posts there.. (but it says BANNED under his name)

DZ can I get unbanned here on 911blogger?

to close the bold tag...

to close the bold tag... (sorry)

See, I am on my best behaviour...

DZ should have a heart and unban me.

how many times do i have to

how many times do i have to ask people to stop making requests via comments directed at me?

i DO NOT READ all the comments on this site. you have not emailed me once, try that first.

i was banned for using

i was banned for using phrases like idiot on jref, even tho people were calling me a retard and a terrorist supporter and a pedophile!

killtown didnt even do what i did so i think they are banning truthers when they feel like it

No, you were banned for trying to circumvent your suspension

You were suspended for three days for repeated breaches of the rules, and then you tried to circumvent your suspension by re-registering with another name.

You should have just taken your lumps and gone back to fight another day. Too bad for you that you didn't.


u2, why were you banned?


Finally I scrolled down


... and found that I had violated rules I knew nothing about.

Normally one is issued a (public) warning.

Users issued with a warning this week would have made a wonderful blog-entry, eh?

User 2:
[u2r2h, i.e. I,posted this:]
No Planers are not worth responding to.
911blogger bias has been made clear.
Please, everyone, make sure you DO NOT RESPOND!
Its the new thing.
[dz determined this:]
Rules violated:
Blog entries may not be used for the sole purpose of attacking or confronting individuals
Do not use the site to continue arguments with other users from thread to thread
Post useful information and commentary, not ad-hominem attacks or insults
Users who are found to post only with the intention of attacking other users, will be temporarily (or permanently) banned.

Well, looks sane enough. Gulp.

I guess I deserved to be banned.

Better start talking about 911 again...

If anyone has his IP blocked, like me, you can always use http://www.phproxy.org ...

Kevin Barrett is

I consider it a validation

I consider it a validation of the 911truth movement's popularity if conspiracy hobbiest have taken it upon themselves to refute the well establish foundations of this movement. They are people always seeking out conflicts with the establishment, which the truth movement has become.

only dolts with no evidence

only dolts with no evidence are banned from real world sites

maybe you are one

or do you just lack facts

Seems if you had some facts the CT world would have a Pulitzer Prize

if the best you have is high school drop outs like Charlie Sheen, you may be nuts

Originally Posted by

Originally Posted by pdoherty76
well with lies like that i can no longer accept anything u say

bye bye baby

he was over there acting

he was over there acting real dumb,

all you need is evidence, real facts and a brain when you come back