Buzzflash Launches user-driven Article System has launched today. Similar to Digg or the Netscape front page, users can submit and vote on articles, and drive them to the top of the list for maximum visibility.

I found this OpEd there today, Pulling the 9/11 Lynch Pin, and voted it up. The registration process seems to be running smoothly, I got my confirmation email within an hour.

Buzzflash has been very reluctant to cover 9/11 skepticism, but if they are actually relying on user-driven points, Buzzflash could become a great conduit for reaching out to Left-leaning headline scanners who don't surf the 9/11 sites.

Thanks to Joe in Dallas for the idea.


With 15-20 000 hits that 911blogger gets everyday, there should enough people around here to drive such articles to the top.

ya, thanks for the heads up

ya, thanks for the heads up reprehensor!


That article "Pulling the 9/11 Lynch Pin" is the best I've read in a very LONG TIME. It sums up the whole DAMN THING!!!

Oh my God, if only our (MSM) press were still free!



Do 911blogger admins plan to add buzz to the quicklink icons?

Do 911blogger admins plan to add a buzz icon to the quicklink iconized links (currently enlisting,, and