What Is So Bloody Wrong?!

I found this at the board on which I post:

"I repeat TTF's line. Chill out, Lights! Those Gitmo Islamic Al Qaida terrorist prisoners aren't worth getting all hot under the collar about. Our American POWS aren't getting treated half as good as they are over there in the Middle East...but yet, I don't see you showing anykind of concern about them. Why is that?

You're starting to sound just as evil as the damn ACLU (Anti-Christian Litigation Union). They are trying their darndest to totally destroy our Christian Heritage, by inserting their ignorant Communist views on us Christian Americans. They stand for everything we don't. Which is why I question your patriotism. You sound like you want our country to be turned into a totalitarian Islamic state...and that scares and worries me!

Jesus is referring to his people, the Jews/Isralis, when he said, 'Inasmuch as ye have done it to the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.' Jesus, Himself, was born to Mary, a Jewish maiden, and Joseph, his earthly step-father. That's also why we should heap our blessings on Israel...then we too will be blessed. Israel is the apple of God's eye.

Duh! I don't get the Hallmark Channel, so therefore--I don't/or can't watch it.

I'll "never" be ashamed of my Christian faith. Atleast I know I have a future to look forward to, which isn't of this earth

This post shows that some Christians simply have no grasp on reality! How my concern for Iraqui POWs makes me into someone who
wants to see an Islamic totalitarian state! I want to see a country where all faiths are respected. What is so bloody evil
in that?!

Below is my response, for which I take full responsibility:


Why is it that it's fine to mistreat POWs in Gitmo and elsewhere? Why should I not have concern for those whomever they are are being mistreated? Oh I forgot, they're only
Untermenschen Eh-rabs (in case your limited education has exposed you to that term, it means "subhumans" in German). If you aren't American, God help you because you don't count, right?
I do show concern for both soldiers and POW's. There wouldn't BE any POWs if Bush hadn't wanted to play "Can You Top THIS?" with Daddy as to who got us into the bigger war!!! I don't want our young people going over to die for a bunch of people that don't WANT democracy or anything else we have to offcer. What the $%&@#! makes us think that the whole world wants our culture of form of government. Let the bloody Iraquis start putting the lives of their young people on the line! I don't want American youth dying in another Vietnam.


Puh-lleze, MA! Why is it that anything that deeks to keep freedom of religion, or speech alive for EVERYONE evil. Oh yes, that's right, we are supposed to have a Christian Totalitarian state. I don't want a totalitarian Islamic state, but neither do I want the Christian version of same (tho I know you certainly do). If you had an ounce of brains in your head, you would have gotten the idea by now. No one in his $&^*#ing right mind wants an Islamic state. Islam is nothing more than another male-centric monotheistic religion and I do not believe in that sort of God. I believe in God and Goddess, so I think it's a no-brainer for anyone with half a brain to understand that I would be among the first to go in such an Islamic state.

What I want to see is a country where ALL faiths are respected, where each person worships God or Goddess in his or her own way. If that is so evil, then think whatever you like--you will anyway!!!

Incidentally, where did you learn to write/type? Your use of quotes to emphasize words only makes you look ignorant, MA. That is why the upper left hand of the response window has indicators for italicization. Try using those. You will look so much less ignorant.


Every time you start disrespecting my faith, you will get it right back in the face, Tammy. Treat my beliefs with some respect and you will get some in return. You think that anyone who isn't Christian is below you and therefore not worthy of any human decency. You shove your opinions down everyone else's throats--or at least try to--personally, I don't give a damn what faith you subscribe to...it's a big world out there and lots of different beliefs...but you will not treat my religion with disrespect without hearing about it from me.


Then whatever channel it is which carries stuff like "Tetched By An Angel" or "Little Outhouse on the Prairie"!

Do I feel sorry that I posted this? Not at all.