A Truther Harassed by a Bus Driver

On behalf of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA), thank you for your comments. Your comments have been recorded and forwarded to the appropriate department. If you requested a response, one will be directed to you. Thank you for your continued use of our services.

Doc Number:061023553

Route:Route 88
Incident Date:10/23/2006
Incident Time:06:50 PM
Category 1:Rude and Abrasive

To Whom it May Concern.

I am writing to report an incident of the most inappropriate treatment I have ever received in my 14 years as a rider on the MBTA. I am an activist and as such I often carry a sign with me, about 18 by 24 inches mounted on a dowel, all told it is about the size of a guitar in its case. At the first stop after I boarded the bus the driver got up from his seat and stormed to the back where I was sitting and loudly commanded me to get off the bus with no explanation as to why (though presumably he was taking issue with the subject of my sign which is a call for the truth about 9/11 to be investigated.)

I had been doing nothing but sitting quietly with my sign in the 60 seconds or so that preceded. Knowing that I had done nothing that could justify this command I politely told the driver that I was not going to get off the bus, upon which he said he would call the police and would not be moving until I got off the bus. My fellow passengers could not have known what was going on and I was made to feel that I was somehow a criminal and was causing them to be delayed for not obeying this command to get off the bus. The bus remained standing at the stop for about 7 minutes until a uniformed MBTA official appeared, exchanged words with the driver (which a fellow passenger told me amounted to the driver being told that I was not bothering anyone) after which we proceeded on our route.

While I am still somewhat disturbed by this horrible experience, it is not my wish that the driver be reprimanded, but if it could be made clear that his behavior was grossly inappropriate and unwarranted that would go a long way in reassuring me that the MBTA does not condone having its drivers engage in what amounts to political confrontations with otherwise harmless and respectful riders on their routes. While I do not intend to pursue this matter further, I do plan to mention this incident to my friends and colleagues and anyone else who I think needs to be aware of the hostile environment that can arise in the least expected places when one chooses to exercise their right to free expression in what is still understood by most to be a free country.


Real Truther

LOL what an asshole. Great

LOL what an asshole. Great letter to the bus company dude!

thanks man

i have to say for a few minutes I really wasn't sure what was going to happen--if a cop was going to show up and make me get off the bus. if anything, the driver made sure everyone on the bus got my message. i really wonder if the guy has been listening to OReilly--if that's the case, OReilly better be careful because he WILL be held liable--if not by me by the next person who has to go through some crap like this!


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You're correct. O'Reilly & his ilk do agitate the weak-minded...

into violating people's rights!

There is zero chance that I

There is zero chance that I would have gotten off the bus if some ponk bus driver took offence to especially something honest and political that I was doing. F*ck it, I'd take offence at the fact the guy even stopped the bus, you pay a fare and that should just be it as long as you’re not being an asshole yourself and smoking weed, or graffing the seats and windows or if you snuck on and haven’t paid which are the usual things people get kicked off a bus for. But this shits like the equivalent of someone not appreciating a bus driver proudly wearing a "Dubya" badge and so asking him to take that off before getting on and if he doesn’t letting the tires down so no ones going anywhere, it just sounds straight petty and ridiculous.

Good job ignoring that twerp!!

I applaud your protesting and I always have my signs with me, as well!! Mine are about 10" x 16" and fit in my bag, but when I got on a bus one day, some old cat started calling me a traitor in response to my "Bush is a Fraud" sign, or something. I lit right into the guy about how we were lied into the invasion of Iraq, the NSA warrantless wiretapping, torture, etc. The bus driver was about 5 feet behind me, and I could hear him saying things like, "uh huh, he's right..." after each point that I made, and it was a pretty full bus, so quite a few people were tuned in to the conversation.

Moments later, the bus driver goes on the PA system and took a vote to see how many people supported Bush (3-5 ppl) and how many didn't support Bush. The bus burst into applause!! Needless to say, I had the biggest grin on my face!!

Then, some other older guy leaned over to the other guy, and in consolation, said, "don't worry...those kids are all on drugs and don't know anything..." Well, I didn't know just how to take that, except to continue smiling at how wrong the guy was.

I am 45, and pretty darn over-educated and I have spoken before our City Council urging adoption of a Resolution of Impeachment.

Hit Indymedia.org, and check out Portland, OR and I will visit the Mass. sites, and good luck to you!!

Keep fighting the good fight!!


I now have signs that say...

911 - The First of Many Lies
911 - False Flag - Impeach
911 - Bush's Gulf of Tonkin

Did you educate the

Did you educate the passengers during the 7 minutes? Or did you feel it better not to?


Either way, I'm glad you didn't leave that bus

I made sure they could red my sign but...

I didn't want anyone to be able to say I was disturbing them in case a cop did come...


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that was a good move.

that was a good move. (I might have gotten thrown off)

Get your Rosa Parks on, so to speak.

In the event that someone *does* get forcibly removed from a bus or even arrested, it would be really important to milk the media interest for all it's worth.

One of my other interests is "radical lactivism" or advocacy of the right of nursing mothers to nurse anywhere, at any time their children are hungry. Once a year or so, a woman gets harassed at a mall or bank by someone with delusions of righteous authority. This always makes it to the newspaper and frequently onto the local news as well. If a follow-up protest is done, that tends to get coverage also. The media might or might not have the same level of interest in truthers exercising their free speech rights, but if I got arrested, once home my first call would be to the newspaper.

And don't hassle me about the lactivism stuff.

we produce the milk of truth

ok i'll stop there. good points all around cass.
i emailed pretty much everyone I know to tell them. at the very least this might nudge a few of the sleepers...


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