Fox News Brief on Steven Jones's Early Retirement From BYU

Looks like Fox News picked up on Steven Jones's Early Retirement..

ha, love the joint smoking

ha, love the joint smoking pot leaf at the end. Brett Baer is a total tool, easily one of the weakest in the white house press corps. and thats saying something. the only person in that room worth a damn is Helen Thomas.

Helen Thomas

"The only person in that room worth a damn is Helen Thomas."..................Right again Chris.

Regardless of how she

Regardless of how she compares to everyone else in the room, I'm not sure Helen Thomas is even worth a darn at this point, let alone a damn.

no, she is. there is a

no, she is. there is a reason they do their best not to call on her, and when they do they make sure to cut her off every time. i watch a lot of the WHite House press briefings, and i can assure you, though she hasnt asked about 9/11, she is indeed still worth a damn.

that leaf was a logo for

that leaf was a logo for which appears to be some sort of a porn site, not sure because I did not enter. I try to avoid porn sites, too many communicable computer diseases to be picked there. But anyway it was still curious to see a radical link. Does anybody know what the story is behind . Is he the dude who cut the fox clip and posted it? Something odd about it.

wow, not once did he use the

wow, not once did he use the word 'conspiracy' to describe the dubious and shady flavour' of jones's research! i cant belive it! or did i miss it?

That seemed impressive to

That seemed impressive to me. Finally we are considered "people who question" instead of "nut jobs who question".

Hmm Scholars for 911 Truth

That was an invitation to go look up the web site. Is Ruppert off the reservation?

aww look its "neck-less johnson"

he's such an ugly stooge.

Why did Steven Jones retire

I saw in an article about his retirement, that BYU stopped it's investigation into his allegations since he retired. I thought that’s what we wanted was, someone to investigate. The more people or organizations that investigate the truth the better.