2006 mid term elections -- more important than 911 truth?

We want a transparent new 911 mass murder investigation. Democrats are sure to win Congress and Senate majorites. The Republican's strangehold refusal will be broken, right? Remember Robert Kennedy Jr telling us how the 2004 election was stolen, and asking us whether the next election will be hacked, too?

What do you think will happen this time?
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Mark Crispin Miller insists that there is no more important issue. I think he might be right. In other words, 911 truth is important, but to bring the vote-counting-fraud to the public's foremost attention is more important. Without democracy we are paralysed.
Will the private companies that provide the voting machines and crucially, count the votes overdo it this time and the resulting scandal will force the issue in the open? Depends on the result, of course. While the media predicts a disaster for them, will it be believable when the GOP wins by the slimmest of margins?
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Stop Fraud in 2006! A Plan to Take Back The Polls
Following introductory remarks by Jonathan Simon of Election Defense Alliance on the critical importance of Exit Polls for detecting fraud, Jerry Adams of the Velvet Revolution Election Protection Strike Force offers a strategy and a way to approach the potential theft of the 2006 midterm elections by using a citizen-based media network and analysts to pre-empt the announcement of fraudulent results by the controlled media, demonstrate publically, and stop the installation of people selected on unverified, hackable election machines.


Electronic voting vs exit polls graph: http://www.nogw.com/images/exit_poll.jpg


Might makes Right .. says the current administration.

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Mark Crispin Miller said there was no more important issue...

Than the corporate media monopoly, in the excellent documentary Orwell Rolls in His Grave. So I would say that there are in fact no more important issues than voting fraud, the media monopoly, and 9/11 Truth. We have to tackle these and a bunch of others, because they are all part of one big problem, and that is the status quo.


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1 2 and 3, you just named

1 2 and 3, you just named the 3 most important issues. before 9/11 truth opened my eyes even further, my 2 main issues were the media and vote fraud.

How they rig the voting machine!